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Elsewhere I have described a discussion on integration Reinhold Niebuhr had with me early in 1966.

In that description I gave Niebuhr the benefit of the doubt.  I still do that as a matter of professional courtesy.  But the hard truth is, he was dead wrong.  As in DEAD wrong.

Rheiny did not grasp — would not grasp — that most Blacks do not want cultural integration with Whites.  Employment integration — which I said, Rheiny thought breezily, would be quick and easy — happened rapidly and easily, just as I told Rheiny it would.

He thought I meant cultural integration and that I was a fool or worse.  And I was insufficiently knowledgeable and nimble at the time to realize and mention that we were talking about different things: I about employment integration, Rheiny about cultural integration.

He was right that cultural integration could not occur quickly or easily.  He was wrong to think it could occur at all.  I did not agree with him that it would take a long time.  Cultural integration, that is.  Frankly, I had not thought about the difference between employment and cultural integration in those days.

And therein was the real conflict between us and the real reason I received no invitation to return and would have declined one if I had.  I was not prepared intellectually for the argument that had to be joined, between employment integration and cultural integration and which was truly wanted and which not.

Novice that I was in these matter, and growing up segregated — from Blacks, not from Mexicans — in Southern California, I assumed then, without scrutiny, that most Blacks (Negroes at the time; same semantics, different words) were not interested in living with — cultural integration — Whites.  That assumption was accurate even if unscrutinized by me.

In fact, most Blacks did not, do not and never will want cultural integration with Whites.  So Rheiny was looking for a day of cultural integration which cannot happen because it is not wanted, not by Blacks, not by Whites.

Get along in the workplace?  Fine.  Easy and done.  Very American, and we are Americans all.  Mix life-styles, cultures, habits of interaction?  Never in a thousand years.

I was untutored, but Rheiny was just plain wrong.  He could not have been more wrong regarding cultural integration.  At his core, Reinhold Niebuhr was not a theologian.  He was a community organizer, which is why our precious former Community-Organizer-in-Chief admires him.

Far from wanting cultural integration, Black college students today want cultural and even physical segregation on their campuses.  And beyond segregation, they want hegemony over campus affairs — to include admissions — claiming superior moral standing, intelligence and culture as compared to anyone else extant and especially White college students, professors and administrators.

Now, the charts on IQ show Whites peaking at about 100 with a broad bell curve on either side while Blacks peak at about 85 with a narrow bell curve on either side.  For Blacks, that must be attributed partly to selective breeding by slave owners and their descendants in the US Congress who crafted Great Society legislation and partly to Richard Nixon, who crafted affirmative action legislation.  But mostly, today, it must be attributed to selective breeding by Blacks themselves.

Governments will nudge people in directions not good for them, but people can resist the nudges and make their own lives.  Blacks are not cogs in a machine.  They make their own destiny.  It does not include cultural integration with Whites, and some of them wish it did not include Whites at all.  Nor do the great majority of Whites want cultural integration with Blacks.  The feelings are mutual.  Fine.  That is the SitRep, always has been and always will be.

Amy Wax and Larry Alexander: Paying The Price For Breakdown Of The Country’s Bourgeois Culture

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Glenn Reynolds: They don’t want to debate, because they know their ideas would lose. They want to silence their critics. Sometimes they succeed, but at the cost of looking both ridiculously self-important and childishly mean.

Honestly, if some evil genius of the right had invented a scheme to discredit academia, xe couldn’t have done better than academia has done itself.

Stephen Green: Kemal Ataturk had tried to instill enough Western values and habits to drag his people into modernity, but they never quite took.

This phenomenon predicts that Europe will not go Moslem and USA will not go Communist.

No wonder Blacks on college campuses today scream for safe places.  Pity but do not appease them.  They cannot hold their own there unless campuses turn themselves into Black cultural ghettos.  Otherwise, the cultural differences between how most Blacks grew up and think and can think and how colleges traditionally behave and think and should think is just too much for most Blacks to handle.  Someone has to give in and that, so far but not much father, is faculties and administrators.

We are looking at not just dumbing-down the system of education, we are looking at eliminating it altogether in the name of diversity, inclusion and fairness.  AKA making the system of education culturally Black rather than culturally White.

Now, if there is one thing Whites will not allow — even Lefties — it is that.  Employment integration Whites will allow, have allowed, even welcomed, and rightly so.  Cultural integration with Blacks Whites will allow never, and rightly so.  And they have the means and will to make that stick.  Blacks who want to live culturally White are welcome to do so.  Blacks who want to live culturally Black also are welcome to do so but must expect to be accepted culturally never as compatible with Whites — or desired by them.  Such Blacks are choosing to live ghettoized or at cultural war with Whites, a war they can never win and a war Whites can never lose.

So Rheiny was totally wrong — no cultural integration despite his hope for it, ever — and I was right as far as I went — employment integration easily and quickly — but I did not grasp the question of cultural integration Rheiny was positing.  Instinctively I knew that would not happen — and was right about that — but I did not have conceptuality to argue the point with the famous man.  My loss and his.

Integration as cultural goal, Blacks with Whites, is a forlorn hope, as well it should be.  A stupid, a-historical hope.

I think it is time to make the whole thing go away.

Employment integration is accomplished and will not regress.  Except in some instances, cultural integration will happen never, by mutual consent among Blacks and Whites.  Schools which accommodate Black cultural hegemony will shutter.  Black cultural ghettos shall circle the drain.  Before Great Society legislation, Blacks had cultural niches in America that Americans, Black and White, appreciated and applauded, to include nice homes, good schools and peaceful neighborhoods.  They have managed to make a few more since then, all to the good.

But cultural integration?  It is time to make the whole thing go away.

George Wallace was right about cultural integration and wrong about employment integration.

Vive La Différence!  We are Americans all.

Update 1: There are thousands of clearly white racists, including many clear cases of white male oppression, rescuing from Huston flood waters persons they oppress through systematic racism, xenophobia, homophobia and the rest.  Evil white people, how dare they inflict themselves on those in distress?!  Haven’t they done enough oppression already?!  And how dare they build systems of government and voluntary organization to help those they oppress even when those are not distressed?!

White Male Oppression
White Male Oppression

I think Mirengoff gave the soundest explanation of this tumult several months ago.  Under-qualified young people were seduced into post-secondary schools, many but not all for racial reasons (aka racism).  Those young people realized their predicament, felt they had been cheated (they were) of recognition of their reality (they were) and decided, not unreasonably, to blow the house down.  The more reasonable thing for them to have done was to leave the house and pursue life on their own terms.  But they did not do that.

D-R UniParty politicians and bureaucrats, under Johnson, forced post-secondary schools to admit below-grade students just as years later, under Clinton, they forced banks to loan to below-grade borrowers.  That those politicians and bureaucrats consider bank failure unacceptable but education failure — underway before, during and after bank failure — acceptable is a baleful indicator of coming events.

The schools cheated those young people by putting them where they had no business being because they lacked training for it.  I do not blame the young people.  I blame the HR and Admissions departments at the schools: craven towards the D-R UniParty’s bumptious demands and avaricious towards the students’ credulous gullibility.

How many post-secondary schools does USA really, really need?  I am sure it is less than half the number extant.  Since those schools will not desist on their own, let the young people they admit without quals deface those schools so thoroughly as to make them no-go zones for qualified students.  Then those schools will collapse, as most surely should voluntarily.

Some nations die from lack of qualified leadership.  USA is dying from infestations of unqualified leadership.  Locusts on the land.  The sooner the locusts consume their own breeding grounds — post-secondary schools — the better, say I.

The Democrat activists see racism and bigotry surrounding them only because they are normally surrounded by other Democrat activists.

Just as it is dogs who hear dog whistles.

You people think people voted against Obama because he was black.  WRONG.  The people that voted against Obama also voted against Hillary and would vote against Sanders.  Those that voted for Trump would vote for Justice Thomas in a heart beat.  If you want to see voting based on race do not look in the white districts.

Update 2: Brent Bozell: The Slow Death Of The Republican Party

Update 3: Lots of white male oppression in these pictures, and white female oppression as well.  And one Uncle Tom who didn’t get the memo.  Thank God Almighty for Deplorable Humanity!

Update 4: Three Cheers For Toxic Masculinity

Update 5: Black Americans: The Organized Left’s Expendable Shock Troops

Update 6: Affirmative Action is a declension of the Soviet espionage term of art Active Measures. It means getting inside, subverting an adversary’s OODA Loop.

Affirmative Action/Active Measures is the battle plan of choice for the weaker side in asymmetrical warfare.

Anybody who wants special treatment because of some quality they possess is asking to be enslaved. We do not have titles of nobility in the USA.


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