Anger Abounds And Politicians Obscure Its Target

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In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Well, some at least are not obscuring anger’s target, nor its justification.  Politicians are facing the righteous wrath of citizens.

Don Surber mentions politicians in the pay of rich Moslems as the reason politicians obscure the target of citizens’ righteous wrath.  If correct in that particular — and I believe he is — Surber is drawing, wittingly or not, a parallel between politicians and Salafist Jihadis today and politicians and Organized Crime — a euphemism for La Costa Nostra and its Neopolitan, Calabrian, Irish, Russian, Chinese and Talmudic counterparts — of yesterday.  Today’s euphemistic counterpart of yesterday’s Organized Crime is Terrorism.

So-called Terrorism is primarily Salafi Jihad and secondarily Shi’ite Jihad.  Terrorism and Counterterrorism are weasel words for Salafi Jihad and Fruitless Kinetics.  That is, to mask killing without strategic objective or accomplishment.

Why are politicians obscuring the target of citizens’ righteous wrath?  Answer: they are being paid to … by said target.  This gets very nasty very quickly, as one easily can see.

How did The Fraud [B!%#?k O$*@a] go, in the space of eight years, from Community Organizer with thousands (!) in the bank to Multi-Millionaire, at least, able to purchase an $8M mansion in a chic neighborhood of Washington D.C. whilst owning a mansion in Chicago and possibly others in Rancho Mirage, CA and Kailua, HI?  And hobnob with superrich everywhere.  On a POTUS’ salary?  Extortionist selling protection?  Ditto Senators and Representatives of great number, and not to mention politicians in other orders of government around the country … ?

Somebody is paying them protection money — meaning, politicians receiving same are extortionists.  Who?  Well, who do politicians fervently defend, no matter what evil they do?  Moslems!  Also, executives at the US Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, Media, Ivy League so-called schools and Defense Contractors.  Also, one another!  The stink of this corrupt, anti-American, omni-directional — and fervently anti-Christian, pro-Salafist — cynicism is the reason Donald Trump is POTUS.

Dogs gotta be dogs.  That is politicians generally, though not exclusively, in the USA and Europe today.  Dogs.  That especially is their minions: bureaucrats, mainly of the civilian persuasion.  And that character of the governing cadre — dogs — angers today’s governed, giving them opportunity, once they grasp the target of their anger, to install governors who like them, who care about them and who labor on behalf of their interests to remove leeches and lechers D-R UniParty politicians and their bureaucratic minions empower to oppress them.

I find it salutarily interesting that in the videos foregoing Farage and Keane not only see the target but also articulate solutions and that said solutions parallel — yet do not exhaust — those embraced in this blog post titled The Theological Component In The Announcement Of Strategic War To Annihilate ISIL And Salafi Jihad Altogether.

I don’t know why these people think that Trump voters will just stay home and sigh if the Establishment wins.  It’s likely to be something much uglier.  That the Establishment can’t even conceive of other people besides itself deciding to ditch the rules is just one more reason that it’s unfit to govern.

Just remember, you’re setting the stage for a similar campaign of massive resistance to the next Democrat in the White House.  And it may not be limited to the bureaucracy.  I mean if this sort of thing is okay, why not refusal to pay taxes, or a Tea Party mob occupying the White House?  And that’s just at the top of the slippery slope of “resistance.”  At the bottom?  Bureaucrats and politicians hanging from lampposts while their families try to evade the mobs.  Is this really where you want to go, lefties?

And if you think this is “special” because you think Trump is unfit for office, what about the majority of Americans who think the federal government operates without the consent of the governed?  If bureaucrats are free to ignore the law, why should they listen to bureaucrats? Do you really want to live in a Kurt Schlichter novel?

Patrick Poole: Former Egyptian Terror Official Exposes The Moslem Brotherhood’s Terror Network:

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One notes that, in this matter, LTG (R) Doug Lute (USMA ’75) and his wife, Jane Holl Lute, who sat on the committee, co-chaired by Madeleine Albright, who produced this preliminary for the 2015 Paris Agreement/Global Governance affront just rejected by POTUS Trump, are not consulted in the public reports.  One notes also that no member of said committee bore responsibility for affairs even in 2015, much less today.

Update 1: KATIE HOPKINS: You’re right, Theresa. We cannot go on like this. But do you have the balls to do what’s REALLY needed and lock up the 3,000 terror suspects tomorrow?

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Update 8: Hey, Theresa, its name is Salafi Jihad — aka Wahhabism — and it is the latest (since the 18th Century) iteration of Asharite Islam.  It’s contrast inside Sunni Islam is Mutazilite Islam, which is all but extinct.

Two other movements may be considered contrasts to/reforms of Asharite Islam, although Sunnis and Shias would deny it: Baha’i and Ahmadiyya.

Any movement against Salafi Jihad is powerless unless it incorporates the theological component of the matter.  Your secular humanism is powerless against Salafi Jihad, as is seen with unrelieved regularity, as again here.  The solution to this problem starts with the theological component of an announcement of strategic war to annihilate ISIL and Salafi Jihad altogether.

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Ann-Margret And Roger Smith
Ann-Margret And Roger Smith

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