Christmas In Tibet

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Santa Launches Toys -- Merry Christmas!
Santa Launches Toys — Merry Christmas!

America faces west.  Asia is America’s west.  The vector of American expansion — expansion is life, contraction is death — points west.  It always has.  It came west from Europe and carried on.  It always will point west.

An irony in that great historical movement is that Europeans came west across the Atlantic because they were seeking passage to what they thought of as — and is to them — their East, namely, India and China.  Rightly they called their first discovery The West Indies, because they were west of Europeans who sought passage to The East, as they thought of it, to India and China.  Moslems blocked easy, economical land traverse of The Middle East to The East and the African Continent blocked easy, economical sea traverse to The East.  Americans still use European terminology for India and China, calling them East or, earlier, Orient.  But India and China are West to Americans, not East.

Americans face west.  India and China are our west.  We traverse the Pacific Ocean, to our west, to reach India and China.  We do not traverse The Middle East or Cape Hope to do that.  This explains the superficiality of, historically, our strategic interest in The Middle East and Africa.  Those areas are, historically, of primary interest to European nations, not to Americans.  Only recently did USA produce a combatant command comprising the Dark Continent.  And USA never has had and still largely lacks a grand strategic objective in the Middle East.  It’s just not our baby strategically, so to speak.  Its destiny snarls in with European grand strategic interests.  It could be said that Americans are spilling blood in The Middle East to benefit Europeans, not Americans, while Europeans smirk at us for being, as they see it, and not entirely without reason, stupid.

Americans, especially such as Donald Trump, are sons and daughters of Arbroath.  Most precious to us is freedom.  We are unique among the world’s peoples in this decisive particular.  Today, America’s western defense littoral is the east coast of Asia.

America’s first enemy was met as Americans moved west: barbarism residing in resident tribes.  America’s second enemy was met as Americans wheeled to defeat an attack from behind: imperialism suckled for their pleasure by oligarchs of the Old World.  America’s third enemy was met, as before, because Americans move west: Eurasian Absolutism.

Eurasian Absolutism struck America first, at Pearl Harbor in 1941.  The enemy was defeated by attacking his rear and pinching his communications, i.e., by owning the east coast of Asia so as to sever his access to supplies coming and going.  And thanks to wise stewardship of affairs by GOA Douglas MacArthur, the Japanese extirpated Eurasian Absolutism from their midst.

Far less wise stewardship of the Korean Peninsula by Dean Rusk and the US Department of State let Eurasian Absolutism, already familiar there, dig in heartily and cause another global conflict only five years after the close of World War Two.  Their successors let that war continue right up to now.  This is known as reprehensible stewardship of Americans’ affairs.  Still, it has to be accepted as existing, though not necessarily perpetually.  Every problem has a solution.

My point is, America’s habitual and probably inexorable westward movement has brought her up against the largest enemy she has faced so far: Eurasian Absolutism in the geopolitical forms of (1) Chinese Communists, (2) Korean Stalinists and (3) Russian Statists.

Arab/Pan-African Imperialists also are an absolutist force bent on global hegemony.  However, they lack industrial base to self-maintain, even adding in Turkey, who is supporting their flank while nursing her own hysterical notions of hegemony in The Middle East and Europe.

America has to defeat these enemies and so construe their affairs that they remove from their midst political, moral, economic and spiritual absolutism, aka Eurasian Absolutism.  Note: not too long ago what I call Eurasian Absolutism was called Mongoloid/Pan-Slavic Imperialism.

If America does not defeat these geopolitical enemies, they will defeat, occupy and ravish Americans and America.  Absolutism’s point is to tolerate no second.

I want to take a long-term, high-altitude look at this problem.

A geopolitical competition between
free and repressive visions of world order
is taking place in the Indo-Pacific region.

National Security Strategy Of The United States Of America
18 December 2017

Plans to defeat Korean Stalinists are underway.  I do not know them so I will not address them now.

Diplomatically, Chinese Communists can be defeated by denying them recourse to the United Nations … by denying the United Nations repose in USA land and largesse.  The UN answers a question that no longer exists.  That is why it bites the hand that feeds it without thought for consequences.  Note: NATO answers the same non-existing question: how do we — WW II’s victorious nations, who included in their number the Communist Soviet! — prevent communization of major European states.  The UN and NATO was formed to oppose Communism, any least ostensibly, yet included the Soviet or communist sympathizers, e.g., all through the US State Department and CIA!

Economically, Chinese Communists can be defeated by removing acquiescence to their unfair trade practices, which are numerous and well-known.  The weakness of Communist/command economies is their anti-nature nature.

Nature works by communication, not command.  Small sections of a society — for example, military, intra-government and private organizations — can and should work as command structures.  But the generality of a society cannot and must not do that.

The larger the system the less its command uniformity is possible or desirable and the more its granular command initiative, which is to say, its multi-polar but parallel freedom, is possible and desirable.  The strongest command systems have consequential granular freedom just within themselves.  And whole societies and economies can only be just that and not uniformed.

The more you try to command an economy the farther you take it from reality and, even more consequentially, the more energy you must expend doing that rather than strengthening your economy by lightly regulating its free operation.  If less energy is returning to you from the economy than the energy you must spend commanding it, you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  That is China’s position now under Chinese Communists and its weaknesses are self-evident and exploitable.  China, in fact, is advancing into a 1991 Soviet experience, as are other Communist-legacy countries such as Venezuela, Great Britain and certain EU countries along with the EU central apparatus.

Militarily, Chinese Communists can be defeated with a ground attack through their backdoors — Tibet and Mongolia — blockade attack at their front doors — Philippines, Formosa and Vietnam — flank attack through Manchuria and remote attacks at their communications, which traverse the globe like snakes awaiting the slicer.  The attacking parties would be USA, India Russia and anyone else who cares to join the festivities, such as Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

Russian Statists do not need to be defeated.  They are not anti-Christian.  They are not allergic to the sons and daughters of Arbroath even though their history is absolutist in its Tzarist and Communist embodiments.  Russians respond favorably to anyone lacking designs on their borders, the which comprise their central and potentially lethal weakness and, with other factors, have in the past argued with some cogency for their political, social and economic absolutism.

Bring Russian Statists in.  Go in with them.  Work with them.  Do not be alarmed by their manners or resolves.  You will find Lavrov a man of learning, situational awareness and strategic wisdom.  Putin is a man of ruthless resolve, but his resolve is for what he sees is best for his country.  He is a patriot, not an imperialist.  He should be honored for that posture because it is the posture of a statesman.  And for that reason it is workable.  For example, his move on Crimea was patriotic, not imperialist.  It can be explained and I would say justified by a coup d’oeil of Russia’s perimeter defense problems and opportunities.

As Christians, Americans can deal comfortably with Russians.  Indians too.

And remember this: the Communists killed off the refined, talented population of their Soviet, as they do in every country they can dominate, stripping families of their breeding discipline and leaving the poorer intellectual and moral figures to staff bureaucracies and, ultimately, higher offices.  This is standard Communist practice and universal outcome.  Several generations it takes to restore a fecund mix of breeding stock to a people after Communists — better: Eliminationists, or, Anarchists — have swept through and out a people’s wealth.

Credit Russians for their adaptive and agile abilities post-Soviet.  They really have demonstrated an abyssal — which is to say divine — strength in recovering from an abominable desecration of their Christian character, a character which is both catholic in the true sense of the word — e.g., they get along with Muslims, who get along with them — and strong in the true sense of that word — i.e., they hold on to that which they believe is good.

Bring them in.  Go in with them.  They are not angels and do not claim to be.  Neither are you, nor can you claim to be.  Become strategic allies with Russia and with India.

Tibet is the key to liberating the world from servitude to Chinese Communists and liberating China herself.  Tibet is Christian territory.  Tibet deserves liberation for her own sake, but liberating her also liberates China and the world’s other nations from Chinese Communists.  Tibet is the geo-strategic key to global freedom from Chinese Communist absolutism and for the liberation of China.  For eighteen years, Jesus traveled to/from and lived in India and Tibet.  Later, He returned there and moved farther south and east on mission.  Chinese Communists are the world’s strongest anti-Christian activists.  That means Chinese Communists are the world’s foremost foes of freedom and assiduous adversaries of Arbroath.

Tibet is deep in Christian memory.  The reason is, Christianity belongs to a Buddhist revival — specifically, its Tibetan iteration — via the career of the Founder, Jesus of Nazareth the Christ of God.  The Three Wise Men were Tibetan Buddhist Seers.  Jesuit and Capuchin missionaries and other Europeans were in Tibet during the 18th Century when America was forming and al-Wahhab was mobilizing al-Saud and other Arab tribes against the several European and American Enlightenments.  The Jesuit Ippolito Desideri noted similarities and in some cases congruities between Tibetan and Christian liturgies, vestments and ceremonial colors.  Have you recognized similarity between the Tibetan Horn and the Alpenhorn?

Christianity is not Buddhism, but its inspiration and base is Buddhist Seers from before those Tibetan Buddhist Seers who visited the Christ Child in Bethlehem.  In the same way, Islam is not Christianity, but its inspiration is Christian prophets of Arabia Deserta (and here).

Magnificat anima mea Dominum;
Et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo,
Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae; ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generationes.
Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est, et sanctum nomen ejus,
Et misericordia ejus a progenie in progenies timentibus eum.
Fecit potentiam in brachio suo;
Dispersit superbos mente cordis sui.
Deposuit potentes de sede, et exaltavit humiles.
Esurientes implevit bonis, et divites dimisit inanes.
Suscepit Israel, puerum suum, recordatus misericordiae suae,
Sicut locutus est ad patres nostros, Abraham et semini ejus in saecula.
Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto,: sicut erat in principio,
Et nunc, et semper: et in Saecula saeculorum.  Amen.

A nation is a Power of God.  Like every other creature, it is a costume God wears.  A nation is natural, therefore, and it is neither neutral, inactive nor avoidable.  Like the Church, a nation is a Power of God designed to carry its members/citizens safely across the sea of life, the Church for spiritual repose, the nation for physical repose and both for intellectual and economic repose.

Ideologies — the various isms, such as communism, fascism, progressivism, liberalism, conservatism, humanism, anarchism, globalism — cannot guarantee repose or equanimity of any kind.  They guarantee disquiet, the opposite of repose, the enemy of equanimity.  Their very being is as non-being.  They exist to oppose something, this or that, and be happy with nothing, whatsoever, even their own disquiet.

As against the fantasy of a rules-based international community, let these recent words of Noah Rothman stand guard:

[Susan] Rice takes a theatrically dim view of what is essentially a restatement of the bedrock principle of almost all international-relations theory: The international environment is anarchic.  There is no “international community,” because there is no enforceable “international law.”  To the extent that such a thing exists, it is dependent upon the willingness of nation states to subordinate their sovereignty to international institutions.  There’s no mechanism to make them do this, save for the threat of force.  The recognition that nation states exist in a state of perpetual competition is not some grim surrender to the darkest of human impulses.  It is reality, the acknowledgment of which only conveys to other nations firm parameters in which they can operate without accidentally triggering a conflict with another sovereign power.

We have heard the words of the Psalmists and Sages a thousand times.  Trust in God.  Faith in God will not be disappointed.  God can save you from any calamity, and wants to.  The Church is the ship for riding out the judgement, whatever, whenever that be.  The righteous shall prosper and the wicked shall perish.  God’s arm is strong, rely on it.  Seek the truth and shun lies; this will strengthen your life and protect you against evil doers.  The good win and the bad lose.

Familiarity with these words, appearances to their contrary and ridicule of them by associates or acquaintances loosen the bindings which hold our consciousness to the words of Psalmists and Sages.  Familiarity, appearances and ridicule do not falsify such words, but they weaken the lashings which hold our minds right to them.  Such occasions occasion occasional revisits with these words of Psalmists and Sages.  They also occasion more intense scrutiny of events to determine if they do in fact falsify Psalmists’ and Sages’ words.

A comforting fact about truth is that nothing can harm it.  Truth invites the most intense possible scrutiny of itself at all times in all places.  Only so is its reliability established, as described by Psalmists and Sages, who personally took every shred of truth they could find for a ride to hell and back to see if it stayed with them.

Rely on the words of Psalmists and Sages.  They have withstood the tests of ages and personalities.

The Constitution of the United States of America is a Power of God prepared by Christian Saints and Sages to carry their countrymen across the sea of life in safety and prosperity.  We are an Arm of God, not merely territory on the globe.  We are a virtuous, active and unavoidable power among sovereign nations.  We are natural.  Our Constitution keeps us that way.  We do not yearn for some notion of being, some imagination of our mind, that is other than who we are and what stands before us.  We speak in contented specifics, not vacated generalities.

The arc of history does not interest us.  What is that, anyway, besides a justification for tyranny inside a pretense of knowledge?  We have less interest in being a force for good.  What is that, other than a threat of annihilation if one does not think and do exactly what one is told to think and do … and like it?  International law?  Horsefeathers.  Try competition between sovereign nation states.

The arc of history, for those who imagine it, is an arc, meaning, it always points downward, degenerating.  It is lifeless, impersonal, intellectual and spiritual straw, which was Kierkegaard’s key argument against Hegel’s totalism.  This is an African and Arab vision of life.  Look how they live when on their own.  Always running down, dilapidating.  Even when they are in the pink, they waste it on shiny trinkets and sensuous trivia.  Even Communists — who emerge from Christian civilization — bethink themselves improving history, not spending it down to oblivion for the sake of fleetings.

The Church sees history regenerating, not degenerating.  At one end of history’s axis of spacio-temporal development –its  horizontal axis — is its Source and at the other end is its Goal.  But the Church sees also another axis of history’s development — its vertical axis — comprising increasing complexity of substance and causation.  These axes operate simultaneously, giving history and every component of it their characteristic five-fold structure.  History and its components move forward and upward towards the Goal, Who is also the Source, gaining weight (glory) and association (wisdom) while losing illusion (stupidity) and pretense (incompetence).

The Constitution of the United States of America sees history as the Church does.  The United States of America is a Power of God.  Trust God and trust Americans because we are sons and daughters of Arbroath and Holy Mother Church.

Update 1: Spengler: The West Must Restore A Sense Of The Sacred … excerpts here.


Adwaitha Hermitage, Christmas Day, 2017
Adwaitha Hermitage, Christmas Day, 2017

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