Rolling Up The Devil’s Network — The Deep State Is The CIA

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Saints have prayed and pleaded, God has heard and heeded.  The habiliment of manhood is the habit of penitence.

Kurt Schlichter felt the earth moving in the USA on 21 November of 2016.  I felt the earth moving in the Middle East on 17 February 2017 and again on 22 May 2017.  I felt the earth moving in the USA on 13 September 2017.

The movement felt is the rolling up of the Devil’s network.  Inside the USA, the Devil’s network comprises the CIA/Deep State, the Clinton Criminal Organization, the Obama/Academic/Infotainment Global Governance Movement and the Moslem Brotherhood/Salafi Jihad, along with their supporting politicians, judges, foundations and other NGOs.  Outside the USA, the Devil’s network comprises the Moslem Brotherhood and its state and private sponsors and competitors, to include the EU, Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Pakistan, China, Hizbollah, ISIL, Taliban and, until recently — so they assure a skeptical world — Saudi Arabia.

The earth is moving in this sense simultaneously all over the globe.  If our seismometers are accurate, strange things abound.  However, these are strange good things that, thankfully, are not strange once again.  Think of it as rolling up the Devil’s network, one that creature has spent the best years of my life constructing with the utmost assiduity.  There follow some indicators.  Think of them as footprints of the The Army of Titus, so to speak.

Saudi Warning Order, dated 28 October 2017.

Saudi Warning Order, dated 03 November 2017.

One day later, Crown Prince/Father roll up the Clinton/Obama/CIA-Moslem Brotherhood/Salafi Jihad network inside Saudi Arabia and some beyond.

And the roll up of the Clinton/Obama/Brotherhood-CIA network continues concurrently, in parallel around the globe.

On 16 January 2017 I wrote:
Something is afoot in MENA, a new alignment is forming, comprising Israel, Saud, Egypt and Jordan, that I can see so far.  Not sure how it builds out, but I think the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism in general are going to be overtaken by a perfect storm, even in Saud, where Salafism started.

The New World Order failed.  It is dead.  We’re going back to nationalism.  So far, so good. (Related.)

What’s Going On In Saudi Arabia? Also here and here.)  I answer:

Saud is closing all Yemeni air, land and sea ports, excepting humanitarian crossings … fingers Iran for (2) missle attacks,

The Clinton/Obama-Iran/Brennan/CIA/Moslem Brotherhood/Salafi Jihad network is collapsing simultaneously all over the world.  Release of UBL papers — by Pompeo/Trump (see herehere and here) — is part of that collapsing.  The Fraud would not open the UBL papers because they showed UBL’s cooperation with the Boys of Qom, The Fraud’s love-interest.  The Devil’s Network is going under.

USA should meet with Russia to speed this along, conceive/develop/emplace global structures, along with India.

Sundance names USA persons and entities who are gutted — think MONEY — by the Saudi cleansing.

Esther Heyman comments: This development is excellent  news (also here) for America.  The president wants to form a united front against the Iranian terror regime, and the stalwarts in Saudi Arabia are now supplanting the appeasers.  Given that American national security is dependent upon depriving the irrational Iranian mullahs of nuclear-tipped ICBMs, it is crucial to have the assistance of the other major players in the region.

David R. Graham answers: Yes, and that includes Israel, a Saud trading partner and quiet ally for some time now.  But larger picture has to include Russia and India, to give geo-strategic weight to whatever emerges from this cleansing, scrapping out of the Salafi-Shia global Jihad network Saud themselves created.  And to check China, the biggest bad actor.

Even Georgie Soros is watching his bones melt in the life-giving waters of truth.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Stop Arming Terrorists Act: Its main aim, as Gabbard describes it, is to force the C.I.A. to stop aiding militants [Salafis and Iranians] in Syria.

Clinton herself is being rolled up by her own party, who according to Donna Brazile engaged in criminal activity with her.  And we will hear shouts of joy from Heaven when John Brennan is indicted for treason and Barry Soetero’s disgrace is complete.

Don Surber notes the consequences of feuding with POTUS Trump.

The Devil’s Infotainment network rolls itself up!

And on squeezing Caliphists’ financial supports: Was Mencken right or was he right?: When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.  Terror is big business.

I assume Director Pompeo is rolling up the network inside the CIA ….  I see no indications that Director Wray is doing that at FBI.  F-16 pilots are locking on Bob Mueller’s heat signature, so to speak.  In any case, it is happening, the rolling up of the Devil’s network.  And simultaneously across the world.  This makes me happy.

Update 1: [Admiral] Sprague himself had this to say about what had happened off Samar:

The failure of the enemy main body and encircling light forces to completely wipe out all vessels of this task unit can be attributed to our successful smoke screen, our torpedo counterattack, continuous harassment of enemy by bomb, torpedo and strafing air attacks, timely maneuvers, and the definite partiality of Almighty God.

[Samuel Eliot] Morison wrote fittingly of Taffy 3’s fight:

In no engagement of its entire history has the United States Navy shown more gallantry, guts and gumption than in those two morning hours between 0730 and 0930 off Samar.

Update 2: More on the Saudi cleanse here

Update 3: The Official Future Is Dead!  Long Live the Official Future!

Update 4: Brett Stephens: Communism Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Related: Richard Fernandez: The Tower Amid the Ruins

Related: Glenn Reynolds: If you’re interested in the question of whether morality can exist without God, you might enjoy Arthur Allen Leff’s discussion in Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural Law.  Or, in shorter and more pungent form, his treatment in Memorandum From The Devil.  Also, these — especially the latter — are two of the best-written law review articles ever.

Update 5: I said some weeks ago that the hammer would drop on Iran before it drops on NORK.

I think we may be seeing the outlines of a concept of bracketing trouble-makers/hegemons (China, Iran’s Qom Boys, NORK, Salafis) with the geo-strategic weight of significant alliances.  In MENA, for example, bracket Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan/China with alliance between USA, Russia, India, Israel, Saud, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco.  In Europe, bracket EU/Turkey with alliance between USA, Russia, Poland, Spain, Romania.  In the American west (Asia), bracket China/NORK with alliance between USA, Russia, India, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines.

POTUS likes to put himself away from the place where action has been planned to occur.  He did this earlier with the missile launch at Syria.  Sends messages of prestige, over 50% of battle asset, to challengers.

Update 6: Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

Update 7: Look out, ye Boys of Qom!

Update 8: For rumination, from Twitterer @Imperator_Rex3, dated 07NOV17:

1. Will Hillary Clinton be indicted? Of course she will. As will Bill Clinton, Eric Holder & the Podestas. And many others.
2. Jailed? Maybe not Bill, but the others? Almost certainly.
3. And when it happens, everyone will be shocked by the crime that these people have committed.
4. These are the worst crimes committed in American history, because they almost destroyed the government.
5. If the Clintons had won the keys to the WH, America was going down. That’s how serious this is.
6. The strange thing, however, is that when this all goes down, anyone with a functioning synapse won’t be surprised at how it happened.
7. In fact, most people will go ‘yeah, now I look at it, it was obvious from the very start.’ Let me explain.
8. First, what follows won’t be any surprise to the relevant authorities, esp Trump & Sessions.
9. As @drawandstrike & @ThomasWictor have been saying for some time (and yours truly), they’re WAY ahead of us and the MSM.
10. And it’s too late for the key targets, esp the Clintons, to stop what’s coming.
11. It’s now just a question of how to round the targets up, without causing too much disturbance, or threatening public safety.
12. So – let’s try and separate ourselves from the feverish speculation that’s swirling around and just look at some basic facts.
13. My thread yesterday showed Trump has prepared the ground for a massive anti-corruption drive, headed by Christopher Wray at the FBI.
14. Wray’s going to focus on white collar crime, in particular money laundering, bribery, racketeering, fraud and government corruption.
15. Jeff Sessions, who has been most unfairly smeared, will lead the prosecutions at DOJ. These will likely last for a number of years.
16. Think of an American Nuremberg trial & you’ll get the drift of how huge this will be. Painful, but necessary.
17. Many will be indicted. Anyone who has engaged in criminal activity will be targeted. On both sides of the aisle, but mostly Democrat.
18. However, there’s no doubt about it – the Clinton network is target #1.
19. #TheStorm has already started. You will have seen the massive corruption purge in Saudi Arabia.
20. Many of those targeted, esp Alaweed, are linked to the Clintons & the CF, so IMO it’s definitely linked to whats coming in the US.
21. Much of the focus will be on the Clinton’s money laundering schemes.
22. Let’s try and get ahead of the game and understand what they’ve been up to.
23. Many people associate money laundering with dodgy drug traffickers and pallets of cash. Pablo Escobar, NARCOs etc.
24. The cash is ‘cleaned’, via legitimate organizations often owned by the crooks, eg banks. All to a Scorcese script.
25. But money laundering doesn’t have to be that dramatic, to be just as criminal. The most effective schemes are often quite boring.
26. So, take the U1 scandal. @drawandstrike has correctly that Sessions has been investigating this in the shadows for some time.
27. We know that some $145 million in donations were made to the CF during the period where CFIUS approved the sale of U1.
28. We also know that the sale gave Putin, via Rosatom, access to US uranium & the ability to export it into his distribution networks.
29. Even a 10 year old kid could see that this outcome is an obvious threat to US security interests. There’s just no argument about it.
30. We ALSO know that Hillary Clinton knew this would happen. Anyone who denies this now is lying, mostly to themselves.
31. She led the Russian reset, knew about FBI investigation into Tenam’s illegal activities & was fully aware that Putin was enemy #1.
32. Clinton knew full well what Putin was up to & how important U1 was to him. Yet she never disclosed this to CFIUS, or nixed the sale.
33. Or told anyone about the $145 million donations that had been made to the CF by U1 people.
34. IMO, Eric Holder also knew. His job was to shut down any investigations that may compromise what the Clintons were doing.
35. And to threaten and intimidate possible witnesses. I suspect we will learn that he profited from it handsomely, as well.
36. Back to the $ 145 million pay day. How did the money laundering scheme work?
37. The ‘donations’ weren’t made direct to the CF in the USA. Most were made to the Canadian ‘charity’, the CGEP.
38. That would be the (Bill) Clinton & (Frank) Giustra Enterprise Partnership. Both CF board members. But why to a Canadian ‘charity’?
39. B/C in Canada, charities don’t have to disclose the identity of donors, or $ value of ‘donations’, to the government. In the US they do.
40. The ‘charity’ then ‘donates’ to the CF. The US authorities could only ID the Canadian charity, not the original donors.
41. See how these crooks work? The dodgy money becomes legit as it is laundered along the way, ending up in the CF.
42. Once the $ are in the CF, it is diverted to the Clintons via expenses such as first class travel, /…
43./..personal expenses (eg Chelsea Clintons wedding) & into their back pockets. With a lot of tax avoided (illegally) along the way.
44. It’s no surprise that Bill Clinton used Marc Rich’s services when he first set up the CF.
45. Clinton famously pardoned Rich for what crimes?
46. Oh yeah, that’s right. Money laundering, income tax evasion, wire fraud & racketeering.
47. Note – Hillary & Bills money laundering schemes are NOT news. Many talented reporters were onto these crimes years ago.
48. BUT they’ve never been investigated properly. Again, we will find out why & who was protecting the Clintons in due course.
49. And U1 is just one example (of many) of the Clintons using the CF & State Dept to launder money, using ‘pay for play’ schemes.
40. It gets worse. The Clintons didn’t just use the CF to enrich themselves to the detriment of the US.
51. I suspect we will also learn about how they used the DNC & other front organizations (eg law firms) to do it.
52. With the DNC, I’m certain the vile Donna Brazile has flipped. And the Sanders people won’t hold back helping the authorities, either.
53. They suspected Clinton was using the DNC to launder money some time ago, see Politico Exposes Clinton Campaign ‘Money-Laundering’ Scheme:  You cannot exploit a broken campaign finance system one day and vow to get big money out of politics the next.
54. That is just the money laundering aspect. There are many other crimes the Clintons have committed. We don’t know the half of it.
55. My point is that we need to get real. It’s obvious to me where things are heading & it’s all aimed at the Clintons & their cronies.
56. America has become very ill because of these criminals. They need to be brought to justice if any recovery can happen.
57. What they did was rotting the heart of the Republic. Literally destroying America. There’s no other way to describe it, is there?
58. By now, I’m pretty sure the Clintons have been told what’s going to happen. They need to get their affairs in order.
59. They also need to put in place measures to protect Chelsea & her family. I think she is innocent.
60. Her life will be unbearable, though. The betrayal is immense.
61. They’ll then be indicted and arrested. On Nov 8, I’d say. But it doesn’t really matter. It’s inevitable.
62. And then the Clintons need to make some form of peace with God. Because America will never forgive them for what they’ve done.
63. Have no fear. One man saw it early & knows what to do : Donald J Trump. And as he’s promised, he’s not going to let us down.
64. The end.

Update 9: Paul Mirengoff: The Saudi Purge In Context [the context Mirengoff sees]

I commented: The wider picture: the Clinton-McCain-Kristol-Obama-Kerry-Brennan-Iran-Norquist/Moslem Brotherhood/CIA/Salafi Jihad organized crime network is being taken down.  This will reach the USA courts and banks.  And actually fresh structures of inter-national governance and cooperation are in the works.

Update 10: ‘Moderate’ London Mosque Official Exposed as Hamas [Moslem Brotherhood] Terrorist Leader

Update 11: Even The Gray Lady and David Boies are being rolled up.

Update 12: The biggest roll up of them all, if true, and I suspect it is: MBS has ordered text criticism of the Haditha.  I learned of this from a commenter, James Dill, at a post by Steven Hayward at Power Line.  Hayward has been following the Saudi internal cleansing for Team PL.  Here are comments others made and to which I responded chasing this subject at Steven’s post:

James Dill:

Exegesis in Sunni Islam?

According to the Saudi Minister of Culture and Information Awwad Bin Saleh al-Awwad, a council of senior scholars will be established for the complex and will consist of prominent Hadith scholars in the world.  They will, the UAE’s National tells us: … look to “eliminate fake and extremist texts and any texts that contradict the teachings of Islam and justify the committing of crimes, murders and terrorist acts.”

Why is this potentially such a big deal?  Because the texts that they’re talking about potentially assessing as fake and eliminating are among the Ahadith (hadith).

David R, Graham:

Thank you, I had not seen this.  And yes, this IS a VERY BIG deal.  (Sorry, heuristic considerations drove me to the caps.)

For years I have mentioned that text criticism (of the several standard types) of Islamic literature, including Koran — and if they do Hadith, they will get to Koran, as Zafar implies, because of the logic of the effort — is the only sure way to defeat the Salafi and Shia Jihads (hegemonic puritanisms, which all puritanisms are, e.g., SJWs/Progressives/Lefties here today).  So, some Sauds grasp that fact as well.  This is indeed good news.

Luther’s 95 Theses rested on and invited text criticism of key Christian literature, to include the Bible.  Text criticism was their engine and the engine of the Reformation.  So yeah, Hayward is right, the Arabs had their Enlightenment before they had its precursor, Reformation.  An irony there is that Wahhab commenced the Salafi Jihad specifically to counter the several (by country) Enlightenments in the orbit of the Latin Church.

The Bush/Obama/Brennan/Clinton/McCain/Deep State/Globalist New World Order delenda est, thanks to text criticism.

Alan Saunders:

If only the British stood by their WWI allies the Hashemites.

David R. Graham:

Indeed. Both Lawrence and Allenby argued for the Hashemites.  The British FO (i.e., The British East India Co., who needed coaling stations along the east and west coasts of Arabia), their suspected (and actual) traitor St. John Philby (Kim’s father) and the puritan stoner Woodrow Wilson flipped British/US policy to favor sheep stealer Ibn Saud, who had sat out the war, unlike Faisal the Hashemite, who fought the war and whom Lawrence and the British Army (Allenby) supported doing so.

It was a geo-political betrayal of the first water by Wilson and the British FO.  Later, the American Charles Crane, representing Standard Oil, standardized US-Saudi relations by setting up ARAMCO after oil was discovered in eastern Arabia, al Saud lands and some not, but soon to be.

Hashemites left western Arabia, moved to Iraq and Jordan, but left in western Arabia the congeniality (Mutazilite Islam) with modernity MBS is now exploiting to draw tourism there.  Basically, al Saud has decided to make an effort — historically, they shun labor, prefer theft and slaves — to become self-reliant.

Amit Rege:

I hope the new Saudi rulers stop their funding of mosques and charities across the world.  This will defund the radicals all over the world.

Steve Hayward:

Precisely.  I’ll be looking for information about that in the coming months.  It’s very high risk for the crown prince: it was the Shah’s modernizations in Iran in the 1970s that helped fuel the fundamentalist revolutions against him.

David R. Graham:

modernizations were land ownership changes, deep ones, forced.  White Revolution.  Impacted ayatollahs, who led the counter-attack.  Difference now, I think, is Saudi clergy-police also want modern world (facts), having been convinced (battlefield, al-Sisi, Trump) Salafism is a losing bet.

So, yes, key indicator will be whether or not Saudi funding of Salafi mosques/clerics around the world scales down or not.  I am very glad you are on this one, probably, IMO, the single most important generative engine currently functioning.  And POTUS Trump approves it.

Stuff is going on to which we, or at least I, have no access.  I get the feeling things officially talked about as in the future are things about which decisions are already made and executions in train.

The world is sated with analysts.
It is desperate for craftsmen.
And by world I do not mean voters.
I mean the dimension of spirit, geistpneuma.

If you lie, cheat or steal,
you have no prestige in this world or the next.
If you tolerate those who lie, cheat or steal,
you are condemned in this world and the next.

2 Kings 6:14-17

6 14 Therefore, he sent thither horses, and chariots, and the strength of an army: and they came by night, and beset the city. misit ergo illuc equos et currus et robur exercitus qui cum venissent nocte circumdederunt civitatem
6 15 And the servant of the man of God, rising early went out, and saw an army round about the city, and horses and chariots: and he told him, saying: Alas, alas, alas, my lord, what shall we do? consurgens autem diluculo minister viri Dei egressus est viditque exercitum in circuitu civitatis et equos et currus nuntiavitque ei dicens eheu eheu domine mi quid faciemus
6 16 But he answered: Fear not: for there are more with us than with them. at ille respondit noli timere plures enim nobiscum sunt quam cum illis
6 17 And Eliseus prayed, and said: Lord, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the servant, and he saw: and behold, the mountain was full of horses, and chariots of fire round about Eliseus. cumque orasset Heliseus ait Domine aperi oculos huius ut videat et aperuit Dominus oculos pueri et vidit et ecce mons plenus equorum et curruum igneorum in circuitu Helisei

Update 13: Myron Magnet: Saudi Arabia’s Earthshaking Coup


Voltaire’s quipped that ladies tremble at hearing of certain things, though they do not hesitate to do them.

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