Benghazi: “Switched Sides In The War On Terror”

Belvedere posted about Benghazi.  I commented:

Nice post, thanks. Succinct, accurate, beneficial.

FWIW, my posit as to who gave or at least originated the order to stand down is Jarrett, the actual POTUS.  Jarrett switched the USA from conducting the War on Terror to supporting the Terrorists.  That is treason.  Straight up, brazen treason.

FWIW, a Regional Commander – e.g., GEN Ham – answers to two people: POTUS and SecDef. No one other than those two, to include JCS, State and CIA, can give a Regional Commander orders or withhold orders from them. Soldiers act on orders.

The instinct of every military commander is to send in or assist sending in whatever force is required to save their countrymen and comrades in arms. Ergo, any order to stand down came from civilians and for a political reason, not a military one. I finger Jarrett, the “power behind the throne.”

Panetta lied patently when he said US military does not go into a hot, emergent situation with insufficient and multiply-confirmed intel. There are military units accessible to every Regional Command tasked with doing exactly that, because life, including diplomatic and military life, is full of situations that must be addressed immediately, on-the-fly, without question and without sufficient prior knowledge of goings-on in the subject area. And there are multiple tiers of units every Regional Command can summon to be sent in to back up the first response unit if requested by that unit or resolved upon by the Regional Commander.

(I surmise Ham was sending in help and, as rumors have it, was countermanded from the White House. I surmise from Jarrett acting in stead of POTUS, who really doesn’t give a rip about anything except living large and hurting ordinary Americans – black, white, green, brown, yellow, orange, red, pink and blue – and who really misses freedom to drag anonymously for older white men in the rough trade bars of Chicago and elsewhere.)

Panetta knew that when he said US would/could not do that. US is fully set up to do that. Panetta lied outright.

Those first responders know they are going in more or less blind. They train for that mission. Their training lets them assess, their commo lets them describe and their authority lets them request – all in real-time – whatever they need to accomplish the mission once they have “hit the ground running,” which mission typically has more than one objective. Normal response procedure to first responders is, give them what they want, because as “boots on the ground” their knowledge and recommendation govern.

Women are prone to fear and anger. More so than men. Actual men. So-called homosexuals are prone as women are to fear and anger. Perhaps they have a humanizing influence – women, that is – though arguable, especially as between women, who claim not infrequently other women are their worst tormentors and subverters and just plain catty-biters. This multiple murder has the fingerprints of Jarrett’s fear. The campaign has the fingerprints of Jarrett’s anger.

But I think there’s more to it. There’s also ideology: demoralize the military, emasculate the natural American opponents of totalitarianism, especially the ones carrying guns. And racism: the military is “white.” And ego: keep attention on me, me, me while I subvert you, you and you to ends you won’t see until you’re powerless in my grasp.

This election decides whether the Muslim Brotherhood or the US Constitution constitutes the USA. If the latter, the former will be back to try again. And again. And again. Until their fetid foreign and domestic proxies are defeated on the fields of actual battle.

This war started in the 18th Century when Wahhab decided to oppose the European Enlightenments with Mohammedan Puritanism. The USA and Salafis/Wahhabists/Moslem Brotherhood have been at war since the founding of the USA. It is important to grasp this historical root of the conflict. It is old, not new.

USA is a concretization of European, principally Scottish but also English, French and German, and American Enlightenments.


Americans are not weary of war. We are weary of not winning wars. And now, we are weary of being ruled by an enemy, whose deception and fraud our countrymen – or at least fellow residents – allowed to win two elections, making active war on us using our own mechanisms of government against us.

Can elections alone win this war against an internal and external enemy? I know not the future. I am inclined to doubt it, however, and to believe that trans-electoral action is required to finally secure the safety of the nation.

There is this advantage in having allowed Salafis/Wahhabists/Moslem Brotherhood onto the mechanisms of USA government, academe and media: they are drawn into the open, where they can be seen, scrutinized and assessed. This recalls the Russian strategy responding first to Napoleon and then to Hitler: draw them out into the blue, the open air, where their supply lines stretch to breaking point and their visibility makes their presence vivid.

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