The Media Is A Political Party

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In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



In their minds, THE political party.

The Media is a political party, entrusted by Rs and Ds and Americans generally — and certainly by The Media themselves (“I’m the F-ing Media, deal with it/get out of my way, peon!”) — to write our religious, cultural and political narratives and agendas, to have them believed and to enforce them.  Rs and Ds do not write the tune or play it.  The Media does both.

This has been the case all through my 74 years in this breathing world.  Rs and Ds hope The Media will speak for them and are never satisfied that they do because The Media never does.  The Media speaks only for The Media.

The Media is the uber party, uber alles. They are neither reactionary nor liberal, conservative nor whatever.  They are The Media.  They are the message and its enforcer.

The Media regard themselves as without a second.  They always have and probably always will.  To themselves, The Media stands in aseity.  I think that is what we are dealing with in rather clear facets today.

Now we have bureaucrats, such as James Comey, making the same claim — of aseity — for themselves and their bureaucracies.  Dramatic time these.

The Media is a political party unto itself.  It is the message and guards its exclusivity jealously and with violence.

Suppressing the truth is like trying to hold
an inflated beach ball under water.
It takes a great deal of effort, and it will
eventually pop to the surface anyway.

Perhaps each of these problems involves extenuating circumstances and a backstory that makes them less damaging.

But taken as a whole, they point to a careerist FBI hierarchy that did not adhere to standards of professionalism that their subordinates in the field most certainly do adhere to.

The FBI’s current problems are not in their stars, but in themselves.

Skaffen Sma: The FBI took a dossier of unverified anti-Trump sludge provided by Putin officials in the Kremlin, and spun it into an argument that Trump was actually colluding with this very same Kremlin.

They did this to convince a judge to permit spying on political opponents and ultimately ensure that the person who paid for the dossier – Clinton – got elected.

And when Clinton lost anyway, they went all in on this argument in order to destroy an elected president before he could expose their criminality.

Gerald J. Birmingham: And can we all please redouble our efforts to reinforce the notion Trump has proven.  That in The US of A, ANYONE can grow up to be Preident!

David R. Graham: Nonesense.  Not anyone can grow up to be President.  It is a calling, not an aspiration.  And it takes breeding and refinement.  Which is to say, a family of strength generations deep plus an auspicious marriage and successful career outside politics.  Clinton and The Fraud were criminals, not Presidents.  Carter was a potential President but from a weak family and not married for the position.  Ditto Nixon.  Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan were Presidents properly familied and married.

What you mean is, in the USA, we have no titles of nobility.  We go by family strength, marriage strength and career strength.  Check those boxes and you qualify as a USA President, though if you are not called to the responsibility you will never be a President even if you occupy the Oval Office.  We Americans respect builders, but being a builder is not the whole qualification to be POTUS.

Only builders interiorly called to the post are qualified to be POTUS.  There are few of these.  Often we get stuck with a charlatan, not a President.  A danger of our political system but less important than the political system itself.  We have no titles of nobility.  That is our saving grace.

Like a comic-book superhero, [The Fraud] is there to help, out of the sheer goodness of a heart we need not know or understand.  For as with all Magic Negroes, the less real he seems, the more desirable he becomes.  If he were real, white America couldn’t project all its fantasies of curative black benevolence on him.

Americans do not want to assimilate Islam. They never have wanted to, right from the start. Our Founders used to pay them tribute, ransom and protection monies … from thousands of miles away from them. Americans always have known what Moslems are about and that it ain’t about anything Americans want to be about. 9/11 was nothing new to Americans, just continuation of a known known.

So, No!  Americans do not want to assimilate Moslems. Not now, not ever.  Those two ways of living do not and cannot mix.  One will clobber the other.  One goes under the other.  They are incompatible and not equal.

Ambition and attention-grabbing are definitions of immodesty.  Women are powerful attention-grabbers inherently.  When many are in a room together, the most ambitious can be expected to do what they consider necessary to grab the most attention.  That means exposing their bodies to plain sight in such a way as to whet the appetites of onlookers for more exposition and closer proximity to if not conjugation with it.

This is all natural and unsurprising.  Surprising — and unbecoming — is women doing that and then slapping those whose appetites they have elevated.  That is in the same order of unfairness as Nikki Haley cautions other nations at the UN: countries taking our money and then voting against exercises of our sovereignty.

The innocence of children is in the weakness of their limbs, not in their wills.  Augustine.  Hypocrisy is preached against because it grinds the teeth but far more so because it weakens its user and their station in life’s drama.  Megyn Kelly in lingerie shoots.  Megyn Kelly in Trump wrestle.  Megyn Kelly in dead-end cornball job.  Ditto the pattern for Weinstein and the rest.  Use hypocrisy, lose edge.


Jill St. John
Jill St. John

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