MENA: A Momentous Turning Point

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On 12 April 2017 I posted an essay — with bibliographies — titled The Theological Component In The Announcement Of Strategic War To Annihilate ISIL And The Salafi Jihad.  Here is an excerpt of that essay:

Islam has within itself the antidote to ISIL, the Salafi Jihad and even the Bench of Shi’a Ayatollahs in Iran and their Praetorian Guard, which like all such in history is going independent, sovereign. The antidote is Reason as discussed above. It is embodied by King Hussein the Hashemite of Jordan, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Iraq and even, perhaps, some royals of the family al-Saud. Historically, it is denominated as Mutazilite Islam.

Over this past weekend, about five weeks after I posted that essay, POTUS Donald and FLOTUS Melania Trump, together with stewards of some fifty majority-Muslim states, made just a bit patent the latent truth in that excerpt.

I am using this post to collect links regarding the visit of POTUS and FLOTUS Trump to Saudi Arabia over the weekend of 20 May 2917.  The visit is a momentous turning point for MENA and inter-national economic and political alignments, processes and structures.

The father of Salafi Jihad is renouncing and denouncing Salafi Jihad and declaring his eagerness to partner with other fathers — aka nations — rather than — as he realizes that cannot means should not — dominate them.

This is momentous.  Probably it will go patent sooner, faster and easier than one would dare to imagine.  We shall see.  The mighty oak starts life as an unnoticed acorn.  And, a fan starts up slowly … and slows down slowly, as well.

The following excerpt alone, from a speech by POTUS, so clearly goes to the point of my essay just mentioned as to afford one reason for confidence in an earlier than a later denouement of gladdening opportunities.

POTUS in Riyadh: Religious leaders must make this absolutely clear: Barbarism will deliver you no glory – piety to evil will bring you no dignity. If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and YOUR SOUL WILL BE CONDEMNED.

DailyMail Online

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Trump United The Three Abrahamic Religions Against Terrorism

I commented:

Don, I take your point.  However, regarding articulation of it, please permit me to mention that Abrahamic religion is a cleverly deceptive term of art of proselytization by the Asharite/Salafi Jihad.  It means to them that Abraham was a Muslim and the so-called religions that descend from him as perversions of Islam — i.e., Judaism and Christianity — should reemerge in their source, Islam, or face extirpation.  The phrase is an invitation to step into a trap and specifically a legal/theological trap.  It is propounded for the same reason Talmudists propounded the phrase Western Civilization, namely, to assert their claim to be its source in the stead of Christianity, and implying thereby that Christians should return to the original, true religion from which they stupidly separated: Judaism.

Update 1: Roger L. Simon posted what I feel is an inaccurate analysis of this momentous meeting in Riyadh.

I commented:

Having weapons is one thing.  Having people, training, skill and will to use them effectively is another.  Saudis today do not work.  They rely on theft, intimidation, seduction, deception and slave and semi-slave labor.  East Arabian Bedu roots.  I see this purchase and exchange of investment, which is part of a turning point of momentous import — towards Mutazilite and away from Asharite/Salafi Islam — as integral with younger Sauds’ realization that their country must diversify economically and learn to go to work, become responsible rather than wastrel, and produce useful technology themselves.  That they must transcend being in the position of dependence on oil and finance — they cannot control the market now — shun the manners of Bedu barbarians — to include their native-born Salafism — renounce dreams of world domination, and live peacefully, self-reliantly in the normal hubbub of life among the nation states.

Update 2: Trump The Impossible / Trump The Asteroid

Update 3: Nobody Flies From Saudi Arabia To Israel.  Nobody.  Trump Just Did.

Update 4: John Hinderaker writes on POTUS Trump in Riyadh:

I commented:

Finally, a POTUS flies in with the theological component in the announcement of war to annihilate — another novelty — ISIL and the Salafi Jihad in general.  The fight goes nowhere and never stops without that component kinetic at front, center and flanks.

But you guys, you are missing the apparent heart of this meeting in Saud-land: Saud is in process of renouncing his own son, Salafi Jihad (ISIL, Hamas, AQ, Boko Haram, Al Shabbab, Moslem Brotherhood, and on and on, comprising in numbers and finance far more than Iran can mount, by the way).

We shall see if that pans out as they are promising.  I think it will, and probably sooner and easier than one might anticipate. Again, we shall see.  A fan take time to spin up to full speed.  At least that is the vector now agreed.  And if that fructifies, this meeting will have been truly a momentous turning point.

Saud knows now he does not want to depend on oil and finance and that if he is to diversify his economy, as Deputy Crown Prince pushes vigorously and rightly, he has to get along with other nations peer-to-peer rather than plot ways to overwhelm and rule them with a global hegemonic Caliphate.

Erdogan is the loser in all of this, and biggly, and he knows it.  Look for him to start throwing hissy fits more than street battles. Russia will not support him.  She will support USA partnering with Saud as Saud leads Muslim-majority nations’ returning to Mutazilite Islam and detaching from Asharite/Salafi Islam.

Update 5: Manchester Bomber, Salman Abedi, Linked to Libyan ISIS – “Libyan Dawn”…

Two commenters there mentioned that US Government (USG) leakers are giving Brit intel to US media, NYT specifically, of course. CIA leaks to WaPo.  State and FBI leak to NYT.  This is NYT pushing out these Manchester bomber leaks.

I responded to those commenters:

Yes, Brits furious, and here is a theory regarding these particular leaks:

1- The bomber’s family are Salafi Jihadists going way back.  The father has been working in some security position for the Tripoli government, the one created by the UN and EU.  The one opposed by Hafter in the east. Al-Sisi supports Haftar.  Ergo, Tripoli government is Salafist, specifically Moslem Brotherhood.

2- Hilary and her boss, The Fraud, supported UN/EU making Tripoli government.  They supported Salafi Jihad as head of state of Libya.  Knew it.  Tripoli government is the Moslem Brotherhood.

3- US leakers are trying to protect the MB by sacrificing three of their own: the father and two more sons.  They may sing anyway, but more likely they are being put on ice.

4- Regardless the leaks’ source — FBI, CIA, other elements of the IC or other orgs which receive the intel reports — the why of it is what matter most.  I say it is to protect the MB inside and outside the USG, and specifically the USG’s — largely CIA’s — complicity in wrecking Libya and arming/training ISIL, MB and a host of other Salafi organizations.

5- Apparently even al Saud, one of the parents of Salafi Jihad, has had enough of that bastard child of theirs.  At least so it seems so far.  We shall see.  Al-Sisi’s participation with them argues that they are serious.  And if that is so, as I think it is — they must diversify their economics and cannot do that whilst funding a global Caliphate — then the great celebration in MENA at the weekend would have been driven by great happiness that this POTUS does not support the Salafi Jihad and indeed wants to annihilate it, which is the right objective, and wants to attack it on theological grounds, which is the right means.

6- No wonder John McCain and Nancy Pelosi, deep state bureaucrats and the D-R UniParty altogether — leakers all, one way and another — are shaking with rage: their Moslem Brotherhood paymasters and puppeteers are, at long last, mortally threatened.

7- Track the Moslem Brotherhood through D.C.’s power centers and one will uncover the leakers, probably of most everything going down since 08NOV16.

Update 6: Gingrich in WaPo: Journalists and Washington bureaucrats, who are so deeply embedded in the establishment that they can’t see out of it, may see Trump’s call to action [in Riyadh] as a distracting sideshow from a status quo they can’t imagine changing.  And yet this week, it already has.  Foreign leaders and the American people alike can see in this trip the core of a new, reality-based foreign policy.  The body language of Tusk and Trump walking together today says it all:

Update 7: Paul Mirengoff at Power Line wrings those well-worn hands.

I commented:

As long as he is not pushing for a so-called two-state so-called solution, Tillerson’s remark, as quoted, appears to me unexceptional.

Arabs are right that Israelis are not Semites.  Israelis are right that MENA does not belong to Arabs.  If Israelis admit they are not Semites (they are Slavs, Germans, Spanish, Africans, etc.), and if Arabs admit MENA does not belong to Semites — and if each admit that theirs is not the only legitimate, divinely-inspired religion — peace would break out in MENA.

Man gets in God’s way all the time and eventually gets brushed aside for his obduracy.

I think there is a sea-change afoot among Muslims.  I think not a few have realized they cannot kill or deceive their way to happiness (i.e., global hegemonic Caliphate) and must settle down and learn to live quietly with, dare I say it, religious and racial diversity.  No mass movement of that kind is visible, of course, but that is the direction of movement inside Islam today.


POTUS’ MENA trip was to help that direction and movement along, and you saw how leadership there celebrated lustily his doing that.

Generalizations true at one time will not be later.  We must keep up with developments and adjust and adapt as their puissances rise and fall and dance about.

Leadership works wonders.  In MENA and now Eurabia, people are responding to leadership.  Personally, last time I felt this way was with Jack Kennedy.  Maybe Arabs got a wee taste of E PLURIBUS UNUM during the last 16 years and liked it, want more.  Maybe the threat of $25/barrel oil has them counting sword and spear points.  Maybe a comparison of means for achieving global Caliphate with that goal itself came up wanting the former and with no means of supplying them.

Maybe the chaos of multiple claimants for Caliph of Islam is unmanageable.  Maybe resurgence of the Turkic empire is terrifying.  Maybe foreign/slave labor indefinitely supporting a modern welfare state with exploding native population is unrealistic.  Maybe someone admitted there are two Korans, from at least two sources, one sensible and the other not, inside one cover.  Maybe the desire to diversify economies beyond oil has subdued the desire to unify nation states in a Caliphate.

Maybe E PLURIBUS UNUM is looking like a worthy Latin import to MENA, where Latin once flourished and could/should again.  It’s up to you, Paul, but you might want to cut the man a little slack.

Update 8: On 23 October 2013 I saw this coming.

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Ivanka Trump Kushner And Ladies, Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival
Ivanka Trump Kushner And Ladies, Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

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