Old White Men [And Women] Indeed!

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



I belong to a 1/8th scale model RR club.  Our RR has about a mile of track, including two loops and a yard with steam-up bays.  Two Saturdays a month and on many special days we give free, unlimited rides for the public, donations accepted but not required.  It is not unusual for us to give 1500-2000 rides during the six hours we offer the public rides.  Our RR is in a forested portion of a country park, next to a grassy area.  We are expanding trackage, have been there for 26 years.  The club owns straddle cars and gasoline and electric engines.  Some members own straddle cars and steam and electric engines.  All are volunteers but one pays $60/year to join the club.  Not a few members have built their engines from scratch or purchased one from someone who did built it.  We teach persons from age 12 up to be Conductors and from 18 years up to be Engineers and anyone of any age to lay and maintain track.  Some of our members, ladies, have their own steam engines and/or riding cars.  Our members built our buildings and mobility equipment.  Our RR is across a grassy area from a large, county-owned children’s playground.

Why this recital?  Because, yesterday, while I was conducting trips and helping at the station — and enjoying the glee on children’s and adults’ faces, and the seemingly effortless self-organization of our club members to make it all happen — it occurred to me that all this happiness is made possible by the skilled, experienced, constructive labors of love of old white men [and women] who so perfectly embody the core virtues of Americans and so perfectly therefore, because of that embodiment, earn the core hatred of Leftists/Globalists/Democrats.  No group in America other than old white men [and women] would even consider making something like this for themselves much less so that all groups in America could enjoy seeing and riding it.

It is like I drummed into our kids: never, ever look down on anyone, especially those skilled with their hands and machines.  Those, specifically, are the ones who keep you fed and make you things you need, which is a whole lot and far more than you probably realize!

Old white men [and women] indeed!  Jeer if you wish, but thank you must!

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