Three Brothers Doctrine: Rationale, Nature, Objectives, Implementations

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.




Three Brothers Doctrine is an allegiance alliance to guarantee expanding freedom, safety and prosperity in each of the world’s three sovereign leader nation states.

  1. World War II and Cold War are won and done.  Structures made to standardize and regulate inter-nation relations before and after those victories are defunct, deformed or obsolete.
  2. Needed are fresh structures to standardize and regulate inter-nation relations.  None producing freedom, safety and prosperity for the generality exist.
  3. Authority to create and maintain those structures belongs to three brother countries because of their prototypical character as, each of them, a united multi-racial, multi-religious sovereign nation state.
  4. Those Three Brothers countries are: India, USA and Russia.
  5. Their responsibility is to steward inter-nation relations in the direction already embodied by each of them internally, namely, multi-racial, multi-religious unity: E Pluribus Unum.


Three Brothers Doctrine is developed as fundamental replacement for structures, developed from the ending of World War II, that standardized and regulated inter-nation relations so as to benefit the victorious countries, restore the losing ones and mentor the others.

Those structures, such as NATO, SACEUR/SHAPE, Bretton Woods, ANZUS, OAS, UN, are either functionally defunct (Bretton Woods) or functionally deformed (NATO, UN) by long years of human neglect or cussedness, on the one hand, and obsolescence by history’s ways and means, on the other.  Essentially, it is not 02 September 1945.  Nor is it 26 December 1991.  What was done to make those kairos moments occur at all and then fashion the general welfare is come and gone.

Everyone knows that.  The world cries out for structures, attentive to current and best-anticipated conditions, which standardize and regulate inter-nation relations.  The wine is new.  It needs new skins to hold up in.  That is the rationale of Three Brothers Doctrine.  Time to construct, to demonstrate fecundity of spirit.


Three Brothers Doctrine is an allegiance alliance comprising three culturally essential, strategically productive and indefatigably sovereign nation states: India, USA, Russia.  The alliance is across the three vectors of statecraft: diplomacy, finance and war-fighting.  It is more than a treaty.  It is a resolve to steward inter-nation relations in the direction already embodied each internally by the Three Brother nation states, namely, multi-racial, multi-religious unity: E Pluribus Unum.

That realization of multi-racial, multi-religious unity within a sovereign nation state is the prototype of personal and national freedom, safety and prosperity now and as futurely as this writer can anticipate.  It also is the basis for a nation’s sustaining sovereignty in inter-nation relations.  E Pluribus Unum is the strongest possible guarantee of national independence and personal freedom.

The generality accept and follow leaders who protect them, remove obstacles from their paths and regulate their activities fairly.


The first objective of Three Brothers Doctrine is to recognize, respect and protect India, USA and Russia as preeminent authority in the immediate area of their being: India in South and South East Asia and Southern Africa, USA in The New World, Russia from Brest to Uelen.

The second objective of Three Brothers Doctrine is to quieten the Middle East and North, East and West Africa.  This means convincing the proponents of Arab/Pan-African Imperialism (aka Caliphism) — and any they inspire, anywhere they are — that their hope is forlorn.  It means obtaining their renunciation of aggression, which includes their renunciation of violence for a name of God, or a book, or a man, however sacred or holy.

The third objective of Three Brothers Doctrine is to triangulate China.  This means, ultimately, obtaining China’s renunciation of aggression, which includes Her renunciation of violence in a name of anything.  Proximately, it means demonstrating to China that She is a kill-zone from three directions, by three overwhelming weapons systems, and with no means of escape.  The three directions are the Three Brothers’ geographies.  The three weapons systems are the three vectors of statecraft (diplomacy, finance, war-fighting), operated three each by three users, so, nine altogether.

Again proximately, it also means demonstrating to China that Her economy is artificial and dependent, and therefore, she will accede to the Three Brothers’ wishes.

The fourth objective of Three Brothers Doctrine is to inoculate the rest of Europe against the racial and religious chaos France/Belgium, Germany/Austria and to some extent Italy and Greece have heaped upon themselves in spasms of weaponized (against The Church) empathy.  The other nations of Europe — especially Poland and Spain — deserve to be invited to participate in Three Brother structures for fostering inter-nation relations.  Let France/Belgium, Germany/Austria, Italy and Greece renounce the fantasy of multi-cultural political unity (Globalism) before they receive invitation to the Three Brothers’ party.

There can be multi-racial and multi-religious but not multi-cultural political unity.  Politics is downstream from culture.  Religion and race are upstream from culture.  Religions and races can decide for one culture with political unity.  Politics can neither create nor unite multiple cultures because it is a product of culture and therefore is of authority inferior to that of culture.  Politics has to go with what is given it by culture because it does not form culture.  Religions and races do form cultures and therefore have authority to tell cultures how to go.

Authority belongs to those who can make and name.

Religion is the substance of culture and culture is the form of religion.  Paul Tillich

Islam is a culture, to include a politics, made by a race and a religion.  Its Salafist and Shiite iterations — in common with most of its others — have no intention whatsoever of being or tolerating multi- anything.

France/Belgium, Germany/Austria, Italy and Greece have given themselves over to hegemonic Islam — mostly Salafism — and to catastrophic battle, again, on their own soil.  Thus, the objectives of Three Brothers Doctrine include inoculating the rest of Europe against the insanity, and its consequences, of those four.

The fifth objective of Three Brothers Doctrine is to foster ASEAN tranquility with respect to Salafism and Shiism and with respect to commercial honesty, fairness and viability in member nations.  This includes admitting to Three Brother structures ASEAN nations self-protecting from hegemonic Chinese geographical and economic aggression.


Ask the Hashemites how much of the Arabian Peninsula south of Iraq they would like in their stewardship and gift it to them. Ask the Universal House of Justice how much of Iran they would like their friends to steward and gift it to them. Kill mullahs combatant commanders.  Kill imams tactical commanders.  Kill ayatollahs strat-intel commanders.  And blow out their Mosques, Islamic Centers and Madrassas armories, command posts and war colleges.

Extirpate China’s claim to sovereignty over the South and East China Seas by means of a competing sovereignty comprising an alliance of nation states led by the Three Brothers: India, USA, Russia.  China’s economic precarity, conjured by Her unfair trade practices and agreements — and slavery — may be the easiest way to accomplish this mission.

Give Mexico to understand that She collapses, pronto, the drug and rare goods trafficking cartels or the USA will do it for Her, pronto, with full-spectrum assets.  Give Afghanistan, Sicily, Calabria, Burma and Thailand the same understanding and from all Three Brothers.

Remind wise guys in Latin America and the Caribbean that they and their families are only in office or power for life.  Inform Latin Americans that The Monroe Doctrine contemplates the ideology of Socialism (aka Leftism, aka Progressivism) as among the hostile foreign powers forbidden by the USA from operating in The New World.

For the reality that prosperity engendered by freedom and security is the best protection against invasion and other wretchedness, ensure the Intermarium is politically free in its several nation states and economically prosperous as a region of sovereign nation states. The invasion contemplated here is from west to east, as is most historically precedented and capable, not from east to west, which the Intermarium also has suffered with great affliction through the centuries. The Intermarium as free, Christian, prosperous, sovereign states are Russia’s best defense against invasion by West German Tribes, or now, by Salafist hordes installed by West German Tribes on Russia’s western flank.

Halt China’s colonization of Siberia, which aims to deny Russia direct egress onto the Pacific Ocean and the USA untrammeled use of the same.


Everyone knows that the allegedly regnant, soi-disant post-nation stochastic structure called Globalism/Salafism is stupid and merits brush-off, in toto, by operating authorities focused on standardizing and regulating inter-nation relations to favor freedom, safety and prosperity within and among nations.

What everybody does not know is: what operating authorities can do that?

Three Brothers Doctrine answers that question.

Three Brothers Doctrine is the system in modern conditions for achieving the USA Grand National Strategic Goal (GNSG):

  1. sovereign nationhood secured by
  2. decisive defensive-offensive capability in diplomacy, finance and war-fighting, and
  3. fair trade with fellow sovereign nation states.

The Rev. David R. Graham was birthed in Indiana, raised in California and educated in New York.  He was ordained through the United Church of Christ in Arizona and has resided in California, New York, Arizona, Montana and Washington.  He has provided for his wife and their children through manual labor with thoroughbred horses and public transit.  He is a former Church Organist and permanent Theologian, or alternatively, Mystical Philosopher.  Contact information in the side bar, click three lines, top left of this page.

Update 1: To make it easily shareable, here is this post in four file formats: Pages, Word, Text, PDF.

Update 2: All Officers of the United States of America, civilian and military, directly, necessarily and unavoidably embrace the reality — and must cultivate it — of the USA Grand National Strategic Goal (GNSG).  Some think the USA GNSG is civilian Officers’ responsibility.  It is all Officers’ responsibility and all are accountable, equally, for cultivating it at each day’s fresh challenge to it in their position, whatever that is.

Here is the Logos of this phenomenon:

  1. The U.S. Constitution, in common with all national constitutions, declares to the world a sovereign nationhood, specifically that of the United States of America.
  2. By definition, the U.S. Constitution establishes USA national sovereignty — not national security, which can be parsed — as the USA GNSG.
  3. Officers of the United States of America swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
  4. Their Oath of Office makes all Officers of the United States, civilian and military, pro-active fiduciaries of the USA GNSG.
  5. QED

Update 3:


If sovereign nationhood is the central theme of a GNSG discussion, what, in context of Three Brothers Doctrine, should one make of Russia meddling in the sovereignties of Her near abroad?


Russia’s threat from the west is not from her near abroad, aka the Intermarium states.  It is from the Germanic Tribes west and north of Poland.  Historically, Russia’s defense against that threat is to occupy the Intermarium as a land and industry buffer (e.g., Ukraine, or at least Crimea, and Poland).  Not unreasonable from her perspective.  But also not ideal, because occupation costs time, money and energy, makes a population sullen and depresses their productivity and invention.  So an occupation has to become ever more oppressive, just to make things work reasonably well, and that screws down the lid on the pressure cooker, so to speak, that finally blows (Hungary ‘56, Czechoslovakia ’68, Poland late ‘80s).  No way to run a railroad long-term and have the land mass function as you want, as protection from a more distant but salient threat: the Germanic Tribes.

Far easier and more effective is to constitute the Intermarium nations as free, independent, sovereign and prosperous — and therefore WANTING to protect THEMSELVES from the Germanic Tribes … and in the event protecting also Mother Russia.  Same result, from Russia’s point of view, but far easier, more affordable and far, far more able to last long-term because the prosperity and sovereignty of the near abroad (aka Intermarium) keeps producing the ability of those sovereign states to self-defend.

The Three Brothers — and other sovereign states — can do very much in all three vectors of statecraft — diplomacy, finance, war-fighting — to, essentially, help the Intermarium states maintain sovereignty by building adequate self-defense and prospering fair trade with whomever.  The same activity would calm Russian nerves, especially when conducted within the rubric of the Three Brothers alliance.  Russia knows the Intermarium states even, if not especially, as prosperous-sovereign, are not a threat to Russia’s borders or interior.  Indeed, in the condition of prosperous-sovereign, the Intermarium states are exactly as Russia wants of her near abroad: quiet.  USA GNSG implementations include facilitating that development.

Besides occupation of Her near abroad, Russia as the Soviet also spent decades subverting Europe with the goal of inducing her, through her academic faculties and clerical benches, voluntarily to adopt leftist-socialist attitudes and narratives (aka fairy-tales) and create leftist-socialist institutions, thus spiking the Germanic Tribes’ martial spirits by deadening their spirits generally.  This Cheka/NKVD/KGB active measures program succeeded in producing the EU, Soviet Europe.  However, like occupying the Intermarium (the near abroad), subversion of Germanic belligerence does not neutralize it — much less extirpate it — long-term.  In this case, it worked well enough so long as the USA guaranteed quiet on the EU’s frontiers — lulling, thereby, EU nations to submerge and saturate in the Cheka/NKVD/KGB enchantment (aka fairy-tale) called disarmament.  Now, however, with that guarantee fading away, Germanic belligerence again ascends and again threatens Russia.

And not only so.  The Germanic Tribes misused the luxury of USA protection to implement their academic faculties’ and clerical benches’ most absurd fantasy (conjured by Cheka/NKVD/KGB active measures): that Christian charity, misappropriated to humanist multi-culturalism, conjures political unity from systemic cultural hostility: Moslems, after all, are such nice people, just so eager to get along with Christians in Christian culture by operating their production and governing institutions, are they not?  Aren’t they?  Aren’t They?  Guys … ?

Thus a new, determined and very bitter Arab/African/Turkish threat also is poised and chafing from inside Germanic lands — thanks to Germanic lunacy — to invade eastward across the Intermarium and into Mother Russia.  Because Russia is a multi-racial, multi-religious Christian culture.  Socialists/Salafists envy and therefore hate Christian cultures.  Russia sees this now double threat in Her west and south: Germanic Socialism AND Arab/African/Turkish Salafism.  German efficiency indeed.

Russia’s totalist past has not helped her conceptualize a strategic goal sufficient to guarantee the Intermarium as safe space between Russia and the Germanic Tribes.  But today, with a dry and competent leader, she is capable and even desirous of making that happen.  Three Brothers Doctrine is the way to do it.  Instead of the usual subversion, pouncing and occupation — which spend vast amounts of time, money and energy for very little actual gain in safety or prosperity — Russia, in allegiance alliance with USA and India, should encourage planting sovereign freedom, rising around victorious armed forces, and cultivating fair trade productivity, rising around fair regulation, within the Intermarium’s sovereign nation states.  What does She have to lose?


Intermarium (the Russian near abroad), comprising sovereign, prosperous nation states, is Russia’s best play for Russian sovereignty on Russia’s western and southern borders.

Update 4: StrategyPage: Coup d’Oeil on wars around the world

Update 5: Chinese Strategic Goal: One Belt, One RoadRelated

Update 6: Classic example of a thoroughly inadequate, small-minded, counter-factual address of MENA by way of ignoring that military operations are rooted in the grit of geography, not the vagaries of social engineering: Russell A. Berman and Charles Hill: Ten Proposals On The Middle East For The New U.S. Administration

Update 7: Hoover Institution intellectual insufficiencies on display

Update 8:  Long, informative interview by Washington Compost of LTG Michael Flynn, U.S.A. Retired

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Update 14: When And Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

Update 15: The frame-of-reference embodied in this concept is what I have in mind for driving Three Brothers DoctrineMake Mexico Great Again.  With luck, the Trump Administration will drive in this frame-of-reference dealing with Russia and India.

Update 16: Principal reason, now, that USA must exit NATO: Eurabia, led by what are now mistakenly called Germany and France.

Follow-on to NATO will be some structure with Russia and the Intermarium to keep Eurabia from heading east.  Essentially, swing USA’s European force vector 180 degrees, from east to west.

That will be part of a larger structure, to include India, Mongolia and some Southeast Asian nations, to triangulate or quadrangulate China.

… unless arrogance like von der Leyen’s completely sours Trump on NATO.

May be a good chance of that happening.  Germany has been on security welfare provided by USA for how long now?  And she presumes to hector her benefactor.  Head of NATO did as well last week.

No, NATO is obsolete.  It is not 1947, nor yet 1991.  von der Leyen is proving the point.  I say, “You go, girl!”

Update 17: I remark that for all their trying, lefties have not been able to conjure a general mutiny by Americans.  Not even by lefties or their clients.  Windbags.  The system bends with the winds in the few places they blow then snaps right back into place.  Where the winds get a fleeting advantage and synergy, e.g., Chicago, the system seals off the area and lets ’em to it.

Related: deep state, or any politics, trying to control the culture cannot work for the reason Breitbart stressed: politics is downstream from culture.  The 2016 election was about culture, not politics: America remains American, politics has to come along, it has no other choice.  Breitbart told the truth.

Update 18: Pat Buchanan: What Is The US Goal In The World?  Does Anyone Know?

I commented:

If we do not review and discard some of these war guarantees, we shall never know peace.

We shall never know peace in any case, but still, yes, point taken.  The America First doctrine — now quite different from its 1930s formulation — actually contains the gist of what is called for here, especially as POTUS uses it: as the objective from which one works backward aligning systems and persons to accomplish it.  It is not an objective to shoot for, moving from here to there.  It is a structure to back-process what is here, moving from there to here.

I think that process — restructuring the here to accomplish the forward objective — will produce a fresh inter-nation alliance system and specifically one led by three brother nations: India, USA and Russia.

Update 19: The Strategic Condition Of Western Europe

Update 20: Excellent thoughts, thanks.  Also G. Combs’ thoughts above.  I have been thinking of just such a fresh strategic alliance (USA-Russia-India) for some time.  Events, including in MENA, are driving in exactly that direction.  Use the tools of the existing system (e.g., economics), yes, but the real building will be done through a fresh grand strategic alliance.  I call it Three Brothers Doctrine.

I think the reason Lefties and RINOs have gone around the bend on Russia as an enemy — besides nostalgia for the world (Soviet) they think they knew that is gone — is that they are globalists and realize that if USA and Russia recognize and act on the profoundly identical or linked strategic interests they have — principally putting a fork in globalists’ foul-wind bags and cruel ambitions — they would be out of a job, money, prestige and sex.

Anyhow, current problems get vastly simpler — and the really big world enemy, China, is faced — when approached from an alliance of the three brother nations: USA, Russia and India.  There is an actual war coming, as I think everyone knows, and that alliance is the only one that can win it for freedom.

If you want historical precedent, look to the Mahabharata War.  Today, India is Dharmaraja, USA is Arjuna and Russia is Bhima.  That is the level of conflict afoot, that serious.

Update 21: Thoughts of why Steve Bannon did it and other domestic hubbub aside, the geo-strategic coup d’œil says unequivocally that the principal nation-state threatening USA sovereignty is China.  And that along two vectors, which are related but not identical: geography and economics.  This is old news, which is not the same as being accepted news.  So this geo-strategic fact must be stated, regardless the circs of stating it.

It is also the case — and this is neither old nor accepted news; it is new news for most — that two other major powers share with the USA the distinction of being threatened principally by China.  That would be India and Russia.  China threatens their national sovereignty, likewise, through vectors of geography and economics.

China is the only major state today nursing global hegemonic ambitions.  Salafi and Iranian Islams have the same ambition but lack major nation status to support it, fluff up their fur, stand/move sideways and screech as they do.

My perhaps now tiresome urging of strategic alliance between USA, Russia and India — for the purpose of, proximately, quieting MENA and, ultimately, deflating Chinese hegemonic ambition — has as reality anchor the geographic and economic threat China is to the sovereignty of specifically these three major nation states.

Update 22: Secretary Tillerson Discusses USA Relationship With India

Update 23: Sundance: Chinese Central Planners Forecast “Weak Growth” in Manufacturing and Housing …

I commented: I might be less downright about alliance between Russia and China.  I see cooperation on specifics there but not fundamental common interest or presence in being. Russia has considerable common interest and presence in being with both India and USA.  And they with Russia.  So I would factor, as a squeeze, an alliance among those three leaving China no chair to sit in.  Frankly, that alliance — USA, India, Russia — is the grand throttle on China’s hegemonic aspirations.  There is not another one entirely able to do the job.


7 thoughts on “Three Brothers Doctrine: Rationale, Nature, Objectives, Implementations

  1. Three Brothers Doctrine is brilliant. It’s like an easy to follow blueprint. Globalism scares the hell out of me, yet somehow the free world needs to get together. And yes, multiculturalism has never worked, and never could for long. I like the Three Brothers Doctrine, but how would one present it?

    1. Gary, thanks much! Please feel welcome to share as widely as you deem appropriate. Attribution not necessary. I am looking for ways to get it to Team Trump, to whom I have no direct connection but for whom I have direct sympathy and desire to support. I am grateful for your insights and estimations. Thank you!

      1. Well, you’re welcome and thank you too, Reverend Graham. I have an idea to get it to the Trump kids. I’ll see if I can Tweet Don jr’s account, and maybe Eric too. I really like this piece, it’s a good read. And rather inspiring.

        1. Gary, thank you, please do, whatever you wish! I submitted it today to RealClear Defense, told them it is here already, per their request for submissions heads-ups. Of course, this site dominates the internet much as an ant dominates the ocean. 🙂 So yes, I strongly support offering this idea to the attention of the President-Elect and his national strategic brain-trust and to the leader cadre generally, especially the youngers, for rumination at least. I have no doubt Russia and India would welcome it, for several obvious reasons, all of them salutary.

          1. My wish is to have as many eyes on this as we can. If ever there was a time to inspire, these days are that. I’m sure the response will be mostly positive.

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