A Coup D’État Is Underway

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.


coup d’état is underway by the Globalist-Caliphist cartel against American and European political sovereignty and religious freedom.

A terrific fight is occurring inside Washington D.C. over supporting or opposing the Globalist-Caliphist cartel’s coup d’état against Americans’ — and Europeans’ — independence.

When a populace knows they are under attack and sees those responsible for protecting them have zero interest in doing that, and in fact frustrate their right of personal and national self-defense, they and even some of their senior public servants grow disconsolate.

The only force ever successfully to have stood against Globalist-Caliphist hegemony is The Church of Jesus the Christ, Latin and Greek.  She is the only force ever that can and will do that.

Update 1: Ed, you and the Power Line boys think the Republic will carry on whatever, that no existential threat exists to USA national sovereignty.  So you think affairs are business as usual — perhaps a bit more blithering — as when you grew up and schooled.  Or at least you try to think that.  Trump appears to you as a 70s/80s egoist who, on a national stage, embarrasses the raucous process of the nation’s basically serene progress forward, as you assumed it would when you were younger, and still want to happen.

Well, Ed, that’s not where we are.  We are somewhere we had no idea was coming and that somewhere, looked long and coldly at it, is a monumental existential threat to USA national sovereignty and independence both from within and from without.  Neither you nor the Republican Party establishment, such as the Power Line boys, sees that, believes that or wants to work from that.  Fine.

Donald Trump does.  So does Ted Cruz.  The other Republican candidates, no.  All but Carson are part of the effort to undo USA national sovereignty in favor or a higher, newer vision, one beyond the US Constitution and answerable to hopeful, changing aspirations of a cartel whose wants, actually, are simply for sex and money.  Classically, that is named concupiscence, the desire to gather all into oneself.  To eat the world.  Concupiscence is an offspring of envy.

Americans feel existentially threatened, as in by an almighty maw.  They feel a cartel they cannot reach by ordinary political processes wants them dead and what they love sucked dry and abandoned.  Donald is no angel.  No American thinks he is.  But he sounds like he wants to protect Americans, and he sounds sincere about that.  So does Ted Cruz.  And Americans know he knows ways to do that and would use them given a chance.  They know that also about Ted Cruz.

This isn’t about showmanship, style and PR, Ed, the world you inhabit.  This is about life and death as free individuals and an independent nation state of same.  The Republican Party establishment belongs to the Globalist-Caliphist cartel conducting a coup d’état against the political sovereignty and religious freedom of Americans, French, Germans, etc.  Fundamentally transform = conduct coup d’état against.

Update 2: Democracy always leads to scarcity and collapse.  The mob always begs for Socrates’ death, and Jesus’.  Once the guillotines drop and the mobs roar, they drop all the more.  That’s why lefties (Globalists-Caliphists) love democracy. Democracy guarantees endless hope and change.  Stability is sinful in the eyes of democracy activists.  Our Framers fought tooth and nail to prevent its accession here, did all they could conceive to obviate its emergence.

Update 3: Not possible to seal or control the borders or protect USA homeland so long as Moslem Brotherhood and its fronts (CAIR, etc.) advise, influence or control most elements of the Executive Branch and much of Congress and the Judiciary.  Kudlow thinks the USA can carry on as he grew up to expect, fix herself through regular political processes (aspirin, advair and an occasional antibiotic).  No, he’s behind the times.  Now, the other means of fixing a political system is indicated (echtomies).


Update 4: I don’t see what the White House thinks this befits or benefits.  So I am inclined to think the trip, very, very rare, was about what went on behind doors, not about this public bathos.  The expressions on the GOs faces may be a clue, for example, that they just had a peevish private pranging for sending intel products and strategic assessments and opportunities the NSC wants to see never again.  Update: Yup, I was right. The visit/pranging was at least about this.

Update 5: The author makes a sardonic point.  However, it is not on what happened in this event, which is that Jarrett and Rice got so fed up with JCS sending over assessments and opportunities they did not want to see that they sent alleged POTUS over — very, very rare, into noxiously foreign territory — to tell JCS to Shut The F up or else … and to G-D quit sending freedom of navigation probes across what are now globally-accepted Chinese sovereign waters.  In other words, he was sent to tell DOD that a coup d’état is underway and DOD is to shut up and accept it and its feminist agitprop.

Update 6: Rush Limbaugh on what’s actually happening

Ed Driscoll, an example of Rush’s point.  I commented:

Ed, you don’t get it.  They’re not on the other side of an aisle.  They’re under you and everything you cherish, making caverns and filling them with explosives to blow you and yours to oblivion.  Rush recently did a segment on your kind’s ignorance of the game afoot.

Rush related

Update 7: Richard Fernandez: The Hoarders

Update 8: Clare M. Lopez: History Of The Moslem Brotherhood Penetration Of The U.S. Government

Update 9: The Moslem Brotherhood In America: A Course In 10 Parts

Update 10:  Caliphists and Globalists operate in the same morphology: hydra-headed bodies that change colors, connections and transparencies as by a polymorphic engine.

Update 11: Spengler on Ted Cruz

Update 10: An Israeli Hero and a Power Line failure of intellect.  I commented:

The Bush Neo-Cons refused to put USA on war footing on 12SEP01.  They essayed to make less than 1% of the country carry 100% of the burden of battle.  Their successors deny there is a battle or ever has been, except to throw off the grotesque yoke of Amero-Euro colonialism.

With all that, the ME/Islam is small potatoes as battles go.  The big potato is in the South and East China Seas.  China has punched through the USA western defensive littoral.  Salafist and Iranian Jihadis/Caliphists are flies.  They exist because no one, so far, has fumigated for them.  The arch-hegemon, the capital carnivore, is in Asia.

Staff Sergeant Weissman died a Solder’s death, in battle with a mortal, vicious enemy.  That is honorable.  His widow and child have comfort in that.  His honor protects them, as a man, husband and father should protect his family.  May the men of Israel earn as much honor, at least, by protecting their families and country, decisively, in a manner which will leave no doubt in Jihadi/Caliphist minds regarding the impossibility of their success and the non-alternative to their being happy with Israelis and Israel and every other person and thing they currently hate and despise.

And may American men likewise come to their senses and fumigate for Salafist and Iranian Jihadis/Caliphists wherever they are, however they hide, so that mankind’s major threat, China, can be faced and disabused of her posture for aggressive, hegemonic racism.

And John, they are not terrorists.  They are Salafist Jihadis.  The nomenclature has to be accurate before the battle can be successfully joined.  So far, that has not occurred among the lib-con cartel.  And that is why this war, a piddling affair relatively speaking, has not been won.  Calling them terrorists nebulizes them, conjures confusion.  They love it.  Here’s what they are.

Update 11: National Review Online gets something right for a change, regarding jihad.

Update 12: “The thinking behind the ‘Nuit Debout’ is to find new confidence in our own strength precisely because we don’t trust those who rule us any more,” 20-year-old political science student Victor said.

“When they (the government) say that they’re working for young people, it’s a huge lie.  They’re just trying to halt the momentum.”

Richard Fernandez and many fine commenters on this theme: The Age Of Discontent

Update 13: Richard Fernandez: The Global World Hits A Snag

Update 14: The Daily Signal, house organ of The Heritage Foundation, writes Caliphists’ lulling propaganda for them.

Update 15: Waking Up In Minnesota

Update 16: Reblog: Research Finds That As A Group, Only Men Pay Taxes

Update 17: On 06 March 2017, commenter Richard Millard wrote to a post by Paul Mirengoff:

Paul, please.  Stop trying to apply normal rules to this situation – we’re way past that.

For the first time in our nation’s history, we have an outgoing administration refusing to peacefully cede power to its successor, and instead mounting a covert war, in alliance with moles in the bureaucracy and its allies in the press, to cripple the new administration and dive it from office by extra-constitutional means.  There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind: we are seeing a concerted effort to frustrate the choice of the American voters and reverse the results of the last election.

Mobs in the streets, physical attacks on Trump supporters with no response from police, unprecedented obstruction of executive nominations, over-reaching decisions by activist judges in forum-shopped litigation, bureaucrats openly announcing their intent to slow-walk and obstruct the policies that the voters chose in November, and claiming civil service protection for their obstruction, contunuous, coordinated leaks of highly classified information by “anonymous sources,” all presented with approval, amplified and endorsed by a press corps almost uniformly hostile to the President – this is a coup, and it’s being organized and run by the prior administration.  We are living through a crisis that may end our democratic system.

And you want to talk about whether Trump’s rhetoric is seemly?  Wake up!

I commented: The coup is against Americans’ national sovereignty and religious freedom.  So, it is a formal coup d’etat.  Technically it has been underway for decades, but efficiently for eight+ years, and it continues now.

It intrigues me that more was not accomplished during the last eight years.  For example, they are denied at FISA in June and are not back with another try until October?!?  That sounds terribly lazy to me.  I put that down to the drugs they must use.  The Soviet, over many decades, failed to squish national sovereignty from peoples it ruled.

There seems no seemly — meaning courtly, wood-paneled walls, silk suits and all that — way to defeat globalists’ coup d’etats against national sovereignties and religious freedom, which is the most fundamental of all freedoms.  Certainly Socialists’ compadres, Salafists, are eloquent on that point.


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