An Application Of Three Brothers Doctrine

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An introduction to Three Brothers Doctrine is here.

Spengler wrote today:

Ultimately any regional issue depends on the strategic position of the United States with respect to China and Russia. We continue to lose ground, and Trump hasn’t yet offered an initiative to reverse it.

I commented:

True and true.  Only, I am not sure said “losing ground” is considered now in NSC as something that needs reversing.  I think something of the opposite question is being asked: exactly what is US strategic position in ME/MENA and what really must we talk about with Russia, in particular, in re ME/MENA as well as other regions?  And China, too, but most immediately with Russia.

I think this POTUS’s instinct — and the instinct of the electorate — is to pull back from immediate involvement, especially military, in others’ affairs based on answering the question, for each region, what is USA’s grand strategic interest there?  USA’s grand strategic interest everywhere is going to be enhancing USA national sovereignty, but attached to what piece of real estate?  ME/MENA?  I think not.  Attached to the 50 states, USA sovereignty will be seen as.

In regard to other real estates, USA sovereignty enhancing will entail fostering the local sovereignties so long as they do not threaten USA sovereignty, i.e., the 50 states.  Thus for example, in ME USA should foster the national sovereignties of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and now with fingers crossed and on a very thick prayer rug, Saud. Ditto national sovereignties in other regions.  The fostering done via trade/finance and diplomacy rather than war-fighting deployments, except as needed.

I think that is not settled policy at this point but I think it is the direction conceptuality is moving and, if it is, I support it.  I am looking for emergence of inter-national opportunity ranges protected and regulated by a USA-Russia-India grand strategic alliance.  In this regard, I am delighted with the concept of Indo-Pacific Region.  THAT, I think, is the American West, and America always does look and move westward.  We are the New World, not the Old World (Europe/ME/MENA).


STS PallaSTS Pallada Crew, Landing At USA Portda Crew, Landing In USA Port
STS Pallada Crew, Landing At USA Port

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