Watch It Happening Or Make It Happen

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



The self-important resent that normals do not envy them.

To tell the truth, one would say to a young person, you can be what it is your inner necessity to be, and you can discover what that is, and you have to discover what that is, and once you do discover what that is and push yourself out for it, expand yourself with it, you will be happy, very happy.

If you do not struggle with a boundary, you do not mature.  Ignorance itself is a boundary against which you must struggle to be learned.

If you struggle through a boundary, it remains intact behind you and you face another boundary in front of you.  That is life.  Nothing good and useful comes without struggle, war, conflict against boundaries.  They are, therefore, your friend even though they may infuriate or even kill you.  If you deny their existence, they surely will kill you.

Fulfill the reason your parents and The Almighty gave you this birth.  Be who you are, not what you want to be.  Trust your self, not the asses’ braying.  Do not be gaslighted by adults scheming to concoct a menial role in life for you, or worse, a confused one, so they may lord it over you.

Why did Jacob wrestle with God?  To get to know Him and to receive His blessing, two assets he needed for success in the destiny ahead of him.  The Vedic parallel to that event is the fight between Arjuna and Lord Siva.

If you are not prepared to kill God, you can not be a hero.

Intelligence operations against an enemy will be far more fruitful and beneficial when one is fighting said enemy than when one is merely observing him.  Even a Cold War is better, intelligence-wise and combat training-wise, than No War.  You will see much more of what is going on when you really need to than when you are merely interested, or not.  You have to see them to fight them, but you have to fight them to see them.

If you want peace, start a fight.

China has dropped an Iron Curtain across what to USA is the Southwest Pacific Area, part of the Indo-Pacific Region.  China has started a fight.  She wants peace, her peace, comprising tyranny over money, geography and women, the three occasions of war.

Thus, a new Cold War — cold so far but war nonetheless — exists.  Furthermore, China is pushing her Iron Curtain eastward, northward and southward, extending her boundary at middle, top and bottom.

West of that Iron Curtain must flow the bulk of the nations’ communications.  China has, in effect therefore, declared war against every other nation on the globe.  World War IV, to be exact.  (World War III was the Latin Church’s and partners’ Cold War against the Soviet.)

There are three reasons for war:

tyranny over wealth
tyranny over dominion
tyranny over women

By World Wars I and II, humanity disallowed tyranny over dominion.
By World War III (Cold War), humanity disallowed tyranny over wealth.
By World War IV (in progress), humanity will disallow tyranny over women.

A curtain, iron or otherwise, is a boundary.  That means it is an opportunity for making history rather than merely watching it.  So this war, World War IV, is on and presents opportunities to the USA and other nations in or near the Indo-Pacific region.  One counts opportunities in the areas of sovereignty, commerce and human liberation, among others.  There, upon such opportunities, should grand strategic and tactical inquiry focus.


What is China going to do to us?

But rather,

Now that China has declared war against all other nations, what conflict — of our choice — with China enhances the prestige of the USA and other nations on China’s perimeter — Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Tibet, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Russia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, etc. — and leads to liberation of Chinese from the delusions of Communist imperialism?

Don’t watch it.  Make it.

Βασιλεία του Θεού
Kingdom of God


Jane Russell
Jane Russell

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