Benghazi: The Jugular

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Final Report June 2016
Citizens’ Commission On Benghazi
The Interim Report Here
And Confirmation  Here
Daily Mail Report Here


Belvedere posted about Benghazi.  I commented:

Nice post, thanks. Succinct, accurate, beneficial.

FWIW, my posit as to who gave or at least originated the order to stand down is Jarrett, the actual POTUS.  Jarrett switched the USA from conducting the War on Terror to supporting the Terrorists.  That is treason.  Straight up, brazen treason.  (And it never was a War on Terror.  It always was The Continuing World War Against Caliphism [CWWAC].)

FWIW, a Regional Commander – e.g., GEN Ham – answers to two people: POTUS and SecDef. No one other than those two, to include JCS, State and CIA, can give a Regional Commander orders or withhold orders from them. Soldiers act on orders.

The instinct of every military commander is to send in or assist sending in whatever force is required to save their countrymen and comrades in arms. Ergo, any order to stand down came from civilians and for a political reason, not a military one. I finger Jarrett, the “power behind the throne.”

Panetta lied patently when he said US military does not go into a hot, emergent situation with insufficient and multiply-confirmed intel. There are military units accessible to every Regional Command tasked with doing exactly that, because life, including diplomatic and military life, is full of situations that must be addressed immediately, on-the-fly, without question and without sufficient prior knowledge of goings-on in the subject area. And there are multiple tiers of units every Regional Command can summon to be sent in to back up the first response unit if requested by that unit or resolved upon by the Regional Commander.

(I surmise Ham was sending in help and, as rumors have it, was countermanded from the White House. I surmise Jarrett acting in stead of POTUS, who really doesn’t give a rip about anything except living large and hurting ordinary Americans – black, white, green, brown, yellow, orange, red, pink and blue – and who really misses freedom to drag anonymously for older white men in the rough trade bars of Chicago and elsewhere.)

Panetta knew that when he said US would/could not do that. US is fully set up to do that. Panetta lied outright.

Those first responders know they are going in more or less blind. They train for that mission. Their training lets them assess, their commo lets them describe and their authority lets them request – all in real-time – whatever they need to accomplish the mission once they have “hit the ground running,” which mission typically has more than one objective. Normal response procedure to first responders is, give them what they want, because as “boots on the ground” their knowledge and recommendation govern.

Women are prone to fear and anger. More so than men. Actual men.  Queers are as prone as women are to fear and anger. Perhaps they have a humanizing influence – women, that is – though arguable, especially as between women, who claim not infrequently that other women are their worst tormentors and subverters and just plain catty-biters. This multiple murder has the fingerprints of Jarrett’s fear. The campaign has the fingerprints of Jarrett’s anger.  Jarrett is an Iran/Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas (and here) partisan.

But I think there is more to it. There is also ideology: demoralize the military, emasculate the natural American opponents of totalitarianism, especially the ones carrying guns. And racism: the military is “white.” And ego: keep attention on me, me, me while I subvert you, you and you to ends you will not see until you are powerless in my grasp.

This election decides whether the Muslim Brotherhood (and here) or the US Constitution constitutes the USA. If the latter, the former will be back to try again. And again. And again. Until their fetid foreign and domestic proxies are defeated on the fields of actual battle.

This war started in the 18th Century when Wahhab decided to oppose the European Enlightenments with Caliphist Puritanism. The USA and Salafis/Wahhabists/Moslem Brotherhood (and here) have been at war since the founding of the USA. It is important to grasp this historical root of the conflict. It is old, not new.

USA is a concretization of European, principally Scottish but also English, French and German, and American Enlightenments.

By Ann Althouse
By Ann Althouse

Americans are not weary of war. We are weary of not winning wars. We can win wars, any wars we are allowed to win.  And now, we are weary of being ruled by an enemy, whose deception and fraud our countrymen – or at least fellow residents – allowed to win two elections, making active war on us using our own mechanisms of government against us.

Can elections alone win this war against an internal and external enemy? I know not the future. I am inclined to doubt it, however, and to believe that trans-electoral action is required to finally secure the safety of the nation.

There is this advantage in having allowed Salafis/Wahhabists/Moslem Brotherhood onto the mechanisms of USA government, academe and media: they are drawn into the open, where they can be seen, scrutinized and assessed. This recalls the Russian strategy responding first to Napoleon and then to Hitler: draw them out into the blue, the open air, where their supply lines stretch to breaking point and their visibility makes their presence vivid.


Update I: Hillary and BenghaziAnd Here

Update II: SEAL stories

Update III: Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Update IV: Islamist-gate

Update V: Blind To Terror

Update VI: Former Guantanamo Detainee In Benghazi Attack

Update VII: 0 Speaks, The Heart Sinks

Update VIII: The Mother Of All Scandals

Update IX: Congressman: Benghazi Attackers Knew Location Of Ambassador’s Safe Room

Update X: Benghazi Attackers Had Inside Information, Knew Location Of Safe Room

Update XI: 0 Briefed On Attack, Not Video Or Protest

Update XII: Feinstein Rejects NYT On Benghazi

Update XIII: Bipartisan Senate Report: Benghazi Attack Was “Preventable”

Update XIV: The Video Didn’t Do It.

Update XV: Pentagon’s Hands Tied On Hunting Down Benghazi Attackers

Update XVI: We Finally Know Where The Buck Stops In Benghazi

Update XVII: The Senate Benghazi Report: What Does It Say?

Update XVIII: Senate Report: Benghazi Attack Preventable

Update XIX: The Senate Intelligence Committee Report

Update XX: Greta on Benghazi

Update XXI: Edward Said ideologues at the State Department

Update XXII: Benghazi and the Smearing of Chris Stevens, Also

Update XXIII: GEN Carter Ham and Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette

Update XXIV: CIA #2 suppressing on-the-ground reports

Update XXV: Two Thirds of Americans Want Congressional Investigation

Update XXVI: CIA and White House Ignored Station Chief in Libya and here and here and here

Update XXVII: Citizens Committee On Benghazi: “changed sides in War on Terror” / “coordinated with US Muslim Brotherhood organizations

The key sentence in this report, buried deep inside, is this, emphasis added:

“Some of the group’s claims strain credibility, including the assertion that the Obama administration’s early effort to blame the Benghazi attack on a protest against a crude anti-Muslim YouTube video ‘appears to have been well-coordinated with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood (and here) organizations as well as Islamic state members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).'”

That coordination, of course, is the reason 0’s gang stonewalls and gaslights questions about Benghazi.  The mechanisms of the US Government in fact are in the hands of The Moslem Brotherhood (and here).

In the struggle between which gaslighting accusation will be most effective frightening or killing off challengers — racist or islamophobe — I suspect the latter will be settled upon as the most potent.  So, just as the ’08/’12 election was made race-based — let’s elect our first actual black president and oh how good we will feel — the ’16 election will be made religion-based: let’s elect our first actual moslem president and oh how good we will feel.  In that scenario, Warren is not it.  Neither is the 0 spouse-so-called.  Criminal minds are nervy.  They go for broke.  They will fire up the islamophobe gaslighting accusation this time, at least primarily, rather than the racist one.

Update XXVIII: Thanks to Judicial Watch

Update XXIX: Thank you Sharyl Attkisson, and again

Update XXX: John Hinderaker on the cover up of the coverup

Update XXXI: BG (RR) Robert Lovell: … always move to the sound of the guns.

Update XXXII: Professor Jacobson: The Administration’s War On Truth About Benghazi

DRG commented: I have not seen follow up on the citizens’ committee report that White House coordinated with Moslem Brotherhood and OIC states post-Benghazi, for the psyops fairytales.  Who is asking for those emails, following those tracks?  Everyone knows the criminal organization in the WH is liars.  That is not news.  Whom they are lying with is news.  Once again, the deep story is overlooked.  The money is there.

Update XXXIII: But will the Speaker follow through, vigorously, or break down into a puddle?

Update XXXIV: Now we are getting somewhere: Andrew C. McCarthy and here

Update XXXV: This Is A Late Parrot

Update XXXVI: Michael Walsh: Why Benghazi Matters

Update XXXVII: Richard Fernandez with a coup d’oeil, makes sense to me

Update XXXVIII: Trey Gowdy Has A Few Questions, more here

Update XXXIX: Self-aggrandizement: Clinton denial and Democrat denial.

Update XL: Angelo Codevilla: Discredited In Benghazi

Update XLI: Hillary spins

Update XLII: Robert C. Kaufman: Why Benghazi Really Matters

Update XLIII: Jonah Goldberg: Benghazi Made Simple

Update XLIV: LTG (Ret.) Jerry Boykin

Update XLV: On 20JUN14, one Raymond Ibrahim, at PJMedia(!), essayed superficially on Islam’s Protestant Reformation.  I commented:

Historical, textual and form criticism of the Koran proceeds quietly and with palpable risk to life and limb. But it proceeds. These tools were applied to the Christian and Hebrew Bibles over the last nearly 300 years, since Reimarus. Probably the best work of this kind will come, as it did for Christianity and Judaism, from Germany.

This is the most powerful threat to Caliphist pretensions and its potential has triggered the several visible reactionary vectors of puritanical Caliphist violence just as did the several Enlightenments of the 18th Century, including the American one, trigger the puritanical, hateful reaction of Wahhab. USA has been at war with Wahhab’s terrorized, purist minions since Jefferson sent a Naval and Marine punitive expedition to the Med and Tripoli.

It’s not a ten-year war. It’s a 200+-year war. Time to end that war in victory through unconditional surrender of every trouble-maker in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Then we can get on to the big enemy today: China (and here).

It’s not about who is good or bad. It is about who is right and who is wrong. Puritans, purists, violent ones, are always wrong. They deserve power crashing down on them and flattening their wills to fight.

Update XLVI: Walter Russell Mead finally — well, almost — gets it: 26JUL14: As Libya Implodes, “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming a Punch Line.  BECOMING?

Update XLVII: At Instapundit, an edifying post and comments:

You are probably right with respect to the mind of the electorate, but with respect to national continuance, the real existential issue, Benghazi is the widest and loosest political and legal doorway to the furnace of the progressive heart and mind. The IRS scandal was launched by Occupy White House to distract from Benghazi and is kept front page by them for the same reason. VA likewise. Benghazi, not IRS or any other scandal, is the Occupy White House jugular. And they know it.

Update XLVIII: As Rep. Trey Gowdy gets under way, someone to consider

Update XLIX: Judicial Watch: Benghazi Report

Update L: Chaos in Libya, Matthew Waxman

Update LI: There is a strategy: aligned with Iran

Update LII: FBI declines to count Caliphists as domestic threat, uses them as advisors

Update LIII: Local (only?) CIA ordered stand-down

Update LIV: Truth from three men who were there

Update LV: A large amount of important correlative information

Update LVI: REPORT: Queen Clinton’s Henchmen Scrubbed Benghazi Documents

Update LVII: Sharyl Attkisson on Raymond Maxwell

Update LVIII: UAE designates CAIR and MAS terrorist organizations

Update LIX: The Benghazi Brief – Ghosts Beyond the Wire

Update LX: House Intelligence Committee Report, Lindsey Graham responds, and Benjamin Weingarten discusses 10 takeaways legacy media ignore

Update 61: Gowdy investigation is stonewalled and here

Update 62: Do tell, Senator Ayotte.

Update 63: Muslim Brotherhood shows her colors and here

Update 64: Hilly under light.

Update 65: More dissembling by US State Department (or is it Muslim Brotherhood State Department?).  Does Foggy Bottom belong to Americans or Muslim Brotherhood?

Update 66: 15 March 2015: Bill Jacobson at Legal Insurrection notes Valerie Jarrett shoving the knife in Hillary and twisting it.  I commented:

That this email, etc. business came from the White House was clear from the start. MSM do not run negative Democrat stories without orders from a Democrat White House. This NY Post story is more of same: Jarrett twisting the knife she already shoved inside Hillary.  [Today is the ides of March.]

The purpose of this drama is, clear the decks for Michelle to occupy Oval Office.

Valerie said, of late, she will leave the White House when the lights go out. A curious expression until one considers that she means when she closes it. Meaning, she, Barry and Michelle plan to continue their “rule” — as consiglieri-”elect” Valerie put it in 2008 — but on an expanded scale, and from a different mansion, one they/cronies build over the next 10 years, while Michelle holds the White House, one appropriate for their global rule.

Val, Barry and Michelle have millions or at least hundreds of thousands of backers for that aim. They will turn out the lights in the White House when they have its globe-girdling successor built, because the White House represents a mere nation state, which they transcend and soon shall make all the rest. So they think. So they plan.

More here.

Update 67: Representative Gowdy moves to contact.

Update 68: Hillary Destroys Evidence [Updated], and here, and here

Update 69: Intended consequences: remove Qaddafi so Arabs and Africans can overwhelm Europe.  And a parallel here.

Update 70: The lies are unraveling.  More.  And here.  And here.

Update 71: John Hinderaker says Hillary owns the Benghazi disaster and especially its ramifications.  And John earlier here.

Update 72: US Intel knew Qaddafi’s US-made weapons were being moved from Benghazi to Syria.  I suspect GEN (R) Petraeus was going to say so and that that, plus his efforts to get CIA to do their damn job, is why Brennan in the White House and CIA second and third tiers decided to leak his private life, to force him out of CIA to save CIA embarrassment.

Update 73: They all knew the attacks were coming ten days ahead of their happening.

Update 74: Ed Driscoll: Why Does The Left Kowtow To Islam?

Update 75: John Hinderaker at Power Line: Libya Was To Be Hillary’s Crowning Accomplishment.

Update 76: Benghazi is a bi-partisan scandal.

Update 77: Ambassador Patrick Kennedy, Cleaner-in-Chief, and here.

Update 78: Sid Vicious Blumenthal.

Update 79: Hillary’s violent chaos in Libya paves the way for ISIS expansion.

Update 80: At Instapundit: The Washington Compost makes excuses for The Fascist in re Libya.  I commented:

The “limits of American power to shape events” are manufactures of the minds in The Fascist’s NSC.  They do not exist outside those minds.  Not even the prudent burden themselves with chains, balls, clamps, cuffs and leg-irons.  And call that limits of American power?!  Hilarious.

IMO Benghazi is the jugular of this regime, the globalist pretensions of the Euro-American ruling class and their Hillary Klepton. A non-ruling class Congress would have impeached this regime far and wide long since. The list of relevant charges would challenge even Dan Rather’s word processor to keep up recording them.

Update 81: The CIA Global Response Contractors’ Public Response to the November 21, 2014 House Intelligence Committee Report about the September 11 and 12, 2012 Benghazi Attacks

Update 82: Lawrence Selling: A Simple Plan: How [The Fascist] And Hillary Made The Arab World Safe For Radical Islam [Caliphism]

Update 83: Doug Ross: The Complete Benghazi Timeline Spreadsheet

Update 84: Jonah Goldberg: The Rise Of House Clinton

Update 85: DOD WAS ready to rescue at Benghazi!

Update 86: Benghazi Smoking Gun Email Unmasks Hillary Clinton, also here

Update 87: The Fraud blames PM Cameron

Update 88: Judicial Watch: New Clinton Documents Raise Questions on Benghazi, Clinton Foundation

Update 89: Benghazi is the jugular of Hillary and The Frauds occupying the White House.  Judicial Watch is invaluable indeed.  With luck, their efforts will precipitate ruling class Big House habitations not a few.

Update 90: Judicial Watch, bless them, is on the case of Hillary

Update 91: ISIL/ISIS in Libya

Update 92: Judicial Watch: Cheryl Mills focused on her private company 24 hours after Benghazi

Update 93: Hillary Clinton’s Most Repugnant Lie

Update 94: US Department of State is a criminal conspiracy

Update 95: State Department Hid Key Clinton Benghazi Email From Judicial Watch  Related

Update 96: Hillary Could Have Saved Benghazi Lives

Update 97: The Fraud and CBS on Benghazi

Update 98: House Benghazi report here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here

Update 99: Ted Cruz Sub-Committee Chair: The Fraud’s minions’ willful blindness about Salafist Jihad

Update 100: Charles R. Kubic: Hillary’s Libya Disaster

Related 1: About Kubic, and important from Diana West: Did US Choose War Over Qaddafi’s Abdication?

Diana West: In throwing support to Islamic jihadists, including al-Qaida-linked “rebels” and Muslim Brotherhood forces, the U.S. was changing sides during that “Arab Spring.” Was the war on Qaddafi part of a larger strategic realignment that nothing, not even the prospect of saving thousands of lives, could deter? Or was the chance of going to war for “humanitarian” reasons too dazzling to lose to the prospect of peace breaking out? Or was it something else?

Related 2: DHS slush fund for the Muslim Brotherhood

Update 101: The Conservative Treehouse : Donald Trump To Meet With Brennan And Clapper On Friday

Update 102: The Conservative Treehouse: The Benghazi Brief

Update 103: The Next Benghazi? State Department Leaves Contractors In Afghanistan Without Escape Plan

Update 104: More Than Incompetence In Benghazi

Update 105: From Responsibility To Protect To Slave Markets

Update 106: President Trump Cancels Obama/Kerry CIA Program Arming ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria …

Update 107: The Fraud and Hillary’s Middle East Debacles. Related.


Rama, Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Sita
Rama, Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Sita

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