Three Brothers Doctrine: A Fresh Monetary System

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000


In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.




1- Let Three BrothersIndia, the USA and Russia — construct and maintain the monetary/financial follow-on to the Bretton Woods System, which has been dead since 1971 and carrion for corrupt individuals and corporations since 1980-1982.

2- Let it be for their benefit and the benefit of any sovereign country, such as Israel, who identifies as an E Pluribus Unum, a multi-racial, multi-religious sovereign nation state proud of its composition and united in its resolve to remain sovereign as composed.

3- Let diplomatic, treasury and military plenipotentiaries of the governments of The Three Brothers meet at Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India to construct the system and provide for its maintenance, ASAP.

I am not an expert in economics theory.  But I have done some economics, building out and up.  And I know a little something about systems, generally.  I know that economics (Greek: building up and out) is the art of building systems which establish and maintain stability and expansion of a society or country or a community of societies or countries.  The last system built to establish and maintain financial stability and expansion inside and among nations was that created in 1944 at Bretton Woods, NH.  That system lasted until the USA, in two acts roughly a decade apart, first killed it and then offered it to scavengers.

On 26 September 2008, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said, “we must rethink the financial system from scratch, as at Bretton Woods.”

First Richard Nixon oversaw (1971) removing the USA from the Gold Standard, which was agreed essential to the Bretton Woods system by both victors (excepting the Soviet) and losers of World War II.

Second, Ronald Reagan oversaw (1980-82) deregulation of Savings and Loan banks in the USA, which comprised the first time Congress and POTUS had acted to stimulate Savings and Loan banks’ profits rather than their mission.  Somewhere in my memory, perhaps faulty, I hear reports of POTUS Reagan saying to an assembly of bankers and politicians, “Get yours!” as he signed an S&L deregulation bill.  In any case, they did, and right out of taxpayers’ pockets.

These changes were intended to allow S&Ls to “grow” out of their problems, and as such represented the first time that the government explicitly sought to influence S&L profits as opposed to promoting housing and homeownership.

So the Bretton Woods System was not operating 27 years after its construction and was carrion for vultures, so to speak, after 38 years.

History’s objective is self-transcendence.

Every system is rigged in the sense that its design and operation are meant by its designers and operators to produce a specific set of outcomes.  This is natural and wholesome.  Every system also ages, requires adjustments (updates/repairs) and undergoes obsolescence as its intended outcomes become not wanted or undesirable for one reason or another.  No system lasts forever.  Dust to dust.

Yet, the Bretton Woods System served good purpose during its tenure.  It produced the desired outcomes of general social and national stability and expansion.  It was terminated by self-interests — rather than national or multi-national interests — inside its senior signer, the USA.  Think: banks and other multi-national corporations.  That termination (Nixon) laid open taxpayers of the Bretton Woods System’s signatories and other nations to looting (Reagan) by the envious and concupiscent.  Terminating the Bretton Woods System consigned citizens of nations willy-nilly to the role of carrion groaning for burial.

Since Reagan, looters — politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, financiers and legions of their sycophants — have so corrupted nations’ institutions and leader cadres — the while consuming their nations’ mental, monetary and metaphysical wealth — that today the likes of Soros, Kissinger, Clinton, Steyer, Pritzker, Gates and the anonymous jerks behind Democracy Alliance — and these illustrate only the gallery of crooks inside the USA — are respected citizens.  What insanity is that?  No, these are vultures feasting on carrion of their own devising: USA and other nations’ economically despondent, spiritually destitute taxpayers.

When the likes of Soros, etc. heave into view without being deprived of their freedom, the system they are consuming is both dead and corrupt.  And un-reformable.  Such individuals are the sign that a fresh system is indicated, STAT.  With respect to Bretton Woods, NATO and other systems created upon the close of World War II, that is our condition today.  Russia saw this before the USA did.  She closed the Soviet and folded the Cold War fully 25 years ago!  And Soros, Clinton, Merkel and Hollande and their globalist cabals want to carry on the Cold War as if the Soviet exists?!?!  No, they want to use Russia’s natural and reasonable strategic activity as a pretext for more looting, by themselves and their cronies, of American and European taxpayers.

Restoring and Expanding the Wealth of America is the Goal.

Well, the national and inter-national dynamics are quite other than they were between 1944 and 1971.  And the Soviet and the Cold War do not exist.  But the need for system to build and maintain social and national expansions is ever-present, a constant of history.  So, with World War II systems defunct and — absent replacements thereof — nations corrupted in consequence, top priority now belongs to building and maintaining the follow-ons to Bretton Woods, NATO and other inter-national facilitating structures created during and just after World War II.

The opportunities exist for follow-on systems but not for recapitulations.  That is because the leading nations of the world now are NOT what they were in 1944 and following.

Three nations now comprise the world’s cynosure: India, USA and Russia.  They are the leading nations of the world.  Why these three?  Because they are the world’s only nations comprising multi-racial and multi-religious citizenry who consider themselves, as constituted and patriotically, sovereign nation states.  And those qualities — multi-racial and multi-religious populations consciously, deliberately united as one nation state — are the mandate of world order now and as far futurely as I, at least, can see.

E Pluribus Unum

Therefore, let India, USA and Russia — now — build and, as primary actors, maintain — among other structures for their long-term and joint welfare — a monetary/financial system that centers on their joint needs and aspirations.  Let other nations join as junior partners if they wish, to include especially Anglo-Sphere nations — Five Eyes — but let the system be built to gratify India, USA and Russia, because their polities are the standard of the Human Race.

Interestingly, another nation also has constituted herself, uniquely and of recent times, as multi-racial and multi-religious: Israel.  Israel should be a junior partner in a monetary/financial system built to gratify India, the USA and Russia.  Not surprisingly, because of her constitution, Israel already enjoys synergetic interactions with each of those three principals.  Israel’s history illustrates the opportunity of constituting smaller nations — measured by population and land mass — as multi-racial, multi-religious polities and patrimonies.

The auspicious place for meeting to produce the system indicated is Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Update 1: Michael Ledeen in Forbes: Another American Revolution

There is no American nationalism—a 19th century European ideology that developed in countries with overwhelming majorities of a single religion and/or ethnicity. The classic examples are France, England and Germany, all of which had largely homogeneous populations. There is an American counterpart, but it’s very different. We have patriotism, pride of nation, and that nation is defined by a distinctly anti-nationalist idea, since Americans belong to myriad religions and come in many colors, accents, and traditions. American patriotism—aka American exceptionalism—rests on the Declaration and the Constitution, not a national church or ethnic group.

Update 2: Russia is not the biggest threat to the USA.  But noting that is not solving the problem.  Nor is saying Salafist Jihad is the biggest threat to the USA.  After WWII a set of international structures was created to keep the peace and stable communications among nations, both those who won and those who lost.

Those structures’ obsolescence by on-going natural hubbub of nations and by anti-national sovereignty activists makes necessary a new, fresh structure for doing the same: keep the peace and guarantee communications, but in modern, not 1945 circumstances.  The Solons (statesmen) have NOT produced the same.

Russia should be a close ally of the USA, as per Three Brothers Doctrine.

Update 3: What did General Anatol Alexis Gogol say about American/Western research?: something like, Where would Russian technology be without it.  A delightful Brit TV movie named Sleepers made the same point but with regard to Russia needing a strong Britain socially and financially so as to maintain Russia’s own strength.

Heraclitus: conflict is the father of all things.  Everyone needs someone strong enough to stand up to them or they can’t make anything, literally.  My wife once commented that that is why she came to live with me.  One hand can’t clap.  One person can’t tango.

Russia will support the candidate who is strong enough to stand up to Russia and deal fairly with her.  That is Donald and Melania Trump.  Hillary is too easy, a pushover, does nothing to hone Russia’s abilities, creates no opportunities for Russia to strain a muscle.  With Hillary, Russia would have to clap with one hand, can’t be done, wouldn’t get Russia anywhere.  Vlad wants a sparing partner who can go the distance with him.  I think he should have one: Donald and Melania Trump.

Update 4: BS to Podhoretz, a genuine Talmudic racist.  The largest cohort of the country — one of the world’s three multi-racial, multi-religious countries who think of themselves AS citizens of one country, theirs, and not as races or religions (the other two like-made and like-minded are India and Russia) — voted as though it were a country, E Pluribus Unum.  Comme il faut!  Podhortez and like Talmudists failed to start a domestic religious war, so now they will try to start a domestic racial one.  Go to, boys, go to.  We are Americans.  Period.  And you can keep your racist sanctimony.


Update 5: Were I POTUS, and to roll up that combination, I would ask the Hashemites how much of the Arabian Peninsula they would like under their stewardship and present them with it.

Dave, take heart.  E Pluribus Unum is alive and well, even in senior reaches of the federal executive branch, even now.  And it just forced the end of dissolution, aka globalism.  With genuine leadership and actual truth-telling, the multi-racial, multi-religious American voter can be trusted.  Lo and behold!  We do not think nationalistically, we think patriotically, because we are multi-racial and multi-religious, E Pluribus Unum, and proud of it.

Well, we finally have a second political party, at least in nascent.  But I mis-saw its origin.  I thought it would develop from patriots cracking and replacing the Republican component of the Democratic-Republican Uniparty.  Instead, it appears to be developing from the Democratic component of said Uniparty breaking Salafist Jihadi and breaking away from its Republican minions.  We will see, I suppose, whether any of said minions — RINOs — will break Salafist Jihadi along with their Democratic handlers.

It is good to have two political parties.  Good for both of them.  Clarity is a virtue and nothing vexes confusion more than a beheading knife.

Update 6: Americans: my multi-racial, multi-religious fellow citizens who, as I do, take us as one people, one humanity and one sovereign country comprising ourselves as E Pluribus Unum.  And under protection of Sweet and Almighty Providence.

Update 7: And a lesson in systems theory from Richard Fernandez:

The campaign models became the data themselves.  The indicators became the inputs and the whole apparatus self-referentially detached itself from reality.  The progressive demographic model (which models identity politics) constrained what the Hillary campaign could conceive.  The reason progressive politics is about race is their models are about race.  With only such a limited vocabulary there were some ideas the model could simply not express.  They were unsayable.

Update 8: Soros the Connoisseur Of Chaos

Update 9:  Long, informative interview by Washington Compost of LTG Michael Flynn, U.S.A. Retired

Update 10: Trump’s Contribution To Sound Money

Update 11: What To Do About George Soros

Update 12: Do Not Spare Pakistan

Update 13: The 75 Leftist Groups Trying To Stop Donald Trump From Taking Office

Update 14: Merkel Makes An Enemy

Update 15: This is how you make finance/economics — one of the three assets of statecraft, the others being diplomacy and war-fighting — work for national sovereignty.

Update 16: Sundance: A Third Dimension in American Economics .…


Update 17: Sundance: Chinese Central Planners Forecast “Weak Growth” in Manufacturing and Housing …

I commented: I might be less downright about alliance between Russia and China.  I see cooperation on specifics there but not fundamental common interest or presence in being. Russia has considerable common interest and presence in being with both India and USA.  And they with Russia.  So I would factor, as a squeeze, an alliance among those three leaving China no chair to sit in.  Frankly, that alliance — USA, India, Russia — is the grand throttle on China’s hegemonic aspirations.  There is not another one entirely able to do the job.



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