Turkey, Moslem Brotherhood And John McCain

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The doorway to demanding and calling this investigation is said to be Russia.  Actually it is Turkey.

Turkey is a synonym for Moslem Brotherhood. They wanted to take Raqqa and Mosul, keep them as prizes of reborn Turkic Empire.  Kurds prevented the former, Iraqi Arabs and Kurds the latter.  Modern Turkey is a Salafi hegemon nation state ambitious as the Moslem Caliphate.

Mike Flynn nixed a Pentagon plan to help Kurds take Raqqa.  Pentagon nixed Mike Flynn, then helped/is helping Kurds take Raqqa.  Because they fight and because they are Indo-Europeans, not Arabs or Turks, and not death-eating Salafis.

Trump people undergoing OJT, especially regarding Moslem Brotherhood.  Learned auspiciously early that Mike Flynn was Turkey/Moslem Brotherhood, not as traitor plotting, I think, but as ignoramus in over his head.

Brazen Turk anger in video reflects their frustration over USA supporting Kurds, especially Syrian Kurds at Raqqa and Iraqi Arabs and Kurds at Mosul.

John McCain — much worse than an ignoramus in over his head — is on Moslem Brotherhood/Turkey side — of his own knowledgeable volition — violating the Logan Act since 2008 and earlier — a bitter, old loser, to include graduating near the bottom of his class at Annapolis — most recently meeting in Syria with ISIL and AQ to focus both against Russia/Assad while planning to betray them at Raqqa/Mosul/Eastern Syria to the other Salafi horde on the scene: Moslem Brotherhood/Turkey.  He is hated in Iraq, and by more than one nation’s representatives present there.

At its deepest level, the fight in D.C. now — a necessary one — is over whether American representatives of the American electorate or John McCain and the Moslem Brotherhood (CAIR, etc.) helm the USA.  At a shallower level, the fight in D.C. now — also a necessary one — is over whether American representatives of the American electorate helm the USA towards spiritual, intellectual, moral and cultural independence — or — the so-called intelligence community feeding friendly narrative to its control freak partners in the bureaucratic deep state, in politics, in mega-banks and in so-called trans-national corporations helms the USA towards the delusion of a rules-based global order under a cruel posturing of global governance.

Does America belong to Americans or, like Europe now and for millennia, to unelected, untouchable, semi-anonymous, autonomous, unchallengeable and permanent policy makers (aka Royalty, Aristocracy, Oligarchy) populating GOs and NGOs?  It is kind of an ancient, necessary and therefore recurring question, and at periodic moments of clarity it always goes one way: towards popular freedom and away from elitist compulsion.  It always will … because it has to … because freedom is natural whereas compulsion is abnormal.

America’s authority is America’s nature as a sovereign nation state inspired by, concretizing and inspiring divine freedom.  America always will be hated by control freaks foreign and domestic, of this world and of others.  POTUS Trump is a builder, not a control freak.  An American, not a snoot.  That is the Divine Way.

Update 1: One of the Turk goons identified.  Moslem Brotherhood is behind and in the thick of this.

Update 2: Israeli Ex-defense chief: Erdogan is ‘deliberately Islamicizing’ Europe in bid for world domination

Update 3: Social media-driven map of wars in MENA and elsewhere

Update 4: Turkey is Moslem Brotherhood. Moslem Brotherhood is D-R UniParty/Deep State. Both are Iran. Those are the loyalty lines. General Flynn was careless, perhaps a little venal as well: regarded objectively, he advocated for a force he personally does not approve and should not.

The Big Ugly in MENA is coming between USG under Trump, Al Sisi-aligned Sunnis, Iraq, Russia (yes, Russia!) and India on one side and Turkey, Iran and Moslem Brotherhood (aka Salafi Jihad) on the other. Flynn was careless, he let himself be paid to advocate for the wrong side, not meaning to be wrong, just not careful, untutored regarding the grand canvas.

As DIA Director, he was very good, abrasive with staff, but pointing DIA in the right direction: serving the combatant commanders. He also called out CIA for crap going on there, and his firing was instigated by that pack of scoundrels, who had previously got Petraeus fired for essentially the same reasons: he told them to do their work and make it be for Americans, not foreigners. CIA didn’t like to do or hear that.

Flynn was never a line officer, which gives one necessary grand perspective, but he was a fine intel officer. Intel are not the people to be making strategic decisions. Were I to guess what happened, it would be that when he went civilian and wanted an income he scouted potential clients insufficiently, looking more at what they could pay than at who they really are and what he might pay for representing them.

In other words, I concur with Sundance on this.

Turkey is an ally in name only and then only with a USA Deep State — aka swamp — owned by the Moslem Brotherhood.

Update 5: What are the learned theorists in North America and Europe planning to do about this global epidemic of mental illness?

Update 6: Michael Totten is getting it, gradually: Turkey Is Behaving Like An Enemy Now


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