What Is Happening To The Middle East?

Here is what I see:

This regime here, as I have said for years, is aligned fundamentally, as Jarrett, the principal actor, is, with Iran via Shiia, which is intrinsically more secular than Sunna. The 0 figure is a stalking horse for the Moslem Brotherhood, who, with CIA, has paid 0′s freight throughout his life. Jarrett, 0 and Moslem Brotherhood (e.g., CAIR, but also many other MB fronts) in this country are the regime running it.

Now, MB is Arab Sunni and Iran is Arab/Persian Shiia. So how does that fit? MB, of which AQ is an offshoot and Hamas the active military component, wants to supplant the Sunni regimes – to purify Islam – and so aligns with Iran temporarily for that purpose. Iranians are happy to play along knowing Arabs in general are weak and cannot stand to them. Persian Iran historically has long periods of ruling the ME and sought more than once to extend their hegemony to Europe.

So MB/Hamas/AQ and Iran are allies of convenience, as we saw Morsi doing before he was deposed, and as we saw when the ayatollahs called in Hamas to shoot and torture their demonstrators a few years ago. This alliance of convenience is also reflected in the White House, where there is Jarrett/Iran the senior partner and 0/MB the junior. Iranians usually outthink Arabs and Africans.


Also allied with Iran in convenience is the Sunni Celtic/Turkic Turkey. But only in convenience. Historically Turkey and Iran are enemies, competing super-powers. Turkey supported Morsi as part of the alliance of convenience, as did Iran. But in general Turks and Iranians do not like Arabs. Turkey and Iran share a common fear of the Kurds, who are Celts. They should.

The Turkish PM is a pal of 0. This fits the pattern, although underneath the pal-hood is more alliance of convenience.  I’m sure the PM knows Jarrett has put the regime in support of Iran so his relation with 0 is convenience, for the PM.  Both think they are getting what they want from the other, plus their dictatorial impulses arouse mutual admiration, similarly to Hitler (PM) and Mussolini (0).

The defense missiles to be in Eastern Europe were pulled because they threatened the Iranian terrorism-extortion game.  Had nothing to do with Russia, as the Russians well-knew.  Russians love to throw up FUD.  Accomplished at it

The primary intended strategic loser and threat-target in all of this is Europe generally.  They are mostly oblivious.  Russia sees this and is happy to play along with Iran to maximize the threat, place Europe sovereignty-wise in an untenable position in all respects. Purify the decadent West with Mother Russia’s Holy Church.  Lebensraum works both ways.


The secondary intended strategic loser and threat-target in all of this are the Sunni Gulf monarchs.  They are in area-weapons range of Iranian and Jarrett/0/MB power.  And unlike the Europeans, they are alive to the threat, as Saud just showed, twice over in one weekend.  They have long been quiet allies of Israel, now will be more open and Europeans hardly are in a position to push them on that or on their secondary strategic outreach, probably to Russia, for protection – from Iran, whom Russia protects?!  Israelis also are allies of Russia.  Europe needs Saud oil, at least for now.  So do bankers and politicians world-wide.  Saud might turn to China, but their historic allergy to communism – a competing dictatorship, and atheistic – would temper that.  Saud is terribly isolated in this power politics.

Europe and Gulf monarchs are in a hot seat.  One of them sees it, the other is waking up, but not quickly.

Jarrett and 0 also see it and it delights them.  They helped engineer it, have wanted to all along. Europe (aka The Church), recall, in the academic/sociology-chaos story-line is the great oppressor of humanity who, now that their downtrodden are in power over them, must be punished.  And are being, while Europeans gayly apply the academic/sociology-chaos thumb screws to themselves.  Well, until recently, where we see for example Norway and some in other countries beginning to get a grip, face facts.

The enemy in the cross-hairs of US power, controlled by Jarrett/0/MB, is Europe (aka The Church) and the Gulf monarchs, and for the reason just given: punishment of colonial oppressors and their accomplices (to include Arabs, specifically Saud, who is a bad man in his own right as well as cooperating with and empowering the Euro-American oppressors).


Putin must be laughing in gales every evening over his cognac.  Such FUD!

Ultimately, this is about envy of Christianity, or what academics and the whipped-up think is Christianity.  The Russian set-to against the decadent Latin Church (The West) for the Greek/Russian Church is not a fundamental source of conflict.  East and West made and recite the Nicene Creed and read the same Bible.  The split is known to have been stupid, lamentable and fixable.  Sunnis and Shiia do not recite the same creed or read the same Koran.

The West and Western Civilization in the academic parlance are polemical substitutes for The Church and Christian Civilization.

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