Something Is Afoot In MENA

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Something is afoot in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), some new alignments springing from reality’s and al-Sisi’s doctrine that Moslems cannot kill and loot everyone else in the world, so, better learn and practice peaceful living with non-Muslims.  In other words, renounce so-called political Islam.  Both the Israeli PM and the USA POTUS mentioned these new alignments sotto voce in their recent presser.

I am not sure of details, but I think the new alignments operate something along these lines: Moslem Brotherhood center of gravity moves from MENA to Turkey, which becomes center of gravity for rejecting al-Sisi’s doctrine; meanwhile, MENA becomes center of gravity for practicing al-Sisi’s (and reality’s) doctrine, and Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saud (rejecting its Salafist origin and spawnings) agree to implement and lead practice of that doctrine.  Gulf states, to include Qatar, will or will have to join the MENA alliance and reject the Turkey/MB/Salafist one.

This — plus Iraq’s steady march towards self-sustaining independence, to eventually join the MENA alliance — puts Iran and Syria in a vice and Turkey/MB in crossfire.  I suspect Tillerson and Lavrov are figuring out, together, how they want to handle that VUCA.  Both will align with the MENA side of the new alignments.

Were I to guess an outcome for that regional scenario, it would be (1) Turkey rejects Salafism (e.g., Moslem Brotherhood/Daesh/AQ/Hamas/Boko Haram, etc.) or has it beaten out of her (ditto so-called Palestinians), and (2) Iran/Syria’s ambitions get squished by their choice of the least painful but nonetheless successful methods.

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Brigitte Bardot

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