I Maestri Italiani: Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone E Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone (1181-1226) and Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli (1469-1527) are true Italian Masters of the Human Art.  And they are on the same page, so to speak.  The Man of God and the Man of Man are the same Man.  The Christian Creed affirms this quite explicitly.  And it is a self-evident paradox of the first order.  I leave the gentle reader to suss that out.

St. Francis of Assisi was a man of the High Middle Ages, the last time balance between autonomy (individual freedom) and heteronomy (peer pressure) prevailed in the Latin Church.  Niccolò Machiavelli was a man of the Late Middle Ages, the time when commenced the on-going imbalance between autonomous and heteronomous forces in the Latin Church.

Between Niccolò and today, some personalities afford glimpses and built structures of balance between autonomy and heteronomy in the Latin Church.  One thinks of General and President of the USA George Washington (1732-1799), General of the Army of Prussia Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) and General of the Army of the USA Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964).

One thinks as well of Charles Montagu Doughty (1843-1926), Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1876-1936), The Rev. Dr. Paulus Johannes Tillich, 1886-1965), The Rev. Dr. George Arthur Buttrick (1892-1980), Gregory Bateson (1904-1980), Glenn Herbert Gould (1932-1982), Bill McWilliams (1933- ) and Angelo M. Codevilla (1943- ).

All these are men who accepted the perpetual confluence of vertical and horizontal components of life, the autonomous and heteronomous forces of existence — mystery and power — and fostered their convivial construal in all matters, mundane and transcendent.  Tillich terms a time when autonomous and heteronomous forces balance one another a time of theonomy.  The world at rest in God and having fun.

These also are men who expected and made efforts to prevent or defeat, as needed, a priori dreams, speculations, theories, meta-assumptions and infatuations obstructing or twisting paths to God or civil calm, and especially because said diminishments seem to emanate from dull and fevered minds of churchmen, schoolmen and lawmen.

My Mission: I want to avoid the weeds of Thomistic argument and the vapors of New Age hallucinations while using familiar categories in fresh juxtapositions.  My intent is to induce some awareness, however preliminary, ambiguous and fleeting, of the intensely ordinary simplicity of divine care for national and personal welfare.

Ishmael has little faith in the power of truth to take care of itself.  The majors of whom he writes exterminated their sense of right and wrong long since.  They led it into the woods beyond the outhouse and shot it.  And we should fear their power?

Squalid Mueller.  Squalid Deep State.  Squalid D-R UniParty.  Squalid D.C.  Squalid guilds of clergy, professors and counselors.  Of course they all hate the Trumps, who are fine, clean people.  Like Squalid Kerry, Squalid Mueller has a lean and hungry look.  He and his are going down in self-disgrace before the rising sun of reason.

When a crime would not exist without an investigation, the investigation is the crime.

I read the whole column, carefully, as I do Andy’s work.  The boomerang of this Deep State Travesty, while not visible to me, yet I sense emerging larger and infinitely more ferocious than the jubilation erupting upon its launch by its launchers.  I know not when, have no idea.  But she’s there alright, she’s there, headed right back at her launchers, but from their blind side.

The best we can say is, at least everyone knows now who our enemies are.

That means it is time to attack them and drive them until they are cringing for clemency.  Then, offer to let them remain in country, free, so long as they evince loyalty to the country, the Constitution and the officers her citizens choose to represent them.  Start with Larry Tribe and Serene Jones.

Well and good, but all about law.  Nothing about DOJ addressing war on the home front, war on Globalisms, secular and religious.

If DOJ still confuses law and war, they are still useless for maintaining USA national sovereignty and prosperity, much less homeland security.

I don’t know, do they?  Does anyone there — here — know the difference between law and war?

The moral is perfectly clear.  Self-interest cannot be expunged.  Where there is private property and its possession and acquisition are protected and treated with respect, self-interest and jealousy can be deployed against laziness and the desire for that which is not one’s own, and there tends to be plenty as a consequence.

But where one takes from those who join talent with industry to provide for those lacking either or both, where the fruits of one man’s labor are appropriated to benefit another who is less productive, self-interest reinforces laziness, jealousy engenders covetousness, and these combine in a bitter stew to produce both conflict and dearth.

I find it curious that there is no talk of the boys and males the women-molesters probably also were molesting.  Carnalists tend to be omnivores.  So who benefits from publicizing all of this known known?  Those who and that which is NOT being mentioned, I should think.  I think all of this is for them, by them, as a sort of state of chaos they feel right at home indwelling.

So many corridors in which to cook up stuff are closed by the fact of a POTUS and Cabinet who really do like their country, the cooks are running out of options other than delivering each other for the griddle.  There is some justice in that.

All the turkeys eat at the same trough.  Flake is right.  Rs are toast because of Trump and Moore, mostly Trump.  And thank God for it, I say!  Ds and Rs are the same UniParty who hired Mueller to scorch the earth, also a blessing in disguise, because he must scorch the D-R UniParty, including himself, to do his job.  Ooops.

The moral-legal tone set by Trump and lower scale by Moore is what compelled the Weinstein-etc. truth into the open.

Augustine said to never defend the truth because the truth is a like a lion, it can defend itself.  Just so.

Rs in D.C. hop to tunes played by Donohue at the US Chamber of Cheap Labor and Low Wages.  Stakes are in the trillions and graft no doubt in the billions.

So, John, when do you stand for Senate or House?  Or POTUS?  Moreover, when do you preach that spending reform enhances national and personal wealth sooner and wider than tax reform does?  When do you stand for massive budget cuts, real cuts, especially in entitlements?  Even just rate-of-increase cuts?

The future is made, not cringed or whinged about.  You of all people, a Lutheran, know that in your heart of hearts.

I have long thought that it was an attempt to set Flynn up.

Reported circs of the FBI interview of him bear out that thought.  [Flynn has something on them, on the IC generally and CIA-FBI particularly.  See below next line.]

Also, Flynn for years has been in epic insider battle with CIA over the latter’s willful refusal to protect American interests, specifically military ops and personnel.  CIA got rid of Petraeus for his efforts to reverse them on the same account.  And in other ways to make them do their job … for USA instead of for CIA and their foreign cronies of Leftie-Jihadi flavors.

Although FBI and CIA are hardly friends, when their deep state agenda — globalist, anti-US sovereignty — is threatened, they can discover reasons to communicate, as against Petraeus and Flynn or any other high-level patriots.

Who supplied FBI with transcripts of Flynn-Kislyak discussions post-election?  I think ADM Rogers visited Trump post election to assure him NSA is not a leaker, and Rogers remains in place.  CIA is known to have demanded/developed their own NSA-level listening capability.  So, transcripts of Flynn-Kislyak go from CIA to FBI?  I think likely.

Another reason Flynn would have coped to lying: Flynn lost situational awareness when McCabe ambushed him in his office with formal FBI interviewers Strzok and (?).  With all the RUSSIA/RUSSIA blather bleating at the time, and Flynn loyal to/protecting of his boss and country, and not realizing he should call a lawyer, Flynn said he had no contact, meaning actionable contact, with RUSSIANS.

So yeah, he was set up, patently by FBI and subtly by CIA, by my best read.  Viciously.  Sid Blumenthal anywhere in the area?  He has to be.  And only corrupt FBI has transcript of the interview?  Yeah, Flynn was set up.  And yeah, he decided to end the waste by copping to lying, which he probably technically did but to protect his boss, POTUS Trump — sans counsel, who presumably would have seen another way to do that — and more importantly, his country, which is his real and proper focus of allegiance.

BTW, his siblings have set up a legal defense fund page for him.

Michael Kennedy Interesting idea [Strzok as a Robert Philip Hanssen-type actor], not necessarily the case, but reasonable if it is.  My somewhat parallel idea is that Sessions initiated a plenary IG investigation of the Department upon arriving in his office thereat — knowing how corrupt it had become — and that we are seeing some evidence of its grinding.  If that is the case — contra the jeers against Sessions by many in these parts — it would provide the over-all answer to Scott’s question of why the IG is sniffing about personal messages in the first place.  Also, if the case, that would argue for some truly terrific indictments of some truly terrifying personalities as being in the works, ineluctably.

Still, the idea of a foreign-loyal mole at top operational level FBI is compelling.  It’s happened in the IC before.  I doubt it would be Russia now.  More likely Moslem Brotherhood or, perhaps Turkey, I should think.  Or China, or Germany.  I’d be inclined on this one to look east across the Atlantic more than west across the Pacific for the foreign loyalty in this case, if there is one, which is entirely possible and reasonable.

I remain unsatisfied with reports of Mike Flynn getting stuck in Turkey Tar-Baby.  Maybe he got sense of Strzok working for Turkey from way back when.  Flynn knows something about how the IC works — especially CIA and presumably also FBI — that makes them hate him and fear him.  Otherwise why would The Fraud’s admin pursue him even after he was pushed out of DIA?  He has a flinty management style, but he has been pursued for far weightier reasons than that.


GOA MacArthur and Staff at Atsugi Naval Air Facility, 30AUG45
GOA MacArthur and Staff at Atsugi Naval Air Facility, 30AUG45

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