A Tragic Irony By A Generation Of Vipers

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Tragic irony it is, this waste of time, money and energy — to nullify Americans’ choice of POTUS! — over that which should be commenced and well under way: cooperation and alliance with Russia (and India) on a very large and vital array of golden opportunities and existential threats to the three of us.

The generation of vipers (Boomers) conducting this illegal charade — to make Americans think Russia, per se, is an enemy — is the very one whose happiness and intellectual strength the Soviet successfully subverted through active measures.  Useful idiots they became, advocates for their spiritual abuser/jailer, the Soviet.  Effectively turned into Communists — the PC tribe, the D-R UniParty — they hate about Russia that she overthrew Communism and restored Christianity.  They hate about POTUS Trump that he is Christian.

How the dying, some of them, do so demand the life of the living be given up for them.  The D-R UniParty is a body of death, a corpse, gripping America and Americans.  Americans must shake it off, let it drop and let its components meet their mortal destiny.

Again, this is about using something that should be done — finding strategic working ground with Russia (and India) — to smash an elected official who should be doing it.  The kid with a Greek name is part of the weeds, not the vista.

Candidate Trump said repeatedly there has to be ways to work with the Russians on many vital matters: better to get along than fight. He was right about that as about so much else.  It is Bill Kristol and his lot — plus Progressives — who want to poke sticks in the Bear’s eyes.  Their careers and monies are invested in fostering that superannuated lunacy.

It’s going to happen, anyway. We will work with the Russians.  This is not the Soviet.  This is Russia and Russians, historically friends and allies of the USA.  And India as well.  Last I heard, Ivanka is headed there next month.

It is not 1987 and it also is not 2012.  Conditions have changed. Assumptions and objectives have not changed with them, for many.  That vacates the credibility of those many.


Katherine Hepburn
Katherine Hepburn

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