Revealing The Institutional Rot

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

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An irony attached the lives of the pure ones is the personal and institutional rot they engender.  This rot is a phenomenological constant in the lives of pure ones from Gnostics to New Agers, and from Pharisees to Salafis.  Its benefit, if there is one, is the clarity it brings to normal persons’ grasp of pure ones as inherently dangerous.

This morning Glenn Reynolds makes that point pithily:

Trump’s presidency has revealed a stunning degree of institutional rot across much of American society.

Here are indications of rot related to Islam and its Jihad as currently conducted in the USA and elsewhere:

Strange the candidate [Republican, for governor of Minnesota] will speak to MAS-MN but not to CAIR.  MB founded both.  One is a good MB and the other is a bad MB?  Yup, he’s an idiot.

Had he said, I am going to try to speak to every Islamic group in MN that I can, no matter their background, and tell them who Americans are, and why, and why Americans will not allow Moslems to replace their Constitution with Sharia, and then ask for their electoral support and for them to rise up in huge numbers, with public disgust and condemnation, anytime one of their co-religionists murders Americans or anyone else. … had he done that, he could be accounted a Franciscan idiot and praised for courage and true preaching.

But he tried to split the difference, so yeah, he’s an idiot.

Immigrant Population Hits Record High And Growing Too Fast  /  Immigration Pollution?

In breaking news, Chicago PD has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem, to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.

Unsolicited Emotional Theater  /  Aloha Snackbar!

massed stupidity bomb
confirmed moron
weaponized empathy
sententious spite
fact-optional partisans
vulture journalism
crossed the line from irritating to psychotic

This bears directly on the subject of this post.  Money quote:

What’s worrying now is relying on this “temporary” Sahwist Brotherhood defeat and not constantly and comprehensively working to clear minds and spirits that are interacting with these fundamentalists’ legacy.

We’re at the beginning of the task. Yes, we should be hopeful but it’s not time to celebrate yet.

Best I know, al-Arabiya is a Saudi outlet.  Related here and here.

Meanwhile, a Haqqani (!) is published by WSJ warning of Jihad 3.0 (i.e., renewed Sahwa).

U.S. Drastic Measures On Iran Have Just Begun


Update 1: Hollywood, ESPN and other debacles: Why can’t our ruling class do its job?

Update 2: ‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals

Reynolds: Meanwhile our sailors can’t drive our ships.

Update 3: The Las Vegas Massacre, Amid A Revolving News Cycle, Demands More Public Questioning Rather Than Simply Fading Away

Update 4: Congress Asks Congress Why There’s No Congressional Awan Investigation …

Update 5: Robert Mueller Providing Lessons in Swamp Leverage …

Update 6: A Forgotten Part Of Fleets

Update 7: VDH: We are no longer in the late 1950s era of liberal reform. It is now a postmodern world of intolerance and lockstep orthodoxy. . . . Either Trump will restore economic growth, national security, the melting pot, legality, and individual liberty or he will fail and we will go the way of Europe. For now, there is no one else in the opposition standing in the way of radical progressivism.

I commented:
Well, God is standing in the way of that.

VDH always has had a race with demons, usually he is in front of them, just barely, but in front.  Sometimes less so.  Never look at the enemy, look at his logistics, and yours.

Update 8: Myron Magnet: Saudi Arabia’s Earthshaking Coup

Update 9: When a German case social worker wakes up to Islam


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