11 September 2012: Benghazi

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He is a blogger who goes by the name Sundance and owns the website The Conservative Tree House / The Last Refuge.  I think he has his sensitive fingers, somehow, on the pulse of USA economics and politics at this moment and reads its movements and dynamics accurately.

As have I, Sundance focuses on the Benghazi debacle of 11 September 2012 to distill for learned observation the horror of The Fraud’s eight-year destruction of USA prestige, power and sovereignty.  He — I am nearly certain Sundance is a man — has produced a series of posts which, together, comprise what he calls The Benghazi Brief.

Today’s superb summary of those posts is here.  It is a very long read because Sundance’s expertise is in remarking timelines of events as a way to grasp their meaning.  With respect of events, Sundance is meticulous regarding dates, places, names and functions of actors and the nature of and reasons for their connections, across durations of time, with other events.  And withal, his exposition is simple clarity.  That makes the final product handily extensive and necessarily long.  The closest I come to divining Sundance’s day job is: strategic economics intel.  I commented there:

The common thread I see in all of this is Moslem Brotherhood.  In D.C.  In Benghazi.  In Cairo.  In Turkey.  In Syria.  In Iran.  And Moslem Brotherhood is stand-in name for Salafi Jihad, which Iran also supports!

Euro-American Leftists/Communists — sorry to have to say it, but that includes Francis I, Pontifex Maximum, plus the Anglican, Lutheran and Calvinist prelacies — support the Salafi/Shia Jihad because its actors hate Christianity, as they do, being devout Communists.

Of course MB/US State/CIA and AQ elements in Libya and Syria/Iraq were coordinating.  MB and AQ are lead by brothers.  As Mountbatten said, to a slightly different subject but the same object, world affairs are family affairs.

Operation Zero Footprint, aptly named as Sundance points out, was meant to invigorate the Salafi Jihad of MB and the rest.  It succeeded.  It became an embarrassment only when the Euro-American Globalists — The Fraud etc. — who thought to use Salafi/Shia Jihad to smash Christians into submission for them realized said Jihadis had intentions of their own that did not include bowing to Euro-American Globalists (aka Socialists) even though all shared the same collectivist totalitarian impulses and hatred of Christianity.

So The Fraud’s drone wars, for example, were in fact rival hegemon (rules-based global order) competitor elimination operations, not USA national sovereignty protection.  And since The Fraud’s tribal background is Shia (very secular moslems), and Jarrett’s experience is likewise, USA Armed Forces were used by them as Iranian forward artillery and SOF.

Bottom Line On Bottom: Moslem Brotherhood is the dot-connector in this drama, the Iago.  Punch MB, punch Salafi-Shia Jihad.

Update 1: Quote of the day: Foreign despotisms only have to declare their passion to improve the condition of the poor, and many an academic is lying with his back on the floor waving his paws in the air.  La Trahison des Clercs.

Update 2: My posts on Benghazi are here.

Update 3: ‘KNOWN WOLF’ TERROR SCANDAL: CIA Knew About 9-11 Hijackers, Didn’t Provide Intel to FBI

Update 4: How The West Was Lost

Update 5: Michael Totten is getting it, gradually: Turkey Is Behaving Like An Enemy Now


Antonella Luald 1950s
Antonella Luald 1950s

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