Fruitcakes Petrify The People, Needlessly

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Fruitcakes do not want to be understood.  They do not want to be accepted.  They want to command.  That want of fruitcakes impels the dread of danger, the feeling of loss, the fear of ambiguity, the dolor of defenselessness and the heat of fierceness discomforting everyone else today.

This must rank among the most crawling servilities of contemporary times.  A David Moranos is the auteur.  He of the Washington Compost, who proudly throws more idolatry into the bargain.

Were it not for psychotropic drugs, legal and illegal, that fruitcake, and the millions like him, would be standing signs at intersections.  Fruitcakes helm the ship of state and subvert, with drugs, or terrify voters to promote them.  A condition so terrible must be an act of God.  The DOJ lawyers acting as efficient causes.



Some more indications follow.

What worked in Reagan’s era just doesn’t work anymore, and Trump is simply exploiting the divide.

I think that is because what Reagan talked about Reagan did, more or less.  Today, what so-called conservative Republicans talk about they do not do, not at all.  That discrepancy is easy to exploit.  If not by Donald Trump, by someone else.

So-called conservative intelligentsiya’s talking disconnected from doing — at least, doing for the welfare of the country and her citizens rather than just for themselves — while even succumbing here and there to the seduction of thinking that talking IS doing — de-powers the human condition inside and outside the country.  Conclusion: so-called conservative intelligentsiya are a facet of the riot, a window for Globalists’ defenestration of American sovereignty.

How often, for example, and how deeply and widely does the PL team address the matter of American sovereignty, the thing that is at the bottom of this hubbub, this pandemonium?  I think it matters little to them, about as much as it matters to academia and the DNC-RNC: only to the extent it can be ignored or traduced.  Yet it matters quite a lot, and deeply, to citizens whose treads through life keep the nation functioning.  And the nation is not dissolving.

Again, that discrepancy is easy to exploit.  If not by Donald Trump, by someone else.  Yet, there is far, far more to Donald Trump than an exploiter.  We will see, I am sure.

The alliance, albeit pro tem, between Globalists and Caliphists is, regrettably, a known known.

There has been talk occasionally in the petroleum press over the last year that the sudden fall in oil prices was demanded of Al Saud by the White House in order to crush USA shale oil and gas.  Something, the thought has been, the White House has over Al Saud left the latter no choice but to comply.

Not a coincidence that just before traveling to Al Saud, this week, the White House threatens Al Saud with 9/11 papers.  Nor that the low prices are to continue past the recent Gulf Oil summit — in answer, no doubt, to the 9/11 papers threat and unpublished others.  Globalist 60 Minutes doesn’t roll sound and camera until Globalist White House authorizes them to.  Comes Bloomberg today with a puff piece on the kinder, gentler Saudi new generation.  What marvelous Kabuki Theatre!

So, in fact, Globalists have the upper hand, currently, or so they think, on their Caliphist allies and use it.

And Peggy Noonan, who fell and voted for the fruitcake, is sad rather than contrite?


With respect, not national security, national sovereignty.  National security is diplomatic, financial and military assets sufficient to defeat (to unconditional surrender) anyone essaying to subject USA land, families and Constitution to their tender mercies.  National sovereignty is the will of USA land, families and legal system stewards to reject subjection of the USA Constitution to any allegedly superseding or superior ideology or law.  In other words, national sovereignty is Freedom, high, loud and wide.

That said, the issue at trial today is national sovereignty, not national security.  National security is downstream from national sovereignty, just as politics is downstream from culture (see also here).  (Culture, BTW, is downstream from education, and education is downstream from freedom.  Freedom — or not — is where it all starts … and ends.)

USA has copious and more than adequate national security, were it employed.  But half at least of her residents (most probably not citizens and most certainly not patriots) are in reverie (usually drug-induced) of subjection of USA to some religious regime stoked with enmity for USA land, families and Constitution.  They are called and call themselves Globalists and Caliphists.  Their subtle source, BTW, is Esalen Institute and Abraham Maslow.  Now there’s a reach, isn’t it?  🙂

The Fraud is a Globalist and a Caliphist.  An unusual combination in one personality; bears seeds of self-destruction.  National security to The Fraud means someone challenging the supremacy of his personal diplomatic, financial and military prowess in any and all matters, including European affairs, which he includes in his universal remit.  National sovereignty — Freedom — The Fraud considers a pathetic non sequitur given to low and useless minds.  But Americans do not see freedom that way.

Playing [your choice] for chumps.  Yup.

Politics isn’t what you do, it’s what you say, according to this political class.  What you say to the chumps.  It’s akin to tossing lighted matches over cans of gasoline.  Who would think to do such a thing?

Certified, museum-quality fruitcakes.  And the chumps they set up to delude.


Self-hindering at Harvard.  A pity Tzipi did not milk the question with a quip that got the room laughing.  Why are aggressive morons taken seriously?  Why aren’t they laughed at or at least over?  And isn’t Tzipi herself a leftist fellow-traveller?  Is this another instance of lefties having their own for breakfast?  She’s a Hamas supporter, no, or at least appeaser, yes?  And if HU and HLS are leftie factories, what’s the shame if they self-hinder?  Wouldn’t that be an improvement, a community redevelopment initiative?  Somehow this constellation of events reminds me of Emerson’s address to HDS.

Intolerance proves one’s tolerance?  In his treatise Concerning Tolerance, Locke mentioned that two groups should not be tolerated: Atheists and Roman Catholics.  Atheists because they do not believe in God, ergo, a moral base-line.  And Roman Catholics because they are intolerant.

Global Governance honchos and climate change.

Seven Earth Day predictions that failed spectacularly.

2016 Jefferson Muzzie Awards

The Paris climate agreement is all about empowering the U.N. and has nothing to do with the climate.

In principle, Latin and Greek Churches getting together is salutary.  But not by these two clowns … in Communist Cuba(!).  Francis is a Communist Jesuit and Kirill is a KGB informer.

The Patriarch The Pope And An Old Play From Russia’s Geopolitical Playbook

The Pope, the Patriarch — And A Little Bit Of Putin

Patriotism, Secularism, And Eastern-Rite Identity In Ukraine

Meeting Of Pope And Patriarch Highlights Ancient Rifts, Current Fears
(Such a Washington Compost headline!)

We became too narrowly focused on policy studies to the exclusion of the sustained public argument about the principles and practices of a free society that were the predicate of policy reforms.

Correction: [You] became narrowly focused on principles to the exclusion of sustained public exposure to history.  You lost the schools, you lost the country.


On The Other Hand, Some People Are,
Finally, Catching Up, Or,
Being Heard

Regarding Caliphism:

Why Do They Hate Us

Realism And Islam … Also Here

Theology In Foreign Policy

Countering The Islamic State’s Message

Update 1: Richard Fernandez tackles this constellation of developments in a post named The Men Who Would Be King.  A long and lively comment string follows the post, which keys off a New York Slimes Magazine article featuring White House occupier Ben Rhodes.  Reports on that article also are here, here, here, here, here and here.  I commented thrice to Fernandez’s post:

Eli Lake has a different take on this incident, one which I think raises the possibility that the Times interview is psyops, disinformation, misdirection.

Not that Bonhoeffer is wrong in the point made here.  He’s right, as is Wretchard’s exegesis of and literary correlations to Bonhoeffer’s observations.

Just that there may be more to this than meets the eye at first.  The Times is a propaganda arm of this White House.  Why take anything they print seriously, or at least, as directly relevant?  Given the source, would it not be judicious to discern the possible reasons that propaganda arm and its boss would have for writing such an article?  There can be several, none premised on taking the article at face value as exposing a stable of imbeciles or malevolence.


Whatever else is going on in the Times article, what strikes me as present and consistent with their source’s past practice is Globalists‘ defenestration of American sovereignty.  Whether stupid or malevolent, the gestalt and effect of Globalists‘ activity, mental, verbal and manual, is dissolution of the USA as a sovereign nation state.

I think that is simultaneously the operating insight of and the grand strategic work-list for patriotic intelligence — to redeem the elements of USA national sovereignty.  They abide, but they are in stir.  They can be freed to pursue their nature and destiny.  The Church’s natural posture is to attack confinement.


The more I think about this NYTM article the surer I become that it is, to use a metaphor, a Candy Gram for Mongo wherein Rhodes is Sheriff Bart, Americans, to include the foreign policy establishment to which Rhodes belongs, are Mongo and the article is the candy gram box, which, as planned, has blown up — observe the heaving hearts and flailing pens far and wide — in Americans’ faces.

Or, to change the metaphor, Rhodes and Co. are giving the finger to all and sundry, here and abroad, as publicly and as forcefully as they can.  With huge smirks on their faces.  It’s who they are: fascists, not pacifists.


Update 1: Kurt Schlichter: Liberals’ Kids Get The Golden Ticket While Yours Get Scraps

Glenn Reynolds: To Reduce Inequality, Abolish The Ivy League

Update 2: Today I drove into the wealthiest town in my state of residence, to visit a friend I have not seen for over a decade.  The town had been bucolic, restful, money used as it should be, to create beauty and quiet.

Now, starting on its border and then throughout, the town quivers, no doubt redundantly, with electronic surveillance.  Everywhere!  Feels hot and jittery as from radiation.  Tense, no rest, just suspicion and wariness.

Beautiful landscaping everywhere, still, and more of it … and absolute tracking.  No doubt every license plate driving in is instantly scrubbed against local, state and national databases of criminals, kidnappers and jihadis.  As by Creech AFB, north of Las Vegas, the palpable electronic cacophony screams, “STAY OUT!”

Surely my plate was identified as non-resident — mansions are gated but not the town, which is entirely single-family homes — and my progress tracked, or could have been if a DB had flagged my plate.

I thought, These people are paranoid.  Of course they are kidnap targets.  And VBIED targets.  But still, if all that wealth — today mostly new money and tera-tons of it — gets you into that condition, what’s the point?

Update 3: Now this is significant, about Hirsi Ali, discussing Donald Trump.  I have always been suspicious of this girl.  A self-promoter is always insane, and a liar.

Update 4: Maureen Callahan: Everything Today Is A Lie


Update 5: Post and, at length, comments deal with The Fraud as black and electoral dynamics thereabouts.  But, as is known, The Fraud is not black socially, intellectually or any other way.  He has one African biological parent, apparently, but that is not black as Americans uses the word.  His every other and salient aspect is white, as Americans use the word.  And socially he descends from the self-satisfied, hyper-sexed, hyper-active monied orbits of the CIA and so-called philanthropic foundations.  Codevilla: The Chosen One.

So he mixes with black public figures, famous and infamous.  So what?  So would most any white fratboy given a chance, thinking it would make them cool.  I think that’s why The Fraud does it.  He’s a black wannabe, like many, many whites today are.

I think The Fraud is the first guy in the White House to have been bred and raised for it by the company and those foundations.  He’s their boy.  They protect him.  MSM isn’t afraid of him.  They’re afraid of them.  Ditto Hillary.  And ValJar, also a company/foundation issue, is their helpmeet/minder to The Fraud.

Fear of his sponsors, not racism, silences would-be critics of The Fraud.  The Washington Compost makes my point with their picture topping this oped by George Will.

Update 6: Senator Jeff Sessions: This Election Offers a Simple Choice

Update 7: The Deep Meaning Of Ben Rhodes


Update 8: From Jolie-Pitt To The Jolly Pit Of Globaloney

Update 9: How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen

Update 10: I remark that for all their trying, lefties have not been able to conjure a general mutiny by Americans.  Not even by lefties or their clients. Windbags.  The system bends with the winds in the few places they blow then snaps right back into place.  Where the winds get a fleeting advantage and synergy, e.g., Chicago, the system seals off the area and lets ’em to it.

Related: deep state, or any politics, trying to control the culture cannot work for the reason Breitbart stressed: politics is downstream from culture.  The 2016 election was about culture, not politics: America remains American, politics has to come along, it has no other choice.  Breitbart told the truth.

Update 11: Glenn Reynolds: To Reduce Inequality, Abolish The Ivy League



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