The Cold Ferocity Of The Anglo-Celt

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



It has been better than many years since the world at large took note of the cold ferocity of the Anglo-Celt and his Germanic cousin.  Governments around the world have remained aware of it and especially so following the inauguration of POTUS Donald Trump.

Suddenly, SOF formations from countries formed from the Latin Church — formations comprising primarily the Anglo-Celt and his German cousin — are impressing their genius on governments everywhere.  (SOF formations from countries, especially Russia, formed by the Greek Church, though fewer in number, have impressed as well.)  They had been formed and trained but operationally hobbled.  For ideological reasons touching upon their civilian masters‘ — globalists — desire to destroy the Latin Church by eliminating national borders and, with them, sovereignties.

Suddenly, non-sectarian Iraqi regular and SOF formations, with full-spectrum participation by SOF and regular formations from nations of the Latin Church, have freed Iraq of ISIL and other elements of the Salafi Jihad.  The Shia Jihad inside Iraq remains to be addressed, mostly through Iraqi politics, but with trained, experienced and victorious (high morale) national Iraqi regular and SOF formations able and disposed to maintain national identity and sovereignty.

Suddenly, US strategic bombardment, guided, apparently, by accurate intelligence, is occurring in Afghanistan. And regular and SOF formations from nations of the Latin Church have been unhobbled and, in consequence, are achieving success training Afghan national military formations and assisting them with ground and other war operations.

Governments observe the rare speed of this turn-around from four previous US administrations and say to themselves, “Good grief!  The Anglo-Celt sure can get a thing done when he decides to do it.  He is ferocious!  As is his Germanic cousin from nations of either Latin or Greek Church!”

As I’ve said before, the Trump presidency is about
the re-negotiation of a whole bunch of
post-World War II institutional arrangements.
Glenn Reynolds

Come some Saudis proclaiming to dissolve the Salafi Jihad their ancestors created and pay untold billions to stimulate towards success: the whole world, globe and universe subject to Salafi Caliphate, aka The Glory of Allah.

Can they be serious?  Talk about a turn-around of rare speed!  Is this another trick of Islamic casuistry?  More taqiya, dissembling, dissimulation, to deceive the world, once again, into thinking they are better than murderous, misogynist jerks?

Virtue-signaling is what you do
when you’re short of actual virtue.
Glenn Reynolds

Banning extremist Muslim scholars

Saudi vows new Islamic alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’

Muslim World League chief on mission to wipe out extremist ideology

Saudi Arabia’s ‘unshakeable position against extremism is based on Shariah’

Islamic Military Coalition to ‘Wipe Terrorists’ Off The Earth

Fred Pruitt ran a post on the third down of those links.  It inspired comments both skeptical and patiently watchful.  My comment there is as follows:

The geo-strategic insanity of the Salafi and Shia Jihads has become apparent to some big turbans.  Economics and military both factors in this awakening, at least by some on the Salafi side (e.g., some Sauds).

(Paks, obviously, have not gotten the message, so they will have to switch their funding from Saud to Xi.)

Also, Donald Trump.  Never forget the omni-directional impact for novelty and good a moral man who loves freedom and his country has when in position of responsibility for affairs of state.  Last time I remember such a condition was that around GOA MacArthur.

Al-Sisi said it well, something along the lines of, “We trust this man and know he can get these things done that need doing [taking down the Jihads, opening MENA to modernization].”

Domestically, we see conservative Never-Trumpers, some at least, realizing opportunities glimmering around this moral man, opportunities to accomplish law-abiding and government simplifications they have long wanted but, hobbled by their own moral cowardice, feared impossible.

Good men remove fear.  And without the drag of fear, history becomes good people’s open field running, gradually, but picking up speed.  The sense of grandeur returns and with it cheer and invention.

For all its improbability, its implied reversal of centuries of sadistic Asharite Islamic jurisprudence, I am inclined to believe that something momentous, a turning point, is afoot in MENA.  These stirrings in the Salafi homeland and founding family strike me as genuine.  My reasoning follows.

First and foremost is Adel Fattah al-Sisi.  With a USA administration supporting Mohamed Morsi and his ally Iran, al-Sisi would not have dared to depose that Moslem Brotherhood’s monster without Arab financial and diplomatic cover.  That came from al-Saud.  Also, even before the inauguration of POTUS Donald Trump, al-Sisi told the assembled dons (aka Salafi jurists) at al-Azhar University that they must revolutionize Islam, make it peaceful.  Then, because al-Azhar is a state institution, he set about making that demand legal.  Again, he could not have done that without Saudi cover.

These were vivid adumbrations of stirrings forthcoming from the House of Saud and now in the open, complete with billionaires said to be hanging by their heels.

Second, attend what al-Saud faces:

High birth rate
High commodities subsidy rate
Economy depending on oil export
Huge number of degenerate elites (aka royals)
Never wanted to earn good opinion of non-Muslims
No national armed forces, only mercenary formations
Population allergic to work, expertise, depend on servants/slaves
Thought they could buy the world, that money is more precious than power

One has to be a Progressive Communist to ignore that array of lethal threats to national sovereignty and one’s power within, through or over it.  One thing Saud never has been is Communist or Progressive.

Jill St. John
Jill St. John

Third, consider al-Saud’s geography.  It stinks.  They cannot self-sustain as a modern nation state.  Oil export yields income but they cannot maintain the yield.  Someone has to do it for them.  Religion export pisses away the treasury and yields only jeers from the neighbors, most of whom dislike being soaked.  Other than those two things — oil and religion — al-Saud has nothing to sell and only one of those earns income.  Now oil is out of their control and fickle and they have nothing reliable to fill the coffers they drain for entitlements and proselytizing a religion no one, having seen its manners, is eager to hear about.

Water they must capture from the sea.  Arable land nearly does not exist.  When equipment such as a car breaks down, they abandon it in place and purchase a new one.  There are virtually no riverine internal lines of communication.  They essay to conduct affairs of state with half the creative potential of their society — the female half — tied behind their back, so speak.  They pay homage to dirty old men posing as religious leadership and accept throttles on their freedom and humanity in the name of those filthy ones’ sadistic and sodomic obsessions.  And of industrial design and manufacture they have none.  So for all their money and posing, al-Saud really is a sick sodomite trying everyone’s patience.

In that circumstance, I find it blessedly surprising but rationally unremarkable that someone inside the House of Saud would get their head jerked up and around to where they can see and their heart beaten down and through to where they can think well enough to start down a road of proper conduct for their particular nation state and continue on it.  In this world of ambiguity and deceit, one owes it even to criminals (remember Valmiki) to honor their confessions and resolves in reformation so long as the external evidence argues that such is a reasonable denouement.

We shall see.  In any case, the cold ferocity of the Anglo-Celt and his Germanic cousin has reappeared on the stage this world is and makes its arguments in manners and to ends suited to its nature.  No government on the planet is allowing that lesson to go to waste.

Update 1: Can’t Kill Enough to Win?  Think Again.


Jill St. John
Jill St. John

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