Ethics And War: Amplifications Of A Theme From Trinity Season

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.




By A Reader

I doubt few others will spend the time required to fully comprehend this truthfully great insightful work with its refreshingly dazzling, snowflake-swirling-in-the-rays-of-a-free-born-sunbeam brilliance, clearly written by an original intellectual soul yet fatally hindered by a total lack of any forewarning of the lack of any structure whatsoever; so no need for me to forward to anyone else.

If he rewrites this, or perhaps simply adds a preface stating it is meant to be like a dazzling, flaming, full-color leaf caught in a fall breeze, or a snowflake sauntering to earth through the transcendence of the brilliance of a free sunbeam refracting the magnificent and unpredictable unlimited transformations of light as it shines through nature’s prism of said snowflake, please resend.  Otherwise this is DOA.

Forewarned is forearmed.  That is the finest review I have ever received.


LTC (R) Richard Orphan, West Point Class of 1943 and most dear friend, recently afforded me the privilege of reading a book belonging to him, Brotherhood of the Bomb by Gregg Herken.  The book will soon be in our hermitage library as an essential reference work.

Starting as an Infantryman in the 42nd Infantry Division (Rainbow)(1) in France in World War II, Dick devoted most of his career as an Army Officer to service in the nuclear field.  After retiring from the Army, Dick served his Country again through a civilian career in the same field, nuclear energy.

Dick knew and worked with the people who developed fission (atomic) and fusion (thermonuclear) weapons as well as other applications of radioactivity.  Brotherhood of the Bomb recounts the story of those people with emphasis on the careers of Ernest Orlando Lawrence, Edward Teller and J. Robert Oppenheimer.

It is my impression that Brotherhood of the Bomb is credible, important and essential reading for realizing how the United States arrived in its current conditions.

Gregg Herken writes on his website: “Since publication of Brotherhood of the Bomb two new documents have surfaced which support the book’s conclusion that Robert Oppenheimer was a member of a so-called closed unit of the Communist Party’s professional section in Berkeley, from 1938 to 1942.”

Templar Shield
Templar Shield

You know, a Nation is built around Her Army, or in the modern world, Her Armed Forces.

If there is not an Army, there is not a Nation.  If there is not an Army who wins their Nation’s wars, there is not an independent, sovereign Nation.  As goes Her Army, so goes the Nation built around them.  It’s that simple.  Her Army is the basis and core of a Nation.  A Nation arises around Her Army or does not arise.

Lion Cubs In The Serengeti
Lion Cubs In The Serengeti

Morality is a very simple thing.  Morality is having the thought, the word and the deed inline on the same line going the same direction.  Morality is the unity of thought, word and deed, or, power and meaning.  It has nothing to do with estimates or measurements or opinions of goodness or badness.

Man has no capacity to know what is good or what is not.  Moreover and more importantly, man cannot separate good from not-good in his experience.  In matters of valuation, man can know only what is moral and what is not.  That is moral which has thought, word and deed united to one direction, one purpose, one telos or goal.  That is immoral which has thought, word and deed proceeding separately in different directions.

Ethics is the analysis and evaluation of a situation with regard to its unity or disunity of thought, word and deed.  That is ethical which embodies complete and accurate analysis and evaluation.  That is unethical which embodies incomplete and inaccurate analysis and evaluation.


Lewis Strauss, who finally was able to engineer the denial to Oppenheimer of a security clearance, is the prototype of a “neocon”(2).   He was Oppie’s nemesis.  Like Oppie’s, his familial heritage was Jewish.

Thomas Murray, Democrat, an Irish Catholic, brother of a Jesuit, began as a supporter of nuclear weapons development then turned against it.  Murray is the prototype of a “Liberation Theology” utopian evangelical demagogue, or in modern secular parlance, a “liberal” or “progressive”(3).   Murray was Strauss’ nemesis.  Murray’s descendants control the USA and are driving her relentlessly into servitude of Caliphism(4).

The Trinity Test was the watershed event for many scientists and not a few in government and elsewhere with respect to the development of nuclear weapons.  Following that test, prominent men who had promoted nuclear weapons development reversed course, declaring “ethical” considerations dictate suspension of that development or at least a demonstration of the power it promised before it was used on people in an act of war.  Among the reversers — or so it seemed to many then and since — was Oppenheimer, coordinating technical and on-site administrative leader of the development of the Trinity “gadget”(5).

Adwaitha Hermitage Symbol
Adwaitha Hermitage Symbol

There is no civilian population.  There is no non-combatant.

Where be these enemies?  Capulet!  Montague!
See, what a scourge is laid upon your hate,
That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love.
And I for winking at your discords too
Have lost a brace of kinsmen: all are punish’d.

William Shakespeare
Romeo And Juliet
Act V, Scene III


The fundamental casus belli (meaning the legal justification or case for making war, not the cause of a war) is that whoever arises in a Nation or a Civilization to agitate for and/or lead it to war is a product of that Nation or Civilization.  That Person represents the Nation or Civilization which produced them.  They are of their mother’s milk.  If they agitate for war and/or lead a war, the Nation or Civilization that produced them — their mother’s milk — is responsible for producing them and is therefore, both as a whole and as individuals, a combatant in whatever war they get underway.

No one starts a war on their own.  Everyone who starts a war had a mother, and that mother had a mother, and all those mothers had mothers, going all the way back, and all of those fellow mothers and fathers made the situation in which that Person who starts a war starts it.  Every last one of them is a combatant because they caused the combat.  There are no non-combatants anywhere on earth, no civilians, not even among saints and sages.  There is both individual and universal karma(6), if you will.  Therefore:

“… all are punish’d.”

This is the answer to those who, like Oppenheimer and for a time Teller too, argue that war should not be visited upon “civilian” populations.  There are no civilian populations.  Every resident and citizens of a Nation is a combatant either for or against that Nation.  There is no other actual status and there should be no other legal status than that of combatant in the wars of one’s Nation and one’s Civilization.

War is the father of all things.

His meaning is that existence and all of it emerges from conflict.
There is no way forward, backward or neutral other than by disturbance and discord.


When Oppie told an MIT audience that physicists had “known sin,” Lawrence declared that on no occasion had physics caused him to “know sin.”  Years later, in a letter challenging scientists to get behind the Reagan SDI Project, Teller finally answered Oppie with, “I would say that physicists have known power.”

Brotherhood of the Bomb, pps. 201 and 334.

Prior to the Trinity Test, Oppie enthused over the development of nuclear energy, especially for weaponry.  After the Trinity Test, Oppie did everything he could to subvert the development of nuclear energy, stop it or direct it along paths that favored the strategic interests of the Soviet Union and debilitated the strategic interests of the United States.  His power to act in this manner was uniquely heavy because his credibility was nearly beyond question at the center of National decision-making with respect to nuclear energy.

It was Lewis Strauss who “connected the dots” around Oppie and finally, sacrificing his health for the effort, engineered the denial of security clearance to Oppenheimer.  This effectively removed Oppie from the internal dynamics of government decision-making regarding nuclear energy, where he had dominated with considerable success for well over a decade.

Soon after the Trinity Test, Oppenheimer became active in efforts to stop further nuclear development, especially for weapons, and then turned to advocating a ban on the use of nuclear weapons, as an act of leadership “by example,” both unilaterally by the United States and by the “world community” under US leadership.  Because of his numerous top-level committee and consultancy roles, he had multiple and continuous opportunities to make such arguments right at the heart of US government operations.  Every policy he advocated weakened the US vis-a-vis the Soviet.

His job in the Soviet and Communist heresy never was to pass paper, as did Fuchs and others.  It was to guide development — as he did at Los Alamos — and policy — as he did from Los Alamos, Berkeley, CalTech and Chicago and in Washington D.C. — that would, (1) help the Soviet gain nuclear capability (Fuchs and others passing the paper), and (2) prevent the United States from further development while the Soviet sprinted ahead and could present the US with a fait accompli of weapons superiority, thus guaranteeing US submission to the Soviet and eventual Sovietization.  Oppie and like-minded geniuses inside and outside the brotherhood of nuclear development thought of Sovietization as the utopian establishment of peace on earth, the end of conflict and the irrefragable brotherhood of man(7).

Oppie argued that if the US unilaterally laid down nuclear and even other arms, choosing to disarm, the rest of the world’s Nations would be eager to follow this good “example” and do likewise.  After hearing Oppie out once in these terms, Dean Acheson remarked to an aide in exasperation, “How can you persuade a paranoid adversary [the Soviet] to disarm “by example?”

Of course, Oppie’s goal was not peace for the USA or a “good example” and certainly not US National Security as a non-Communist state.  His goal was for the US to disarm so as to be a walk-over for the Soviet.

In another context, but illustrating the whole being of Oppenheimer, Strauss once remarked, “Oppenheimer is a liar.”  He was right.  Oppenheimer’s life and career were lies.  Brilliant lies, but lies, and they undid him.

Jerusalem Cross
Jerusalem Cross

Man has no capacity to know what is good or bad because he, his cognition and everything he cognizes (The Triple Thread of Life) are mixtures of both, and he does not know the amounts of one or the other, the nature or consequences of their internal dynamics and interactions or the nature and consequences of their combinations and permutations.

Therefore, putting aside that Oppie argued for disarmament ostensibly on the basis of moral and ethical considerations but actually had no such interest (merely employing protestations of ethics to veil subversive counsel) and treating of disarmament, nuclear development bans, etc., on their own terms, it may be observed that there are no moral considerations which can form a basis or even an element of decisions regarding disarmament, nuclear development, etc.  The only considerations in such decisions are strategic ones, considerations of National Sovereignty and Defense.  Ethics attends the festivities only as a process-analytical check: do the thought, the word and the deed of those strategic considerations — National Sovereignty and Defense — align as one?  If they do, the strategic considerations are ethical.  If they do not, they are not.

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur said truly that the way to end war is to outlaw war, not to disarm.  Of course, there is no authority to enforce outlawing war among nations.  Even if there were, employing that force would be an act of war.  Therefore, disarmament is suicidal and outlawing war is utopian (Greek u + topos)(8).

Lunch, Russia
Lunch, Russia

Anyone who says weapons development of any kind is unethical because weapons kill people or encourage people to use them or degrade the environment are babbling in ignorance, or more likely, aiming to subvert Personal and National Defense so as to overwhelm Personal and National Sovereignty.  National Sovereignty rests on professional and successful National Armed Forces.  Personal Sovereignty rests on good character: a strong, hard mind, a pure, soft heart and skilled, happy hands.

Ethics, as noted, is the analysis and evaluation of a situation with regard to its unity or disunity of thought, word and deed.  That is ethical which embodies complete and accurate analysis and evaluation.  That is unethical which embodies incomplete and inaccurate analysis and evaluation.

Personal and National Defense are their own justification.  They are qualities intrinsic to the nature of a Person and the nature of a Nation State.  This gives Personal and National Defense the reality of inalienable rights requiring recognition, cultivation and support by every body of law and policy and every jurisdiction of government.

A Person may renounce their right to Personal Defense.  A Nation State may not.  The difference lies in the difference between a Person and a Group.  A Person is a centered Self conditioned by destiny yet having conditioned freedom to act according to their best lights.  A Group is neither centered nor a Self, but it has conditioned freedom and is  conditioned by destiny.  A Group’s actions are driven by the partially integrated dynamics of its constituents’ interactions, specifically their wills, which jumble about more or less ambiguously with fleeting integrations from day to day.  A Person’s actions are driven by a will which expresses the integrated dynamics of the Being or Creature that is a Person’s whole centered Self.

Persons tend to be more than less united internally and therefore single-pointed externally.  Groups tend to be less than more united internally and therefore single-pointed externally(9).

A Nation State is a Group comprising the three elements of Land, People and Constitution(10).   Absent one of those elements there is no Nation State.  Present irreconcilable conflict between any two of those elements there is no Nation State.

For a Nation State to renounce its right to National Defense, all three of its constituent elements would need to agree to it.  At least one of them never will.  Therefore, National Defense is a fundamental, irrefragable responsibility of leadership in all facets of the Nation’s life.

Since National Armed Forces are the basis of National Defense, weapons development of every kind is also.  The only question of Ethics regarding weapons development is, “Are the who?, the why?, the what?, the where?, the when? and the how? in a straight line working forward and upward?”  If they are not, they must be made so.  Once they are, weapons development is Moral, Ethical questions are settled and the standards of Ethics are achieved(11).

Sarva Dharma Symbol
Sarva Dharma Symbol

The purpose of war should be defense.  It is not always so because some intend offense and do it.  Preemptive war, a special case of defensive war, is justified to secure National Sovereignty and is often the surest, most successful means of doing that.

Offensive war is unjustified because it is aggrandizing and therefore unnecessary.  If its National Sovereignty is not threatened, war by a Nation State exceeds its right of National Defense and defies that of another.

There are, then, only two basic kinds of war, defensive (which includes preemptive) and offensive, with the former legitimate and the latter not.

The purpose of offensive war is aggrandizement.  It is never justified.  It has one or more of three motivations: wealth, dominion, women(12).

The purpose of defensive war is to destroy an attacker’s will to fight.  Destroying an attacker’s will to fight is always justified and required of a Nation State.  In all dimensions of life, from the inorganic through the spiritual to the historical and the trans-historical, will is the fundamental determinant.  Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Unamuno and Heidegger rightly unite regarding this indispensable awareness(13).

Since all members of an offensive Nation State (and also all members of a defensive Nation State) are combatants, the purpose of defensive war is to destroy an offensive Nation State’s will to fight, its members’ desire to give offense(14).   All members of an offensive Nation State are targets of a defensive Nation State’s military operations(15).   They done it, they live with it and they get to eat the consequences.

This DOES NOT mean that all members of an offensive Nation State should be killed.  Nor does it mean that their weapons-bearing members must be killed.  It means that the fatal consequences of their aggrandizement, expressed as the offensive activity of their Nation State, should be brought decisively home to them with the greatest speed and the least cost to them and the defending Nation State.  The goal is to convince them to cease work.

Two sets of action convince an offensive Nation State to cease work.  These sets should be pursued simultaneously with assiduity.  First, deny an offensive Nation State means to conduct offensive operations.  Destroy their supply lines on battle and home fronts, all of them, including water and food.  Second, deny an offensive Nation State men to conduct offensive operations.  Immobilize or destroy their enablers, producers and fighters.

The grand goal of defensive war is not to kill an attacker, although in a combat situation that is required and justified(16).   Nor is the grand goal of defensive war to destroy or rule an offensive Nation State.  The grand goal of defensive war is to destroy an offensive Nation State’s desire to aggrandize, their will to fight(17).

A defensive force must kill members of an offensive Nation State and destroy their property.  The death of their family and friends and the destruction of their land and property convince members of an offensive Nation State that they should mind their own business and stay within their own borders except for commercial and cultural activities.  However, a defensive force must hold the numbers of dead and the amount of destruction on both sides to the minimum sufficient to convince an offensive Nation State to cease work and surrender.

The more immediate, comprehensive and violent the response of a defensive force to an offensive Nation State, the sooner that Nation State’s will to fight will be broken and abandoned and the less will be the killing and destruction on both sides.

If a defeated offensive Nation State will not surrender, then the offensive actor was a gang only to begin with and not a Nation State.  In this case, the defensive force is justified and required to destroy that gang, root and all, and restore to its rightful owners the land it occupied(18)(19).

In war there is no substitute for victory.
General of the Army Douglas MacArthur

By Ann Althouse
By Ann Althouse

This last case is the one presented by Caliphism.  Caliphists (mistakenly called Muslim Terrorists or Islamists) are a gang (Kaffir), not a Nation State (Ummah).

In addition, and most importantly, they are idolaters, not believers.  They represent idolatry of a man, Mohammed, and a book, Koran, that should be termed Caliphism (as of old and truly), not Islam.  Islam is a religion practiced by Muslims.  It is one of numerous legitimate, God-given religions that are in fact all relatives because they all have the same Father and Mother: God Almighty and the Illusion called Universe in which He wraps Himself to enact the Dance of Life.

Measured merely by number of adherents, Islam’s four principal relatives as religions legitimate because from God are Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity.  Islam has other relatives in religion of equal legitimacy, because from God, but fewer adherents(20).

Caliphism comprises an estimated 200-300 million — or more — idolaters spread around countless groups of continuously changing names and compositions harbored and tasked by counterfeit or demonic, heretical, anti-Islamic clerics and scholars.

Heretical Islamic clerics and scholars are so numerous and terrifying and so infrequently or limply denounced by Islamic clerics and scholars as to give the world the impression that they, the heretical ones, represent Islam.  They do not.  They represent the demonic phenomenon of idolatry of a man and a book.  Their idolatry is a heresy termed Caliphism.

Terminology is important.  Islam is of God and therefore legitimate.  Caliphism is demonic(21) and therefore illegitimate.  The world is vexed today not by Islam but by Caliphism, which advertises itself as Islam and has all but no opposition from the representatives of Islam.

Because of the paucity of Islamic presence — in fact, who can find it? — Caliphism today so thoroughly appears to be legitimate Islam that someone wanting to argue it is not is all but bereft of the ability to illustrate what is by pointing to an example(22).   Moreover, seemingly Islamic opposition to Caliphism of which this writer is aware, such as the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (and), yet maintains that Islam is the sole legitimate religion, world-wide, even in a democratic society.

The doctrine of sole religious legitimacy is, of course, idolatry and idolatry moves inexorably towards offensive war(23).

The distinctions between genuine and demonic (heretical) clergy and scholars and between genuine and demonic religions(24) are explored in these SmartCards:

Genuine and Demonic Religions

Genuine and Demonic Clergy and Scholars

Lunch Almost In Hand
Lunch Almost In Hand

The phenomenon of Caliphism is ancient but not so ancient, justified or inevitable as its proponents wish their targets to believe and fear it to be.

Caliphism is a barbarian’s fetish.  Its proponents’ principal weapon is fear, the most powerful weapon in the world save Light Itself.  Therefore are they called terrorists, but mistakenly(25).   Their proper designation is Caliphists.  In matters of theology, arts, culture and industrial and technological creativity and puissance, Caliphists are chaotic incompetents reveling in base impulses and barbaric intentions.  Their technological weapons are made by, stolen from and turned against their targets(26).   They never invented the wheel.  Beyond indolence, theft, cannibalism, sodomy, savagery and bleating, Caliphists are nothing to commend.

New Mexico
New Mexico

Idolaters are fanatics.  Fanaticism is the face of an interior spiritual tragedy.  Fanatics embody and enact teratological epistemology.  They are dangerous.  They are, almost all of them, irredeemable because their pathology is, almost always, irreversible.  There is but one strategy for coping with fanatics and that is to annihilate them.  A variety of tactics accomplish that strategic mission.  A common tactic is baiting them into announcing their presence then whacking their heads and feet(27).

Idolatry of Mohammed and Koran are nearly but not quite synonymous with the commencement of Islam.  The surviving documentary evidence of Islam, comprising Koran, Hadith and their supporting and ancillary literature, is largely idolatrous and always so when taken literally, as Caliphists insist be done(28).   Koran and Hadith in Arab hands probably hold the world record for celerity of contumacious production and reproduction of founding sacred scripture.  Add contumely and fabrication and one has Koran and Hadith and their exegesis through the centuries.   Today, Koran and Hadith read more naturally as Caliphist than as Islamic literature.  It has been so since Mohammed walked the earth.

Caliphists are justified in reading these documents as they do.  There is more to it than that, of course, and far more than they wish to discover, but what they find there and use is inarguably found there and usable in just the way they find and use it.  They are firmly grounded on what they ground themselves in.  Koran and Hadith are brim-full and overloaded with idolatry, fanaticism, heresy and teratological formations.

Therefore, as some remark, there can be no question of a “radical” vice a “moderate” Islam.  Like every religion(29), Islam is an indivisible whole.  Working from Koran and Hadith, Islam is justifiably taken as either religion or idolatry, surrender in the Love of God or resistance in a demonic nightmare(30).

Caliphists represent resistance in a demonic nightmare(31).   They are plentiful and high-profile.  Muslims represent surrender in the Love of God.  They are few and effectively invisible(32).


Caliphists are a species of fanatic whose teratology derives from their idolatry of Mohammed and Koran.  They want to die for Allah even though Allah does not want them to die for Him — or even at all.

Idolatry is a deadly psychotropic toxin.  It is far more destructive and persistent than any mere chemical compound.  Its only remedy, as the Church has long and truly maintained, is stringent punishment, to bring its bearer to their senses, or annihilation of its bearer and their enablers.  Let them start over again in what might be better circumstances.  In this world, get rid of them and be glad they are gone.

Experience shows that punishing Caliphists for their idolatry does not bring them to their senses(33).   Their peculiar fanaticism is beyond repair.  Their sanity is subdued to impotence.  Their behavior appears more genetically than consciously based.  Therefore, fundamental strategy, the strategic mission with respect to Caliphism, must be to annihilate them and their enablers, heretical clergy and scholars.  Battlefield tactics should point towards this strategic goal.  Political, financial and diplomatic tactics should point in the same direction, synergizing with battlefield tactics.

The “head of the snake” is the heretical clergy and scholars.  Annihilate them and their recruiting/training operations, the so-called madrassahs.

Helping whomever is left standing to (1) form an Islamic rather than a Caliphist society, nation or civilization and (2) re-form societies, nations and civilizations not associated with Islam which were damaged in the take-down of Caliphism is permitted and perhaps desirable but not mandatory beyond ensuring the provision of fundamental human support(34) for all in the area cleared of Caliphists.

The strategic mission contemplates a universal cordon-and-crush protocol wherever intel reveals the presence of Caliphist sentiment or activity.  They will get the picture soon enough and either rethink their idolatry or rush headlong toward the cordon’s interior or exterior walls.  Either way, they present themselves for annihilation or allow themselves a flush of sanity.  If they fancy death for Allah, facilitate to fulfillment.  Give them what they want so they will want what you have to give.

Clan Graham Crest
Clan Graham Crest


Oppie was a deliberate Soviet benefactor all along.  Others could pass actual documents: Fuchs, Weinberg, etc.  It was Oppie’s mission to steer US policy towards helping Soviet interests and away from hurting them.

This was a brilliant deployment of his extraordinary talents and endowments that long succeeded.

Demands for disarmament and weapons test bans, like “Liberation Theology,” rely on spurious “ethical” considerations and injure strategic and survival considerations, the legitimate foci of National Security.

The only question in regard to a weapon is where and how to use it to achieve the moral goal of removing an offensive Nation State’s desire to fight, their will to aggress.  Full, harsh and rapid are the least costly ways of doing that.  They are also the only and most compassionate means and goal of moral response to aggression.  Their requirement is for continuous full-spectrum preparedness for any conceivable eventuality(35).

No pussyfooting.  Have always on hand tools to overwhelm an offensive Nation.  Then choose the decisive time, place and means and get in there and do it.

Yes, YOU Bear
Yes, YOU Bear

Lewis Strauss was a self-made man, a financier, a National Security savior, a Jew, a Republican, appointed to the AEC by Truman.  He became AEC Chairman.  He observed, “A government of atheists [the Soviet] is not likely to be dissuaded from producing the weapon [the H-Bomb] on ‘moral’ grounds”(36).   He had reference to Oppie’s argument that they would be so long as the USA “set the example.”  Almost alone in Washington D.C., Strauss read Oppie accurately for what he was, what he intended and what he was doing(37).   He is the first on record to have noticed that everything about Oppie advantaged the Soviet and disadvantaged the USA.  IMO, Strauss saved the country from defeat at Soviet hands.

Now Communists come at the USA through co-opting “the environment movement” and creating the “social justice movement.”

Under all of these treasons, stratagems and spoils is Communism, the old, discredited heresy.  Communism cannot stand on its own.  It own rubrics are powerless.  To exist at all, therefore, it must co-opt legitimate concerns such as working conditions, living wage, solidarity, patriotism, ecological responsibility, peace, prosperity, equality, justice, rights, fair treatment, family values, etc.

Thomas Murray, who first supported thermonuclear weapons development and then opposed it after the first H-Bomb test at Eniwetok (now Enewetak) shows the functional link between Roman Catholics and Communists: they join at the point of “Liberation Theology.”  “Black Nationalists” pushing “Afro-Centrism” and “Negritude” go into both the Roman Catholic Church and Communism at that point, through the common door of “Liberation Theology“(38).

So now Communists, Roman Catholics, Blacks, Scientists and the age-old Unitarians(39) form common cause against representative, republican government and for a utopian “vision” which is brutalist political totalitarianism by secular academics and their political, financial and propaganda arms(40).   This is the real goal of “Liberation Theology,” about which there is nothing liberal, liberating or theological.

As it works out in practice, such as one observes in the United States after November 2009, the Communist base of “Liberation Theologyconverts to its sister collectivism via a new religion, secular and “natural” (“green”): Fascism.

Graph Of Spirit's Movement
Graph Of Spirit’s Movement

Early in the last century, the first nation-threatening co-opt achieved by Communists in the USA was of the Bonus March, which had a legitimate if impractical impulse(41).   With Communist haranguing (today’s community organizing), the Bonus March soon degenerated into revolutionary violence aimed at paralyzing the institutions of government in Washington D.C., and ultimately, replacing the Constitution of the United States with a Communist legal foundation, social system and governmental operations.

This co-opting activity is the Communist pattern wherever its partisans operate.  They have no choice than to co-opt and destroy, later trying to replace, because their own agenda, if stated baldly, is laughably specious and patently offensive.  They gained a foothold in this country early through labor unions (Bridges especially but other unions earlier), then schools (Dewey), then government (Roosevelt), then political parties (McCarthy/McGovern/Coffin and Rockefeller/Bush Elder/Kissinger) and NGOs (Greenpeace, Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, etc., and their enablers such as Drummond Pike, Penny Sue Pritzker and Democracy Alliance).  Early, through labor unions, which include secular academe, they aligned with Organized Crime families and continue in that alliance(42).

Today they align with Caliphists.  Their hatred of Christianity and Christian culture is so hardened they vote for, foster, applaud, justify and protect Caliphists rather than protect their motherland from depredations by the same.

JFK was assassinated by the Communist wing of his own party, which included L. B. Johnson, because he was a US-supporter, a patriot, who (1) welched on Organized Crime families and (2) intended to defend the USA against the Soviet move to turn the southern end (Vietnam) of the western US defense littoral (the coast of Asia, north to south).

The Russian-made Soviet collapsed, but Communism did not.  Communism is not a Nation, it is an ideology and more specifically an idolatry of nature and history.  Like all idolatries, it rides the dynamics of history and survives their makings and breakings.  It is stronger than ever now, embodied as formerly legitimate movements it has co-opted, specifically the 4+ decade-old desire for ecological responsibility.  The “green movement,” as Lord Monckton says, embodies Communization of a legitimate impulse for ecological responsibility.  That is the way Communism must operate, co-opting legitimacy and deforming it into something illegitimate.

A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head:
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardon’d, and some punished:
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

William Shakespeare
Romeo And Juliet
Act V, Scene III

All Saints
All Saints

Communism’s modus operandi of co-opting legitimacy and turning it crooked is the first architectonic point to be grasped, because it not only identifies what is happening, it encourages realistic thinking towards transcendence and restoration of legitimacy, which in the case of the United States of America is Constitutionality.

The confluence of Communism and Caliphism as heresies of religion, one of Christianity and one of Islam, and comprising offensive gangs, not Nation States, is the second architectonic point to be grasped, because it not only colors details of the modus operandi of these aggressors, it marks them for just treatment, which is annihilation(43).

The third and comprehensive architectonic point to be grasped is this: Communism and Caliphism are pseudo-religions of evil.  Their twin facilitating ideologies of diversity and multiculturalism have compromised the Force Security of United States Armed Forces and the National Sovereignty and Security of the United States of America.  An insecure Army is no Army.  A Nation with an insecure Army is a killing zone. not a Nation.

Sir William Wallace
Sir William Wallace


1  42nd ID was General of the Army Douglas MacArthur’s unit during WWI, first as Chief-of Staff, then as a Brigade Commander and finally as Division Commander.

2  e.g., Paul Wolfowitz.

3  e.g., Nancy Pelosi.

4  e.g., the Sotero and Obama clans and associated Iranian, Egyptian, Saudi and American tribes and families.

5  Murray turned against the development of nuclear weapons following the first thermonuclear test, the H-Bomb, at Eniwetok, now Enewetak.

6  The consequence of consequences.

7  There is no evidence that he abjured this ethical evaluation of the Soviet and Sovietization at any time this side of his death.  He was nearly a moral man.  His thoughts and acts aligned.  His words, however, did not align with his thoughts and acts and this discrepancy, which is unavoidable for anyone not unitary, got him caught out by a more moral man, Strauss.  The power of non-being, of immorality, is shown in the fact that an immoral man, Murray, could successfully calumniate Strauss.  Paul Wolfowitz met essentially the same fate as did Strauss, and by descendants of Murray, to include Pelosi.

8  Having no place to be and therefore no possibility to exist.  A cloud castle.  A hollow egg.  Psychotropic drugs manufacture cloud castles and hollow eggs in nauseous numbers and detail.  So does immorality, such as heresy of a religion.  Communism is a heresy of Christianity.  Caliphism is a heresy of Islam.

9  For this reason propagandizers and advertisers strive (1) to convince Persons to regard their essential nature as not individual but corporate and (2) to manufacture Group identities they can manipulate to drive individuals in directions their employers stipulate.

10  With its consequent legal system.

11  Weapons and energy development are the basis and driver of technology development generally.

12  Caliphism is motivated by and embodies envy and lust for light-skinned women and dominion over light-skinned men.

13  Tillich concurs but broadens and refines this awareness through further insights descending from Classical Greek and Vedic ontological discourse.

14  Since all members of a defensive Nation State are combatants, bellyaching by any of them over loss of their own lives or property — or over war’s inconvenience to them individually or corporately — is despicable.  Who does not support their Nation State’s defensive war with every fiber of their being as their top individual and corporate priority of life does not deserve life in that Nation State.  Such are traitors to their Mother Nation and deserve commensurately harsh consequences.

15  All members of a defensive Nation State are targets of an offensive Nation State’s military operations.  Reciprocity, at least, is the order of the day for a defensive Nation State.  Superiority is safer.

16  It is also satisfying.

17  For this reason, also, a defensive Nation State that is victorious bears responsibility for the welfare of a defeated Nation State until they are able to supply their own basic needs.

18  This is the mission, or should be, of the Multi-National Force in Afghanistan.  The land there is occupied by gangs, one in particular, a Pashtun family of ancient smugglers based in the south.  Who the land’s rightful People are, those who belong to the land as one element of the Nation State which comprises Land, People and Constitution, is an unresolved question.  The mission of the MNF in Afghanistan cannot be happy by way of being successful until that question is resolved accurately, the rightful owners of the land identified and restored to stewardship of it.  The Pashtun smugglers, like the Iranian mullahs, must be annihilated root and all, men, women and children, the land freed of the burden of them.  So too their Wahhabi enablers.

19  Such a scenario played out with the Nazis as the gang.  On the other side of the world, the Japanese Warrior Class was the gang.  Neither represented the Nation State they usurped so both were uprooted and thrown in the fire.

20  e.g., Tao, Shinto, Confucianism, Jainism, Sikhism.

21  That is demonic which claims ultimacy for that which is not ultimate.

22  There is however the Moslem Holy Personality Sai Baba of Shirdi.  He represents Islam … and All.

23  Every doctrine of sole religious legitimacy, including those today rampant in Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, moves inexorably towards offensive war.  The doctrine of sole religious legitimacy is demonic deformation of religion.  It is idolatry, taking that which is not God as God, that which does not deserve ultimate concern, in this case a religion (any religion), as deserving ultimate concern.  The doctrine of sole religious legitimacy, the demonic deformation of religion, which is always and only aggressive, is the bane of modern history.

24  Against religion, culture and morality, against civilization, against God.

25  Also, therefore, the adjective terrific should not be used to describe something large, heavy, bold, noble, admirable, surprising, wonderful, pleasurable, likable, etc.  Terrific means terror-inducing.

26  Formerly, this phenomenon was indicated by the description of Arabs as “a nation of sheep stealers.”  Modernly, it is said by Arabs of Arabs, “Never trust an Arab.”  American participants in OIF report that Christian Arabs are trustworthy and generally carry the weight of social services, such as hospitals, for Caliphist Arabs.

27  This has been the gist of OIF and to some extent of OEF.

28  Literalistic reading of sacred scriptures is a tell of demonic religion, idolatry, heresy, and its public face, fanaticism.

29  And also every Nation, although a Nation and a Religion, while co-extensive and always interactive, are not identical.  For example, there is no “Muslim Nation” just as there is no “ChristianNation.”  Although both Religion and Nation are functions of the dimension of spirit, religion is an actual function of spirit while Nation is a sub-function of the spiritual function of Culture.  The third function of the dimension of spirit is Morality.  The dimension of spirit distinguishes man from animals, plants and inorganic matter.  It is his mother’s milk, his Ocean of Life.  The functions of the dimension of spirit are Religion, Culture and Morality.

30  The different readings are produced by, respectively, symbolic and literalistic exegetical methodologies.  Read any sacred literature literally and you will be a fanatic driven by idolatry.  Read any sacred literature symbolically and you will be a renunciate driven by the Love of God.

31  Jews often appear in a similar aspect because of their resistance to the Love of God in Jesus the Christ.  Resistance to God is futile and self-destructive no matter who does it.  The most common and numerous resisters are those who think they are not.  The most dangerous resisters are those who know they are not.

32  The impossibility of distinguishing a “radical” from a “moderate” Islam is another justification for the Muslim/Caliphist terminological distinction.  Caliphism replaces “radical Islam” and Islam replaces “moderate” Islam in the taxonomy of Muslim affairs.

33  Punishment all but never brings any idolater to their senses.  It is effective only with the residually sane.  The reason is that punishment affects only the body whereas idolatry resides in the spirit, beyond both body and intellect.  This makes annihilation effectively the reasonable response to idolaters, especially when they go politically aggressive, as they always do sooner or later.

34  Clean water, sewage and energy, adequate food, clothing and shelter, basic security, transportation and medical service.

35  By definition, preparedness can be neither completely exact nor exactly complete because not all possible novelty can be anticipated.  However, the finest possible continuous intel combined with the hardest possible resolve to be ready to overwhelm whatever threat it indicates or might indicate is the required standard of National Security preparedness.

36  An argument Tom Jefferson, a Deist, made.  And of course George Washington also.

37  Hoover and the FBI also were aware of Oppie’s true nature and affections but were prevented from making the case openly because their evidence was gathered largely by illegal or questionable methods.

38  In recent years, the principal usher of this vector has been James Hal Cone.

39  Unitarians fundamentally mark the rise and maintenance of Social Utopianism, the precursor of Communism, in the USA.  Their original base was and largely remains Madrassa Harvard, which began life as a seminary for Puritan clergy, who were Trinitarian of course.

40  Secular academe is the modern correlate of the Papal and later Spanish Inquisitions.

41  A “bonus” pay disbursement for Veterans of WWI defeated by the Great Depression.

42  e.g., ACORN, SEIU, Tides Foundation, Code Pink, Congressional and State Black Caucuses, countless Caliphist “charities” and Imam “conferences” constantly changing their unctuous names but not their seditious activities, and many ultra-rich (e.g., Pritzker and Getty families), whose resources depend on Organized Crime family activity.  Secular academe aligns with Organized Crime families through labor unions.  These groups are criminal conspiracies against the Constitution of the United States of America.

43  As I write these words news breaks of the latest effort, at Fort Hood, Texas, by Caliphists to foment civil war in the United States.

Update 1: 0 Speaks, The Heart Sinks.

Update 2: Tom Rogan at Washington Free Beacon

Update 3: Matthew Continetti: Power Precedes Politics

Update 4: On 20JUN14, one Raymond Ibrahim, at PJMedia(!), essayed superficially on Islam’s Protestant Reformation.  I commented:

Historical, textual and form criticism of the Koran proceeds quietly and with palpable risk to life and limb. But it proceeds. These tools were applied to the Christian and Hebrew Bibles over the last nearly 300 years, since Reimarus. Probably the best work of this kind will come, as it did for Christianity and Judaism, from Germany.

This is the most powerful threat to Caliphist pretensions and its potential has triggered the several visible reactionary vectors of puritanical Caliphist violence just as did the several Enlightenments of the 18th Century, including the American one, trigger the puritanical, hateful reaction of Wahhab. USA has been at war with Wahhab’s Caliphist, purist minions since Jefferson sent a Naval and Marine punitive expedition to the Med and Tripoli.

It is not a ten-year war. It’s a 200+-year war. Time to end that war in victory through unconditional surrender of every Caliphist trouble-maker in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Then we can get on to the principal enemy of the USA today: China (and here).

It’s not about who is good or bad. It is about who is right and who is wrong. Puritans, purists, violent ones, are always wrong. They deserve power crashing down on them and flattening their wills to fight.

Update 5: And Al Saud intends to keep it up.

Update 6: An American Renaissance.

Update 7: Ed Driscoll: Why Does The Left Kowtow To Islam?

Update 8: Southern Poverty Communist Law Center put ten American women on its hit list.

Update 9: Richard Grenier: The Gandhi Nobody Knows.

Update 10: Its inescapability gives tragedy its bearable or unbearable pain. There comes a moment and a place in life where one sees God determining whether one survives the pain of the tragic in life or succumbs to it. Warriors, more than any others, see the comradely dialectic of the heroic and the tragic in life and learn by precept and example to sublimate the silent dance.

Update 11: Patrick Buchanan: Is Trumpism The New Nationalism?

Update 12: Traitor To His Class [:-)]  Page 2

Nothing is more terrifying to the elite than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism.

Update 13: Too bad this fellow lied about his background, his sitrep is accurate.

Update 14: Dan Koboldt: Building A Fantasy Army: Leaders

Update 15: Clare M. Lopez: History Of The Muslim Brotherhood Penetration Of The U.S. Government

Update 16: The Muslim Brotherhood In America: A Course In 10 Parts

Update 17: Found crucifix shows Christianity in Viking Europe earlier than thought.


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