The Do Not Attend / Do Not Support List Of American Colleges And Universities

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.


Part 2 Of This List Is Here

I call schools noted below madrassas,
not colleges and universities, because
their stock in trade is ideology and proselytizing,
not inquiry and learning.
Names of their presidents are included.

Rape-Factories And Their Rape-Factory Presidents

On Constitution Day, The FIRE Mails First Amendment
Warning To More Than 300 Colleges Madrassas
Going To College/University Today
Going To College/University Madrassa Today

College: an oasis of totalitarianism
in a desert of freedom.


Source Of The Destabilization – War On America



Catherine E. Lhamon, OCR, DOED
Catherine E. Lahmon, OCR, DOEDUseful Idiot/Red Queen, Ripper, Smiling Jackbooter

Washington Compost report on her activities

The Puffington Host reports on her activities

She is complicit in the UVA/Rolling Stone hoax/debacle / Related here

Minding The Campus reviews her assault on campus due process

George Will At The Heart Of The Beast: Eisegesis Of 31 Words In Title IX

Where Does PC Come From

Commentary by Janet Halley of Harvard Law Madrassa

The Declaration Of Independence, Fixed

 Law Profs Criticize Obama Sex Crime Rules

The Progressive Ideas Behind The Lack Of Free Speech On Campus

US Federal DOEd and DOJ made this list:
The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Kurt SchlichterLet’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Steven Hayward: In The Matter Of Sweet Briar College Madrassa,  See Also Here, And Here, and Here

Tracking Rape, On And Off Campus

James O’Keefe Signs Up Professors, Administrators And Students To Support ISIS, Hamas And Hezbollah

Robert Stacy McCain: A Coven of Liars: Sabrina Rubin Erdley, Emily Renda and Catherine Lhamon

David French: What Ivy League Affirmative Action Really Looks Like

Popehat: How To Spot And Critique Censorship Tropes

Robert Stacy McCain: Do You Wanna Rock-And-Roll?

DoEd Stands By Catherine Lhamon Lie In Re UVA

UC: A more insulting and mindless exercise would be hard to imagine

Sarah Merriman of SAFER Campus disparages due process
(note the classic Communist color scheme and screaming type of the SAFER website)

The Los Angeles Times supports Lhamon

Professor William A. Jacobson and his team at Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion have a posting tag, College Insurrection, which comprises now a Who’s Who of American colleges and universities madrassas AWAY FROM which to guide one’s money, time, energy, progeny and acquaintances.  Very helpful, a genuine compendium, with names, of alluring institutional ambushes to avoid.

Augmenting the Do Not Attend / Do Not Support List is this survey naming American colleges and universities madrassas with the most on-campus drug and alcohol arrests.  Eschew these institutional deadfalls.

Jonathan Taylor maintains an excellent and lawyerly parallel list titled: List of Lawsuits Against Colleges and Universities Madrassas Alleging Due Process Violations in Adjudicating Sexual Assault.

Keep an eye on Families Advocating For Campus Equality.

Solzhenitsyn has it right, do not participate in lies.  Codevilla thunders an echo.  The colleges and universities madrassas named in the links given are to be shunned and left.  There is no reason to support, enter or remain in them and every reason to be quit and free of them … here is looking at you, Dartmouth (and here).

Were I asked to advise on this and like phenomena — I am not — I would suggest, “Step aside and let it go about its way.” Fear not, anger not. Dartmouth is an adult who can take care of their self. Let them sort it out. They will get it right. Same for any of these schools. And use such phenomena to learn the principles of life. Systems which go hard are molting.

And meanwhile, steer clear of Dartmouth and any other school run by harpies and harridans. Seems simple enough. The RRs need Locomotive Engineers and Conductors. So do many other infrastructure concerns need persons who can perform their core competencies.  Find one you enjoy, whose compensation supports a family and who provides a concrete social benefit.  You will be happy.

For more names of so-called madrassas to shun, see Glenn Reynolds’ series Higher Education Bubble Update.  Also, keep an eye on Nathan Harden’s The College Fix.  And keep abreast of The Community Of The Wrongly Accused.

The One-Party University

Campus Reform

The FIRE: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

If a campus has a Sexual Assault Awareness Program, or anything like it, OR, if a company has an HR department, or anything like it, and you treasure your personhood, you do not want to participate in that institution.

Visible deformity started in the early 1990s with the introduction of mandatory diversity training in public and then private institutions.  Diversity training is a euphemism for the cliché socialist re-education camp.  The motivation/driving force was Jewish female vengeance-taking on their husbands’ infidelity with anyone who walked by and could be talked into it.

Back to the Stone Age, compliments of the then 20-and 30-something, now 40-and 50-something, harridans who took over first public and then private schools, and HR departments, with facile chutzpah.  Rent-seeking, power-junkie females with a bellyache.  Let ’em go.

Calm down and live your life.  Let so-called feminists (harpies and harridans) to their domestic problems.  Those concerns are not anyone else’s but their own.

“Woman, thou art not weak.”  No lady ever needed a women’s liberation movement.  That would be beneath her dignity.  Unthinkable.  Risible.  Caliphists, one is sure, look forward to duking it out with females for world domination.

Let the harpies harp, and, abandon their digs.  Harridans all.  Be useful.

Additionally, all of these events qualify for assessment as active measures (aktivnye meropriatia).  For example, see this post by Emily Esfahani Smith at The New Criterion, calumniating fraternities.

Let schools pay students to matriculate. School, like everything else in life, is a market, one way and another, and in a market, the customer is always right, one way and another. If the student pays, they are the customer and control the market, as now. If the school pays, they are the customer and control the market, such as at our country’s service academies.

Also, the hyper-ideologizing of schools means the market for education is saturated and a very large number of said schools are superfluous and deserve closure.

Also, as long as politicians and bureaucrats can seduce schools with money, and as long as every smallest matter is taken to be a government responsibility — i.e., opportunities for graft unchecked — schools are headed for their own gotterdamerungen because their economics and their ideologies, both, disfavor their longevity.

Pacifism for you, activism for me.
Suppression for you, expression for me.
Closed society for you, open society for me.

Their hypocrisy quotient is self-promoters’ nemesis.

Related 1: Why Google Does Not Care About Hiring Top College Madrassa Graduates (hint: intellectual humility, lack of)

Related 2: Law and Medical students gone mad.

Related 3: Freedom Center assesses the most anti-Jew madrassas in USA; two Ivies head the list:

Anti-Jew Madrassas In The USA
Anti-Jew Madrassas In The USA

Related 4: FIRE’s Guide To Due Process And Campus Justice and here

Related 5: Dart Center For Journalism And Trauma: Covering Campus Rape And Sexual Assault

Related 6: States with the most jobs [2015] for college madrassa graduates.

Related 7: Washington Compost: More People Refuse To Pay Back Student Loans.

Related 8: Safe Spaces

Related 9: Glenn Reynolds: Eliminate the tax-exemption for higher education.  And I say do the same respecting church, synagogue, mosque and temple properties.  Paul L. Caron shows the stats.

Related 10: Robert Spencer: The Brownshirts Are Back.  And They Are In Our Universities.

Related 11: The Plight Of A Christian Professor At An Elite Law School

Related 12: U.S. Must End Addiction To Batchelor’s Degrees

Related 13: U.S. Primary and Secondary Madrassas choke on Globalist food and ideology.  Also global citizenship.  Black market in food items at madrassas now.

And some sanity too: U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting As Hot New Sport.

This Seems Fake, But It’s Real

De Blasio’s war on the best NYC public schools

Another reason to stay out of Maryland

Related 14: Why College Madrassa Kids Are Avoiding The Study Of Literature.

Related 15: Colleges Madrassas Turn To Social Apps To Recruit Foreign Students.

Related 16: Advocacy Communist Group Distributes Sexual Consent Contracts To College Madrassa Students.

Related 17: Waller R. Newell: Understanding Tyranny And Terror: From The French Revolution To Modern Islamism.

Related 18: This NYC Law Firm Refuses To Hire Ivy League Graduates

Related 19: In 2015, nearly 55% of post-secondary madrassas maintain unconstitutional speech codes.  Plus: FIRE reports for other years.  Related.

Related 20: Academic fossil fuel divestment activists refuse or abjure interviews with Rachelle Peterson of National Association of Scholars.  Refusing Madrassas include: Harvard, De Anza Community,

See also here.  Rattlings/active measures also at Yale Madrassa, Madrassa of Vermont, Madrassa of California — Santa Cruz, Madrassa of Washington, California State Madrassa — Chico, Swarthmore Madrassa.

Related 21: Ignore The Dire Warnings About Our Lives Because It’s Just Hysteria

Related 22: F.I.R.E.’s 2015 Spotlight On Campus [Madrassa] Speech Codes: Infographic and Article in HTML and Article in PDF

Triggers House Judiciary Committee queries to 161 public colleges and universities madrassas.

Related 23: So you want to go to college or university madrassa in California — and, no doubt, soon anywhere in the USA?  OK, contemplate this.  And this: Madrassa of California proposes right to everything except free thought, also here.

Related 24: The New York Daily News urges New York State schools to do the right thing in re free speech.

Related 25: Ashe Schow: My Warning To Incoming And Returning [Madrassa] Students

Related 26: Americans of Asian descent radically discriminated against in madrassa admissions


The Do Attend / Do Support List Of American Colleges And Universities

Here is a basis for sorting colleges and universities to attend or support from those to not attend or support:

Discriminating Between Genuine and Demonic Religions

Quintivium: The Integration Of Inquiry | Phenomena To Study

Discriminating Between Genuine And Demonic Clergy And Scholars


I call schools noted below madrassas,
not colleges and universities, because
their stock in trade is ideology and proselytizing,
not inquiry and learning.
Names of their presidents are included.

Update I: McGill Madrassa joins the List. Suzanne Fortier

Update II: Swarthmore Madrassa joins the list, and here, and here, and here.  Constance Hungerford

Update III: Madrassa U, to include all of the above

Update IV: And these party schools join the list.  Update.

Update V: Brandeis Madrassa joins the list, and here, and here, and here.  More on-going here.  Fred Lawrence

Brandeis Madrassa made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Can a madrassa be blamed for its degenerate students?

More insane misdirection at this madrassa.

And the beat goes on.  Colossal stupidity is running this madrassa.

Update VI: Asnuntuck Community Madrassa.  James P. Lombella

Update VII: Madrassa of Hawaii-Hilo joins the list.  Donald Straney

Update VIII: Modesto Junior Madrassa.  Jill Stearns

Modesto Junior Madrassa made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Update IX: Duke Madrassa joins the list and here, and here  Richard H. Brodhead

Megan McArdle: Campus Rapes and Kangaroo Courts

Megan McArdle: You Can’t Just Accuse People Of Rape

Robby Soave, Gross Injustice at Duke: Accused Rapist Convicted Via ‘Indirect-Double-Hearsay’

Ramping up then Backing down on Caliphist campus noise disruption, angers everyone

Related: the meta-actors

And then there is this.

And on it goes at Duke&Duke.

Update X: Occidental Madrassa joins the list and again and again and again, and again  Jonathan Veitch

Oxy has problems, and a history thereof.

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

Update XI: Madrassa of Virginia joins the list, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here  Teresa A. Sullivan, and here

And previous example of Rolling Stone in these matters.

So Ann Coulter has some fun with it.

Glenn Reynolds (and here) (and here, corresponding with Eugene Volokh): This sexist attitude, as embodied by UVA President Teresa Sullivan, is evidence that UVA is has deliberately fostered a hostile educational environment for male students, one that deprives them, because of their sex, of full and equal educational opportunities.  [Glenn is after Teresa Sullivan.  His words just quoted are a complainant checklist for trial attorneys.]

And from the comments: Did anyone think a woman who built an entire career on an unverifiable study, published a book with her co-author Elizabeth Warren on the results of the study, and who was exonerated of an allegation of professional ethics violation for the study methods by UT-Austin after their secret investigation failed to ask about her violation of professional ethics and methods – did anyone really think Teresa Sullivan would care one whit about truth?

And the students concerned turn wimp.  Frat Rats with Stockholm Syndrome.  No wonder Sullivan gets away with virtual murder.

While admission applications drop.

President Teresa Sullivan hates frat guys.

And more crap.  And still more.

Glenn Reynolds’ lawyerly summation.

Robert Stacy McCain: A Coven of Liars: Sabrina Rubin Erdley, Emily Renda and Catherine Lhamon

No Pasaran/Che MickeyNo one at Rolling Stone apparently found it curious that Erdely stumbled upon festering rape scandals at the 3 institutions that comprise the trifecta of left-wing hate objects—organized religion, the US military, and that bastion of male privilege, fraternities.

Sex And Danger At UVA

DoEd Stands By Catherine Lhamon Lie In Re UVA

Related: New Campus Sexual Assault Laws Go Into Effect In Virginia.

Break out the popcorn.  And the soda pop.  And pretzels.  And Peanuts.  And Cashews.  And Scotch.

The White House and Catherine Lhamon, through their White House Task Force to Protect Students Against Sexual Assault orchestrated the hoax story in The Rolling Stone.  Actually, this hoax is part of a massive array of initiatives by this administration and its eager bureaucrats, the full content of their domestic agenda for the USA, to disrupt, degrade and defeat the American middle-class, lower, middle and upper.  Classic Marx-Lenin and Nazi too: destroy individuality in favor of state-control: Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz (the common good comes before the private good), where the common good is defined by an all-powerful central government.  The White House and Miss Lhamon are communist fascists, Joe and Adolph together at last!  As ValJar said, they are ready to rule from day one.  And who said anything about their giving that up?

Ashe Schow comments.

Teresa Sullivan disgraces herself, again.

And Rolling Stone wants protection.  This madrassa is a drama queen of the first water.  Utterly self-disgraced.


Update XII: Add Rutgers Madrassa.  Robert Barchi

And this is plum crazy talk by a Rutgers Professor(!?!).

And on it goes.  And goes.

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

There is no such thing as free speech!  Also here.

If someone calls you ugly, you are a victim of sexual violence, says Rutgers study

Update XIII: Stacy McCain adds commentary to this matter.

Update XIV: Harvard Madrassa – Kennedy Madrassa of Government, no surprises here, also here  David T. Ellwood

Do you realize that every last one of the many disasters that has befallen this nation in the last half-century can be traced right back here to the banks of the Charles River?

Update XV: Portland State Madrassa and here, must be hate, and again  Wim Wiewel

And then there is this.

Update XVI: George Washington Madrassa, washing down, and here, and here, and now here  Steven Knapp

Update XVII: Oberlin Madrassa, and here, lots of sin, little fun.  Martin Krislov

However, at least one Prof at Oberlin has a spine, and here.

Related: Kurt SchlichterLet’s Destroy Liberal Academia

And again, at Oberlin.

And yet again.  And again.  And again.

Not everyone at Oberlin is batshit crazy, but still, I would not attend or support the madrassa:

Professor William A. Jacobson does a retrospective on this blighted institution

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015

Back at it on a fresh front

Update XVIII: Smith Madrassa.  Kathleen McCartney

But of course.

Update XIX: Glenn Reynolds (also here) (and here, referencing Emily Yoffe) and Stephen L. Carter note the depth of the problem

See also this.

Update XX: Now Madrassa of Notre Dame, what a shame, and here  John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

Update XXI: Madrassa of California – Santa Barbara, no probla.  Update.  Henry T. Yang  Janet Napolitano

And on and on.

Speech control.  And here.

Update XXII: Butler Madrassa, not a subtler madrassa, and here.  James M. Danko

Update XXIII: Stanford Madrassa joins the list, and here.  John Hennessy

Also large-scale cheating.

And now Stanford is getting really nasty.  See Robert Spencer, above.

A Voice For Male StudentsDatabase of Lawsuits Against Colleges and Universities Madrassas Alleging Due Process and Other Violations in Adjudicating Sexual Assault

Update XXIV: Columbia Madrassa, naturally, and here, and the real victim’s story here  Lee C. Bollinger

Commentary here and here and here and here and here and here.

Also here.

The Senator from New York is on a killing spree.

The Soviets called these reeducation camps.  Gulag on the Hudson.

And then there is this.

This madrassa has committed power-junkie, rent-seeking administrators.

Good!  Also here.  And here.  Yup, she’s insane.

Oh dear (and here)!

Well, maybe not everyone at Columbia Madrassa is cracked.  And here.

But for sheer otiose malice, this madrassa’s administration is trying to win the race by a walk-over.

Ashe Schow comments.

Update XXV: P. J. O’Rourke’s Commencement Address at Rutgers Madrassa

Update XXVI: Lewis And Clark Madrassa, exploring bottoms.  Barry Glassner

Update XXVII: Madrassa of Oregon, of course he can.  And again.  Scott Coltrane

Update XXIX: Drew Madrassa, who knew?  And here.  MaryAnn Baenninger

Update XXX: Madrassa College London, not to be undone.  Michael Arthur

Update XXXI: Brown Madrassa and here, and here, but of course.  Christina Paxson

This madrassa has committed power-junkie, rent-seeking administrators.  For example.

How times have changed … or have they?  Glenn Reynolds on Brown Madrassa under Ruth Simmons on 19 November 2002(!).  Simmons is a Globalist, free speech to her is for Globalists only.

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

Update XXXII: See here (Instapundit) for addition of Denison Madrassa (Adam Weinberg), Madrassa of the Holy Cross (Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.), Saint Joseph Madrassa and here (C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J.), Xavier Madrassa (Michael Graham, S.J.), Bucknell Madrassa (John C. Bravman), Kenyon Madrassa (Sean M. Decatur), Madrassa of Cincinnati (Santa J. Ono), Delaware State Madrassa (Harry L. Williams), Madrassa of the South (Sewanee) (John M. McCardell, Jr.), DePauw Madrassa (Brian W. Casey), Madrassa of Michigan (Mark S. Schlissel), Philadelphia Madrassa (Stephen Spinelli Jr.) and Williams Madrassas (Adam F. Falk) to the list.

Update XXXIII: Montana State Madrassa – Northern, WAY up north!  William Rugg

Update XXXIV: See here (A Voice For Male Students) for a continuously updated list of lawsuits against colleges and universities madrassas alleging due process violations in adjudicating sexual assault.

Update XXXV: Madrassa of California – Los Angeles joins the list, and here, and here  Gene D. Block  Janet Napolitano

And then there is this.

And this.

Speech control.  And here.

Paid internships to illegals.

Update XXXVI: Stacy McCain explores and reports on the mumbo-jumbo behind all of the above.

Update XXXVII: Agnes Scott Madrassa, and here.  Elizabeth Kiss

Update XXXIX: Ohio Madrassa, and here, and here, and here  Roderick J. McDavis

Professor K. C. Johnson reports his first-hand experience with the active measures in this case.  See also here.

This madrassa has committed power-junkie, rent-seeking administrators.

And at least one race-baiter on the board.

Update XL: Iowa State Madrassa  Steven Leath

Cowardly, craven president and board.

Update XLI: Chicago State Madrassa  Wayne Watson

Chicago State Madrassa made this list: The F.I.R.E.: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Good reason for the F.I.R.E. actions, and here, and here.

Chicago Tribune: Chicago State Stomps Out Free Speech.

Update XLII: Citrus Madrassa  Geraldine M. Perri

Update XLIII: Sadly, Madrassa of Texas – Austin  Bill Powers

More, sadly.  And on it goes.

Even ADM (R) McRaven is sideways with the law!

Some light from afar.

Favoritism at the Madrassa of Law   Lawrence G. Sager

Update XLIV: State Madrassa of New York – Buffalo, and here,  Satish K. Tripathi

Update XLV: To fund Hillary Clinton: Madrassa of Connecticut (Susan Herbst), Madrassa of California – LA (Gene D. Block), SMNY – Buffalo (Satish K. Tripathi), Colgate Madrassa (Jeffrey Herbst), Hamilton Madrassa (Joan Hinde Stewart), Simmons Madrassa (Helen G. Drinan), Madrassa of Miami (Donna E. Shalala).

Update XLVI: Dezinformatsiya

Update XLVII: Boise State Madrassa  Bob Kustra

Update XLVIII: Dr. Helen Smith at A Voice For Men conference.

Update XLIX: Political correctness is disinformation (dezinformatsiya) (and here) to camouflage truth.  It descends from operations Cheka and its successors call aktivni meropriyatiya (Активные мероприятия, active measures).  From the phrase Latinate media take the designation activist.  An activist to them is a saint.  More political correctness.  A dissident, by contrast, as per Cheka indoctrination, is an enemy of the state/media — in which reposes ultimate authority — suitable for torture and execution.

Update L: Hobart and William Smith Madrassas and here  Marl D. Gearan

Update LI: Madrassa of Arkansas  Donald R. Bobbitt

Update LII: Instapundit archives: US system of education as hostile environment for boys and men.

Update LIII: Northwestern Madrassa (Morton Schapiro) and Illinois State Madrassa (Larry Dietz)

In re Northwestern Madrassa.

Laura Kipnis, and here, and here, and here, and here.  Related: students terrifying professors.  This is why I long have said, reverse the economics of education.  Edward Morrissey puts in his observations.  More from Reason.

This madrassa really is a police state within a state.  Megan McArdle puts in her observations.

More on Northwestern Madrassa.

And yet more: censorship.

Update LIV: Syracuse Madrassa, Madrassa of Iowa, West Virginia Madrassa and Madrassa of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: party schools.  Kent Syverud, Sally Mason, E. Gordon Gee and Phyllis Wise, respectively.

Madrassa of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Update LV: American Madrassa joins the list.  Cornelius Kerwin

Good grief!

Update LVI: Madrassa of Massachusetts – Amherst and here and here.  Kumble R. Subbaswamy

Related essays on the phenomenon of fact-less extra-judicial actions against one’s own: here and here.

Update LVII: Yale Madrassa,  well, OK … but  … will you do it as well as say it?,  and this  Peter Salovey

And Yale faculty want exemption from the cull?

Update LVIII: Marlboro Madrassa  Ellen McCulloch-Lovell

Update LIX: Northern Illinois Madrassa  Doug Baker

Update LX: Cornell Madrassa and here and here and here.  David J. Skorton

And then there is this, and this.

ISIS welcome at Cornell, and here, and here.  And related, see Barry Madrassa below.


Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

Update LXI: Harvard Madrassa  Drew Faust

Also large-scale cheating.

And Asians filing federal complaint.  Related here.

To get into elite colleges madrassas, some advised to ‘appear less Asian.’

Related: Kurt Schlichter: Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Harvard Law Madrassa

Update LXII: The Daily Caller: The Worst Colleges Madrassas

Update LXIII: The Daily Caller: The Worst Professors Indoctrinators

Update LXIV: Senators Rubio, Ayotte and Grassley join the list.

Update LXV: Madrassa of Missouri joins the list and again, and yet again  Tim Wolfe

Update LXVI: Whitman Madrassa  George S. Bridges

Update LXVII: Antioch Madrassa  Mark Roosevelt

Update LXVIII: Pomona Madrassa  David Oxtoby

Update LXIX: Madrassa of North Dakota and again and again  Robert O. Kelley

Ashe Schow, ND May Become Second State To Allow Students To Hire Attorneys

ND did, actually third state, now, along with North Carolina and Arkansas

Update LXX: The Daily Caller’s 35 Worst USA Madrassas: Uni-worst-ities

Update LXXI: Centre Madrassa  John A. Roush

Update LXXII: Auburn Madrassa, and here  Jay Gogue

Update LXXIII: Madrassa of South Carolina, and here  Harris Pastides

Update LXXIV: Families Advocating For Campus Equality

Update LXXV: Wanted: Your Worst Orientation Stories, to Minding The Campus

Update LXXVI: Wake Forest Madrassa really joins the list, jumps in with six feet  Nathan O. Hatch

Update LXXVII: Campus Sexual Assault: I’ll believe it’s a crisis when ….

Update LXXIX: Stacy McCain correctly observes that the campus rape issue is a subversion project launched against men and the USA by insane females, not an actual, singly important or powerfully salient phenomenon.  Caliphists, one is sure, look forward to duking it out with females for world domination.

Update LXXX: Ohio State Madrassa joins the list and here  Michael V. Drake

Now this.

Update LXXXI: DePauw Madrassa takes a knock  Brian W. Casey

Update LXXXII: The FIRE examines due process in these matters

Update LXXXIII: Clemson Madrassa joins the list  James P. Clements

Update LXXXIV: Western State Colorado Madrassa joins the list  Greg Salsbury

Update LXXXV: Madrassa of Southern California gives course credit for promoting socialist causes on campus

And silences pro-life club while celebrating perversity.

Federal and State Judiciaries in places are pushing back against DOEd’s OCR and schools they terrorize.  An example.  The evils able to attend the disbursement of federal — taxpayer! —  monies are legion.

In just about every case of post-secondary line administrators submitting to DOEd OCR thuggery, said administrators are female.  For example, at USC.  This mirrors the demographic of many if not most corporate and governmental HR departments.  Lord, Save Us From Ravages Of The Northmen Harridans (also here and here).  Women are more prone to fear and anger than men are.  This is why women prefer to work for men than women.

Update LXXXVI: Arizona State Madrassa finally joins the list, and here, and again here (good grief!)  Michael M. Crow

But this is somewhat salutary, if true, not pap.

Still, ASM is part of the Clinton criminal organization.

Update LXXXVII: Madrassa of Michigan, again, and here; and the admin is expanding tyranny  Mark S. Schlissel

Still more.

Christina Hoff Sommers, The Media Is Making College Madrassa Rape Culture Worse

Canceling moviescollege madrassa as daycare.  Then football coach (and here) brings administrators to their senses, at least a little bit.

And on it goes, to include Caliphist against Caliphist, unremarkably.

And campus open carry.

More on student Drew Sterrett

Update LXXXVIII: Madrassa of New Mexico  Robert G. Frank

Update LXXXIX: Madrassa of Chicago.  I have been waiting for this one to show up.  Robert J. Zimmer

Snowflakes as agents provocateurs.

Well, something is going well there now.

Update XC: Wesleyan Madrassa, and here, and follow-up here  Michael S. Roth

Going LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM = Going Cucuzza at Wesleyan Madrassa

Fraternity now will sue and here.  What a mess.

Update XCI: Cape Fear Community Madrassa  Ted D. Spring

Update XCII: Campus Accountability And Safety Act charade

Update XCIII: American Sex And The Middle East

Update XCIV: Madrassa Of California – San Francisco  Sam Hawgood  Janet Napolitano

Speech control.  And here.

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

Update XCV: Miami Madrassa David Charles Hodge

Update XCVI: The Federalist Society caves  Eugene B. Meyer

Related: Kurt SchlichterLet’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Update XCVII: Madrassa of Houston  Renu Khator

Update XCVIII: Madrassa of Minnesota, and here, also here  Eric W. Kaler

Update XCIX: Madrassa of North Carolina – Madrassa of Law  Jack Boger

Update 100: Madrassa of Maine  Susan J. Hunter

Update 101: Madrassa of Colorado – Boulder, and follow-up here  Bruce D. Benson

Now this (and again).

Update 102: San Diego State Madrassa  Elliot Hirshman

And then there is this.

Then this.  And this, real sweethearts.

Update 103: Now Lhamon goes after two year madrassas.

Update 104: Columbia Law Madrassa, and here, and here  David Schizer

Update 105: Union Theological Madrassa  Serene Jones  (Disclosure: I hold (1969) and my father held (1943) BD — now MDiv — degrees from UTS)

Update 106: Lincoln Madrassa (President just fired)

Update 107: Madrassa of California – Berkeley  Nicholas B. Dirks  Janet Napolitano

And regarding the Madrassa of California system, this just in.  Gum-chewing queer Janet Napolitano.

Speech control.  And here.

Update 108: Madrassa of Iowa  Sally Mason

Madrassa of Iowa made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

A new president coming renders faculty disconsolate

Update 109: Southern Methodist Madrassa, and here  R. Gerald Turner

Update 110: Glenn Reynolds: The Great Campus Rape Hoax

A comment on another Reynolds post on this subject:  Should one disparage, say, rape hysteria coming from colleges and universities madrassas — at federal compulsion — and not disparage other things coming from those institutions? Can an institution be incredible on this but credible on that? Again, we can dismiss the NYT on this matter but accept it on this other matter? When a body is sick, is not it all sick?

Update 111: Washington and Lee Madrassa  Kenneth P. Ruscio

Student winning, so far

Male Students Think Twice Before Applying To W&L Madrassa

Update 112: Marquette Madrassa, and here, and here  Michael Lovell

And on they go at this Jesuit institution.  And again and again.

Marquette Madrassa made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Insane students.

Insane administrators.  No wonder Scott Walker did not finish his degree at Marquette Madrassa.  Update.

Update 113: Madrassa of California – Santa Cruz  George Blumenthal  Janet Napolitano

And yet more.  Snowflakes seems to be an accepted description of such students now.  Of course, they merely parrot what their teachers taught them.

Speech control.  And here.

Update 114: Rollins Madrassa  Craig M. McAllaster

Update 115: Princeton Madrassa  Christopher L. Eisgruber

Well, something is going well there now.

Update 116: Madrassa of Wyoming  Richard C. McGinity

Update 117: Hofstra Madrassa  Stuart Rabinowitz

Update 118: Madrassa of Florida  Bernie Machen

And world’s first Jewish frat, Zeta Beta Tau, spits on US military veterans and urinates on the Flag of the USA.  And here.

Update 119: Madrassa of Pennsylvania  Amy Gutmann

And more goes on.

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

Update 120: City Madrassa of New York, and here  James B. Milliken

And this is interesting, not a little casuistic, but worth pondering.  Challenges affirmative consent as not hard enough on men!

Update 121: George Mason Madrassa  Ángel Cabrera

And then there is this, and this.

Related: Kurt Schlichter: Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Surprise: GMU seems to have done something right

Update 122: Tufts Madrassa  Anthony Monaco

Tufts students as fair-weather union cannon fodder.

Makes The Daily Caller list of dumbest college madrassa courses for 2015.

Update 123: Pepperdine Madrassa  Andrew K. Benton

Update 124: Harvard Law Madrassa buckles  Martha Minow

Harvard Law Professor Bartholet bashes buckle

And, Good Grief: The Course Catalogue

Update 125: Reynolds, Hah!: There’s all sorts of actionable sexism out there in the academic and corporate worlds … And this is why university reinforcement of this kind of bullying is a Title IX violation, which the plaintiffs’ attorneys are, as I say, starting to figure out.

Update 126: Ashe Schow, More Evidence Colleges Madrassas Are Bad At Adjudicating Sexual Assault: Accuser Lawsuits

Update 127: Navarro Madrassa  Barbara Kavalier

Update 128: Indiana Madrassa and here and here and here  Michael A. McRobbie

Teachers and administrators today are such pusillanimous, sanctimonious, little prigs, snouts buried in taxpayers’ pockets, parasites.

Good grief!

Update 129: Mount Holyoke Madrassa and here  Lynn Pasquerella

Update 130: Vanderbilt University, handled better than most, with luck will not become Vanderbilt Madrassa, and here (which occasioned the flap, and properly so, well done) and here and here and here.  Update and good observation here.  But more insanity at Vanderbilt is present.

Money quote, from The College FixBut Swain’s speech must be curtailed, Yamin said: “What I’m really trying to show her is that she can’t continue to say these kinds of things on a campus that’s so liberal and diverse and tolerant.”

Vanderbilt women want to tell Vanderbilt men how to be masculine: OOOOOKAY.  Vanderbilt is a madrassa, no doubt about that now.


Dialing For Dollars - A Moving Gif
Dialing For Dollars – A Moving Gif

Update 131: Northern Michigan Madrassa  Fritz Erickson

Update 132: Morgan State Madrassa and here and here (a Black Red), more here  David Wilson

Some seriously envious thieves at this madrassa, which is in Baltimore, unsurprisingly.

Update 133: Dartmouth Madrassa and from Power Line, to put a good face on it, here  Philip J. Hanlon

My comment at Power LineWhen our son was at Dartmouth for an inter-scholastic orienteering meet, he was billeted at a fraternity house. The members drank heavily and bragged that they did not need to study because their professors, having been intimidated by their parents, knew to give them good grades no matter their performance and they were already assured jobs at their parents or their friends’ enterprises in any case. They needed only to ride the wave mother, father and lots of their money created for them. Our son reported that experience to me in a tone of genuine shock. I said his experience was one reason I wanted him to do post-secondary/homeschool at a trade school, not a liberal arts/leftist one. I knew what he experienced was not unique to Dartmouth and told him so and to rely always on performance, not patronage, and that this would make him strong come what may. That was in 1999.

New hires at Dartmouth.

Also large-scale cheating.

And piebald insanity.

Update 134: William Paterson Madrassa  Kathleen Waldron

Update 135: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit maintains a category compiling news items of primary and secondary madrassa female teachers and aides who, as the law regards it, rape their minor students, boys and girls.  Related: disparate sentences based on looks.  Related: God Bless America earns censure.  Caliphists, one is sure, look forward to duking it out with females for world domination.

Update 136: Madrassa of California-Davis, and here  Linda P.B. Katehi  Janet Napolitano

Speech control.  And here.

Update 137: Madrassa of North Carolina-Chapel Hill  Carol L. Folt and Thomas W. Ross

And now, this.

Commentary on Freshman Orientation, by a Freshman.

A wrong situation righted.  Related.

UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja Anti-American freshman orientation: 9/11 is America’s fault.  Related.

Update 138: Madrassa of Maryland, also here  Wallace D. Loh

Some proper thinking ensued.

But not here: Madrassa of Maryland, and here, and here, and here, and here

Caliphists demand consideration and refuse to give any.  In character for hegemons.  Muslim Student Association is a Muslim Brotherhood front.

And, of course, the US Constitution is a Confederate symbol, so censor/censure it.

And UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja’s Anti-American course taught here too: 9/11 is America’s fault.  Related.

Update 139: Madrassa of North Carolina-Wilmington  Bill Sederburg and Thomas W. Ross


Update 140: Madrassa of Tulsa  Steadman Upham and here

(This cat, Upham, was a Freshman at The University of Redlands when I was Assistant Chaplain and Residence Director there, on an intern year from The Union Theological Seminary, New York City, during the academic year 1967-1968.  I graduated UofR 1961 majoring in Religion, Philosophy and Shakespeare.  My major achievement at UofR on that intern year was to force the elimination of the compulsion component of religious and secular chapel attendance starting with the academic year 1968-1969.)

Update 141: Closely related to all of the above, Professor Dr. Paul Caron discusses Systematic Inequality And Hierarchy In Faculty Hiring Networks.

Update 142: Bowdoin Madrassa (good grief!)  Barry Mills

Some common sense rode through.  And here and here.

Update 143: Well, my mother’s alma mater, Barnard Madrassa, has made the list.  Debora L. Spar

And on and on it goes.

And on some more.

Update 144: An American Renaissance.

Update 145: An A-Z Guide To The New PC.

Update 146: Loyola Madrassa  The Rev. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J.

Update 147: San Francisco State Madrassa  Leslie E. Wong

Update 148: Temple Madrassa  Neil D. Theobald

And again, this time in re free speech.

Update 149: Vassar Madrassa  Catharine Bond Hill

Developments here.

Update 150: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Update 151: Georgetown Madrassa  John J. DeGioia

Georgetown Madrassa made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Related: Kurt Schlichter: Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Official stupidity.  More here.  And here.  And here.

Update 152: California State Madrassa at Fullerton  Mildred Garcia

California State Madrassa at Fullerton made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Speech control.  And here.

Update 153: Kansas State Madrassa System Board Of Regents made this list: The FIRE: Free Speech on Campus: The 10 Worst Offenders of 2014

Update 154: Madrassa of California – Irvine, and here, and here  Howard Gillman  Janet Napolitano

Speech control.  And here.

Update 155: Dixie State Madrassa, and here, and here, and here  Richard “Biff” Williams

Perhaps some common sense flowing back in to this madrassa?  Perhaps not.

Update 156: St Peter’s Madrassa  Eugene J. Cornacchia

Update 157: Caliphists, one is sure, look forward to duking it out with females for world domination.

Update 158: Madrassa of Oklahoma, and here, and here  David L. Boren

ACLU has an opinion on this.  And, earlier, here.

Eloquent comment on this at Althouse.

Neo-Neocon has expanded comments on this matter.

And students boo diversity training

Update 159: Immaculata Madrassa, New Jersey, and here  Jean G. Kline

Update 160: Valdosta State Madrassa  William J. McKinney

Sweeties attend this madrassa.  Related here.  And, of course, he’s a Caliphist.

And a resolution of the Barnes expulsion case, by F.I.R.E.

Update 161: Madrassa of Iowa Law Madrassa  Gail B. Agrawal

Jury rejects suit.

Update 162: Madrassa of Rochester  Joel Seligman

Update 163: Reed Madrassa  John Kroger

Update 164: Appalachian State Madrassa  Sheri N. Everts

Update 165: Madrassa of Akron  Scott L. Scarborough


Update 166: Barry Madrassa, and here, and here  Sister Linda Bevilacqua, OP

Update 167: Ithaca Madrassa, and here, and here.  Thomas R. Rochon

And on they go.

Update 168: New York Madrassa  John Sexton

Update 169: Madrassa of Mary Washington, and here  Richard V. Hurley

President Hurley strikes back.

Update 170: California Community Madrassas generally.

Update 171: North Carolina State Madrassa  Randy Woodson

Update 172: Bucknell Madrassa  John C. Bravman

Update 173: Connecticut Madrassa, and here, and here  Katherine Bergeron

Their tuition and fees.

Update 174: Binghamton Madrassa  Harvey G. Stenger

Update 175: Madrassa of California – San Diego  Pradeep Khosla (spitting image of Peter Sellers in Revenge Of The Pink Panther)  Janet Napolitano

And … good grief!

Speech control.  And here.

Judge Rules Campus Kangaroo Court Unfair, and here, and here

Update 176: Washburn Madrassa  Jerry Farley

Update 177: Cal Poly San Louis Obispo  Jeffrey D. Armstrong

Update 178: Colby Madrassa  David A. Greene

Update 179: Madrassa of California – Riverside  Kim A. Wilcox  Janet Napolitano

Speech control.  And here.

And race fraud.

Update 180: Massachusetts Madrassa Of Technology  L. Rafael Reif

Such Popinjays
Such Popinjays

And more, they have Caliphist hegemon activity.  Think the folderol will impress the beheaders, rapers and slavers, Popinjays?

Update 181: Youngstown State Madrassa, and here, and here  Jim Tressel

Update 182: California State Madrassa – Northridge  Dianne F. Harrison

Update 183: Texas A&M – Galveston  Rear Admiral Robert Smith III, USN (Ret.)

Update 184: Texas Tech Madrassa  Duane Nellis

Update 185: Madrassa of Kansas  Andy Tompkins

FIRE files for amici curiae permission

Update 186: La Moyne Madrassa, and here  Linda M. LeMura

Update 187: Boston Madrassa, and here  Robert A. Brown

This girl is a case study.  And here.  And here.

Related at Goldsmiths, Madrassa of London.  When Asians come to the USA, they give their children American given names so they become Americans.  American-descent blacks, however, now give their children neo-logical un-American given names so they do not become Americans.  American-descent blacks have used opportunities once-eagerly bestowed on them by Americans to breed a race of anti-Americans which now demands extermination of Americans.

Update 188: Kennesaw State Madrassa  Daniel S. Papp

Update 189: Valencia Madrassa  Sandy Shugart

Update 190: Mississippi Madrassa  Lee G. Royce

Update 191: Blinn Madrassa, and here  Ana M. “Cha” Guzmán

Update 192: Madrassa of Washington  Ana Mari Cauce

Update 193: Amherst Madrassa  Carolyn “Biddy” Martin

Megyn Kelly jumps in.

Biddy’s quite one.

This school is looking for a prize in meanness.  It’s toxic, and here, and here.

Update 194: Emerson Madrassa  M. Lee Pelton

Update 195: Oakton Community Madrassa  Margaret B. Lee

Update 196: Madrassa of Wisconsin – Stevens Point  Bernie L. Patterson  Ray Cross

Update 197: Madrassa of Delaware  Patrick T. Harker

They have a thing for Orwell, they like him.

Update 198: Madrassa of North Texas  Neal Smatresk

Update 199: Louisiana State Madrassa  F. King Alexander

Update 200: Drexel Madrassa  John Anderson Fry

Gentlemen.  You can’t speak in here.  This is the University!

Update 201: Northeastern Illinois Madrassa  Sharon K. Hahs

Tip-off: the phrase global society, meaning globe-wide rules-based [bureaucratic] government by progressives (Communists/Humanists) and no USA; some who decide (leadership) and the rest who submit (service): “Dr. Hahs is deeply committed to ensuring that students are well-prepared for leadership and service in a global society [aka Global Governance].”

Update 202: Madrassa of Wisconsin – La Crosse  Joe Grow  Ray Cross

Update 203: Virginia Polytechnic Madrassa and State Madrassa (Virginia Tech)  Timothy D. Sands

Update 204: Armstrong State Madrassa  Linda M. Bleicken

Some new thoughts?

Update 205: Goshen Madrassa  James Brenneman

Update  206: Eastern Mennonite Madrassa  Loren Swartzendruber

Update 207: Coastal Carolina Madrassa, and here  David A. DeCenzo

Update 208: Kean Madrassa  Dr. Dawood Farahi

Update 209: Madrassa of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  Phyllis Wise  Timothy L. Killeen

On the other hand, this madrassa is providing a monitory experience for impartial observers.

And they have other problems as well.

Update 210: Texas Christian [!] Madrassa, and here  Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

More here and here.

Update 211: Madrassa of New Hampshire  Mark W. Huddleston

Oh Boy!  Update.

Update 212: Madrassa of Tennessee — Chattanooga  Steven Angle  Keith Carver

Federalizing schools by terrorizing them.

Ugly Fat Fucker Lesbian Ugly Fat Fucker Lesbianism, and here, and here, and here

Someone is winding up to throttle Instapundit/Glenn Reynolds.

Glenn Reynolds, who teaches at UT, has more on the adminstrators’ sexual assault policy.  Also here.

More here.

Student responses to the malicious nonsense regarding pronouns/speech.

Update 213: Cleveland State Madrassa  Ronald M. Berkman

Update 214: Syracuse Madrassa  Kent D. Syverud

Update 215: Cal Poly Madrassa – Pomona  Soraya M. Coley

Update 216: Kansas State Madrassa  Kirk Schulz

Update 217: Virginia Wesleyan Madrassa, also here, and here  Scott D. Miller

Update 218: Northeastern Madrassa  Joseph Aoun

Update 219: Clark Madrassa  David Angel

Update 220: Pitzer Madrassa  Laura Skandera Trombley (just resigned)

Update 221: Georgia State Madrassa  Mark P. Becker

Update 222: Skidmore Madrassa  Philip A. Glotzbach

Update 223: Old Dominion Madrassa, and here, and here, and here  John R. Broderick, and his salary

Update 224: Washington State Madrassa  Elson Ford

Elizabeth Price Foley posts about this at Instapundit

Update 225: Penn State Madrassa  Eric J. Barron

Update 226: South Carolina State Madrassa: actually, maybe good news: Corruption  W. Franklin Evans

Update 227: Ashford Madrassa: actually, maybe good news: Corruption  Richard Pattenaude

Update 228: Louisville Madrassa  James R. Ramsey

Update 229: Daily Caller: 19 Ugliest Madrassas In The USA

Update 230: Michigan State Madrassa, and here  Lou Anna Simon

Ashe Schow: [Madrassas] Can’t Win with OCR

Update 231: Madrassa of DuPage  Joseph E. Collins  Until recently: Robert L. Breuder

Mother's Day 2015
Mother’s Day 2015

Update 232: In May 1970 I was in Phoenix, soon to move to Wickenburg, researching a book for Robert Theobald: Habit and Habitat.  Before the book completed and was published (1972), Theobald ripped up my research (January 1971), literally, telling me no one would believe it.

My source was The New York Times.

I parted brass rags with Bob, informed the editor, asking him to remove my name from the project and book, and renounced claim to royalties.  My part of the advance was not recalled because I completed my work.  Bob published the volume under his name with glancing inclusion of my research.

I was as interested in anti-war protests then as I am now: zero.  Never struck me as more than small-potatoes intrinsically and extrinsically mostly glandular turbulence.  And, for a steadily increasing number of drug-addled visionaries, anti-war protests embodied lefties’ well-led (by KGB for one reason, CIA for another) brazen and ruthless march against Christian culture.  That march, then and still — not anti-war protests — strikes me as big-potatoes.

And incidentally, industrial and agricultural pollution in 1970 also was big-potatoes.  It was so big it presented lefties with a target opportunity they could not possibly fail to miss or exploit.  I had documented a book’s-worth of it.

Part 2 Of This List Is Here


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