Economic Slavery And Political Subversion

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POTUS Trump grasps the economic slavery of Americans and America and is moving to eliminate that, thankfully, as Sundance so capably describes (also here and here).  As best I can see, POTUS Trump does not grasp the political subversion of Americans and America, is not moving to eliminate that subversion and in fact is getting whipped by it daily because he does not grasp it.

I crave the day we hear indictments for sedition read out against the likes of Noam Chomsky, Ibrahim Hooper, George Soros, Laurence Tribe, Pinch Sulzberger, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Tom Steyer, Harry Reid, Angela Davis, Jane Fonda, Linda Sarsour, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tamika Mallory, John Brennan, James Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Valerie Jarret, Robert Mueller, Barak Obama, Tom Perez, Michelle Obama, journalistsprofessors and politicians too numerous to name and on and on.

I cannot see eliminating economic slavery without simultaneously, at least, eliminating political subversion.  In the 1950s, a largely ignorant, half-hearted and unintelligent effort was made to eliminate political subversion while economic enslavement was let to dig in and expand.  In the 1980s, an effort was made to overwhelm or nullify political subversion with targeted — but not plenary — releases from economic slavery.  This left political subversion — always sourced in academe, generated at the Sorbonne — in place and it grew mightily, bursting forth in the 1990s to full bloom as mandatory diversity training (aka re-education camps, gulag-style).

What has not been tried yet, in the past 100 years anyhow, is simultaneous, at least, full release from economic slavery and direct annihilation of political subversion.  I am not sanguine now about seeing that happen during my lifetime.  I think — perhaps wrongly — if it were on the horizon now, Rich Higgins would be the White House tasked with shuttering Ivy League schools and their imitators as well as mosques and journalists and media who kick against USA sovereignty.  And ones who grasp political subversion and attack those engaging in it would be AG and DAG.

I cannot see economic slavery subsiding without political subversion subsiding right along with it.  Perhaps I am ignorant.  It is my observation of these many decades.  Again, as I have said for decades, we face the question of authority and its place of residence.  We are an Anglo Protestant nation.  That is a clue.

Update 1: VDH: Trumpism is not an eponymous political movement per se. It was merely an adjective for the reification of far greater preexisting political realities.

Update 2: VDH: Trump’s High-Stakes Tweeting

Update 3: Possible some false flag operations going on in Charlottesville, VA on the alt-right side.  Specifically Kessler.  POTUS is right, get the facts before running off with a narrative.  The very extremity of obsessive enmity in the press in this video tells me they are cruising into a whirlpool of their own making.  One cannot be that hateful without being violently wrong about something decisively essential.

Update 4: An abundance of laws, made by an abundance of busy-bodies, prevent people from living as they wish, associating/non-associating as they wish.  So repleal the laws.  Starting with the Great Society array of them.

Or, build public engagement facilities where those driven together against their wills by busy-bodies and their laws (for others, not for themselves, of course) can duke it out, choice of weapons, tactics, formations, etc. … excepting firearms.

It is annoying having these battles on public streets and private properties not purposed for that use.  So let taxpayers give these maliciously driven-together — by busy-bodies and laws they make — public facilities for fighting, nice big ones where they can maneuver battalion-sized formations using battalion-level movements to combat.

Then, if they fight elsewhere, shoot ’em for public riot.

Or, repleal The Great Society legislation, in toto, and let people work out among themselves where they want to live and with whom.  My 2c.

Or, have a chuckle and forget about it.

Update 5: Sundance: A Third Dimension in American Economics .…


Update 6: Sundance: ¹China tells DPRK to do stupid thing.  ²DPRK does stupid thing.  ³Trump hits China with economic punishment for [doing] stupid thing.

AKA: If you have leverage, use it!   Don’t hesitate, deploy your assets.  This is statecraft, not afternoon tea.  Parable of the Ten Talents territory.

Update 7: Over the past two years the increasingly skeptical citizenry of the United States and Europe has been treated to a stream of op-eds and television appearances lamenting the looming collapse of the liberal world order, to be accompanied by a surge of illiberalism, nationalism, and fringe politics. Rarely, however, does such hand-wringing stray beyond shopworn comparisons of the “complex interdependence” of the glorious past and the parochialism and narrow-mindedness of the current era. In truth, we are not witnessing a dramatic systemic change driven by conniving external forces, but a meltdown of political authority in the West caused by the relatively straightforward indolence of its political class. Our troubles are less about liberalism’s decline or the ascendancy of left or right politics. Simply put, the citizenry in the West has been frustrated for decades with its elites’ inability to deliver workable solutions to the problems of slow growth, deindustrialization, immigration, and the overall decline of self-confidence across the West.

The legitimacy, and hence stability, of the international system rests to a degree on the ability of the leading powers to deliver at home—or, simply put, to govern. The increasing volatility of international politics is in part a byproduct of systemic dysfunction across the West at the level of domestic politics. Americans and Europeans alike are running out of patience with the governing class. In Europe, the government’s inability to control mass migration or develop effective solutions to domestic terrorism are two important drivers of the growing public discontent. In the United States the middle and working classes have been frustrated for decades with the government’s inability to remedy de-industrialization, urban decay, and declining economic opportunity.

Glenn Reynolds comments: And in both places, as the “elite” has grown demonstrably less competent and honest, it has also grown visibly more contemptuous of the people it purports to govern. That contempt is, I think, the most poisonous part of the whole equation.

My essays on the question of authority are here.

Update 8: It Was A Brennan Operation

Update 9: Mueller Raids Manafort’s Home — Because He Has Nothing

Update 10: Glenn Reynolds: To Reduce Inequality, Abolish The Ivy League


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