Purity Of Essence

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

The Devil not infrequently reveals the truth, unintentionally of course.  Give Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper credit where credit is due.

BG Ripper had a point regarding Purity of Essence.  Of the various and expanding orbits of human association, some are irreducible, indissoluble, infrangible and non-fungible.  That is, some orbits of human association are essentially — in contrast to temporarily or superficially — cohesive.  These orbits have a purity of essence.

General Ripper sees the threat of Communist blandishments dissolving USA — mothers and children, every man’s first and deepest impulse to protect: Welsh man of his wife at Yosemite, Tennessee man of his wife at Las Vegas — through subversion of her institutions (precious bodily fluids).  He exceeds his authority for responding to that threat.  However, he is right that the Soviet’s (Commies’) attack on the USA’s essential purity of Constitutional government and life together is not to be tolerated.

Lefties heat the most trying to disabuse all and sundry of the — to lefties — insane notion that anything, anyone or any group has an essence, an essential nature, especially one that is irreducible, indissoluble, infrangible and non-fungible.  The thought that such a thing might exist, and unavoidably, sends lefties into primordial rage.

(Unless it is theirs, of course.  Lefties act as though they are irreducible, indissoluble, infrangible and non-fungible.  They and they only.  Well, so think, say and do Jihadis, by their own account.)

Kubrick, Southern and George probably did not intend for that thought regarding General Ripper’s thinking to occur in a viewer.  But they had to put it there because the question of essential purity (or not) is the hinge of their story.  They weaponize and purify their own contempt for essential purity by giving Sellers’ three characters slang names for unnatural sex.

They started the movie as a black doom attack on ordinary human self-confidence (aka Christianity) then realized that approach would be dramatically unpalatable and so fail to get their point across.  Whereas, they concluded, black ironic comedy would be palatable and get their point across.  They were right except for the essential irony that they had to affirm American purity in order to ridicule it.  BG Ripper’s concern is an object of sympathy before it is an object of mockery.

The top-level, classical version of that irony is that every atheist must affirm God in order to deny God.

Denial of anything is an a priori affirmation of it.  I should think litigators are not unaware of that phenomenon.

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Update 6:  Not a word about whether the declines have anything to do with passing off Socialist Drivel as Christian Gospel.  All organizational focus, nothing theological.  Also all about orthodox denominations gone left (Socialist) — no wonder  Christians do not attend — nothing but brief mention about denominations assumed political right but actually theological left (fundies/evangelicals).  Those — the mega-churches and their entertainer wannabes — are Pelagian, not Christian.  There are plenty of Christians out here with no sanctuary at which to foregather.

Well for goodness sake!

We no longer live in Christendom.  The clergy sure doesn’t.  Haven’t for some time.  I know plenty of good men and women who call themselves Christian and who are raising wonderful families.  They’re as likely to go to one of these churches as I am.

Purity of essence!

Update 7: Glenn Reynolds: GENERAL JACK D. RIPPER TRIED TO WARN US: Western men’s sperm counts are falling, and we ought to be concerned.



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