The Conference

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Dateline: The White House

Transcript of Goal And Strategy Conference, 28NOV13


Night Stalker (NS)
Cover Air (CAIR)
Huggie Boy (HB)
Demo Able (DA)
Demo Push (DP)
Money One (M1)
Money Two (M2)
Family-Based Imports (FBI)
Concern Import Array (CIA)
Absolute Shout (AS)
Pic Stop (PS)

NS: OK, we are sick and tired of opposition so we are going to get rid of it. That means both individual and group opposition. What I want from you is ideas on how to do it.

HB: Whack ‘em.

AS: Yeah!

NS: Right, but how? We can’t just go shooting thousands of people all of a sudden.

HB: Whack ‘em. If I say to do it, that’s your decision and it’ll get done.

NS: OK, sounds good. Now, strategy and tactics, anyone?

DP: Could we be clearer on the goal? There are a lot of individuals and groups opposing us. Are we looking to permanently silence them or just intimidate them effectively? Are we looking at lock ups or mass graves? Can we in fact even accomplish the goal of eliminating opposition? I don’t know. That’s kind of a big one. We’ve never tried that before, on the scale I think you mean.

DA: Yeah, can we really do that? I don’t mean legally since it’s clearly illegal, which hasn’t stopped us in the past and should not now, either? I mean practically. Is there actually something we can do to actually eliminate opposition … I mean really eliminate it?

NS: You better make sure there is because that’s what I want and it’s you head.

DA: OK, OK, we just want to make sure here we know what we’re getting in for and whether we have a reasonable chance of success. No one is questioning the goal. We’re just trying to see what all it is before we invent ways to achieve it.

FBI: Anything is possible.

HB: Anything?

NS: Anything! Is that settled now?

DA/DP: Yes.

M1/M2: Yes.

HB: Better be!

CIA: I have an idea.

M1: Let’s hear it.

CIA: Funny you should ask. It involves you and your friends. Freeze opposition’s finances. Confiscate them, even. But at least freeze them, both individual and group. They don’t have to be returned, in any case.

M2: Congress would have a fit.

M1: What about the courts?

NS: Eliminate opposition in congress and the courts. Why do we need them, anyhow? We know where they live.

DP: There would be opposition in the streets, probably ugly, and likely much of it armed. And what about food, water, power and commo? Who’s going to keep those moving.

CIA: That’s the point. Bring the opposition into the open where they can be whacked or collected. Haven’t DHS and DOJ already made lots of new confinement space by releasing illegals?

NS: Yes.

CIA: So there would be room to hold the various kinds of leaders. And it doesn’t take holding too many to convince the rest to cease work and shut up. Most opposition are not martyrs.

CAIR: Speak for yourself. And that reminds me, if I can put in here.

NS: Proceed.

CAIR: I have a large number of various types to bring opposition into the open and help collect them. Or collect them ourselves. We have experience.

HB: Yes, I know that, thank you, your backing is appreciated. I have no doubt your resources will play in what you decide to do here today. Now, how are we going to solve this problem? It’s pissing me off. I hate opposition. I should not have that shit.

… disturbance …

HB: Hey Love, be with you in a minute. We’re having an important conference here, how to set us free. There’s stuff on the night stand. Enjoy, be with you soon. … Where were we?

NS: How to eliminate opposition.

HB: Oh yeah, whack ‘em. I mean, why should they be around, even allowed to exist?

CAIR: Our sentiments exactly.

NS: OK, freezing opposition’s assets is going to cause riots. We can handle that?

FBI: Yes, provided.

M1: Provided what?

FBI: Provided we do it smart.

M2: Which is?

FBI: We already have DHS/FEMA and local para-military pre-positioned with riot and crowd control materiel, don’t we?

DP: Right.

FBI: We have Fusion Centers everywhere and we have at least some Governors willing to call out the National Guard for us.

DA: And the military?

NS: Unreliable, they take orders at the top but at the lower ranks and files, not so certain. And even the top has their goddam “professional ethics.” Never know where that’s going to go.

CIA: Right, and of particular concern is the large number of former active duty NCOs, who know how to organize a fighting force and are known as mostly opposition.

HB: Fuck ‘em.

AS: Yeah!

M1: So are you saying that local law enforcement would cooperate in ending opposition, either by elimination or incarceration?

NS: Not everywhere but a great many places, especially in the urban regions, on which we intend to replace the states with federal administrative structures.

FBI: What about rural areas?

DP: I am concerned about that. They grow food we need, urbans need. And they resource energy and marshall water.

HB: Fuck ‘em.

AS: The poor need food or they will cause a lot of trouble.

CAIR: It is proven that populations kept on very restricted, scarce diets are easier to control than populations on open, plentiful diets. Perhaps we should not concern ourselves with questions of food and water so much. These are excellent control levers, no?

HB: Well yeah! They also further my spouse’s mission. People believe that crap, or say they do! Can you imagine?!? They like our money coming at them, anyhow, which means votes … for now.

AS: What about the poor?

M2: I don’t know. Do you really think we can keep urban populations who are not opposition loyal if their diets – which means also their health care and sanitation – are pinched?

CAIR: We’ve been doing it for centuries in the Middle East and Africa ….

DP: Exactly my point!

NS: We may have some slight disagreement here. I have lived in Iran and we have experience in Iraq and Egypt with tightly controlled diet, health care and sanitation. It can be done and still maintain the loyalty of urbans. We just keep them thinking our opposition is their enemy and we provide them with everything they need to make it through quote unquote these hard times brought about by those who oppose us for their own greedy, mean reasons.

AS: I thought we are trying to eliminate our opposition. If we accomplish that, who do we get people to blame for their troubles?

M2: OK, we can try squeezing the rural populations, which means shorting urbans on food, health care and sanitation. I wonder how long that can be kept up without inducing riots.

CIA: It doesn’t matter. Our ultimate goal is to diminish the population by 75% anyhow, isn’t it. Whether sooner or later is not of great consequence except that sooner is all the better. Isn’t that true?

NS: Yes.

M1: It has its downsides but I generally agree. Somehow, I think we can handle the business of having sufficient power to eliminate opposition without precipitating food riots.

AS: I think that would be a good idea. The Lord is quick to anger ….

DA: “Somehow?”

M1: Yes, I think we can do it.

DP: How?

NS: Maybe instead of provoking panic through finances we should provoke fear and hatred through racial attacks. This also would bring the opposition into the open where they can be eliminated and rounded up.

FBI: Good idea. We can do that. And media will go along.

HB: Media will go along with whatever I do.

CIA: Not willingly.

HB: How do you know? You know that for a fact, do you, buddy?

NS: Willing or unwilling, they’ll march as ordered.

M2: Well, that’s true.

CIA: Then we have to move on opposition media first and decisively.

DP: Agreed.

FBI: Broadcast, cable and net.

HB: Easy, pull licenses, permits and IP addressers. And arrest the biggest players, the ones with the largest audiences, for treason and sedition against our government.

FBI: Done.

NS: OK, what next?

DA: Political parties and opposing individuals.

M1: Well, we have to go to one party government.

HB: We’re damn close to that now, glad to say.

AS: Yeah!

M2: And one entity finance.

DP: Do you really think we can go there at this time?

M2: I do, and here’s why. We’ve already created a closed-system financial structure that responds pretty much exactly as we decide to operate it. It’s nearly 100% in our hands, in our power to control. It would lend stability to what we’ve created to formalize it as one system across the world.

DA: Can we get congress to go along? How about other large economic units, like China (and here), Russia, Germany and India?

HB: Fuck ‘em.

AS: Yeah! What about the poor, the hungry?

CAIR: Yes, we can do that so long as the Islamic banking system is fully integrated. Then, if the Chinese, Russians or even Indians balk at going along, we have them out-flanked and overpowered.

M2: We’ve already extensively integrated Islamic banking into our system here, especially for money laundering. What more do you want?

CAIR: Co-equal executive power.

M2: So you want everyone reporting to two bosses?

CAIR: One, really, we can handle the load.

NS: OK, so we have some concerns regarding one system finance. Fine. We can still deal with achieving one party government and eliminating individual opposition.

CIA: I have an idea.

NS: Go.

… disturbance …

HB: Hey! Soon, Love. There’s more stuff in the top dresser drawer. Hang in there, I won’t be long. And Titcombe is coming pretty quick. … Sometimes he’s a pain in the ass. Where were we again? Sorry.

DA: Is that necessary?

HB: Well, I try to keep him happy and they keep me happy.

DA: It’s dangerous.

NS: OK, CIA you were about to say ….

CIA: The drug gangs are already in our pockets.

DP: And we in theirs!

All: Hear, hear!

CIA: So we deploy them even more generally than we do now, outside their territories to provoke whites and non-addicts to strike back on their own. We give the gangs even more immunity from prosecution than they have now so long as they front taunting, provocative activity – assault, theft, murder, rape – into the suburbs and rural areas and bring out an armed, active response. To include shooting to kill. Gang leaders won’t mind a few of their own getting whacked so long as the price is right. We can do that. Then we can step in as law and order and shoot or arrest whites along with some gangbangers.

DP: Whites won’t get that they’re being set up?

FBI: Doubtful.

CAIR: Will blacks?

CIA: Remains to be seen, but I doubt it.

CAIR: I’m not so sure. Especially Muslims.

M1: But they’re not involved in drugs are they?

FBI: Oh please. Don’t be naïve.

CAIR: I am not naïve. Are you racist? Islamophobe?

NS: Enough! Back on subject, please!

CAIR: I am on subject. I’m saying not all blacks are easily misled. Most, yes, very easily, but not all. And especially not Muslims.

M1: Point taken. Now, do we concur that most white opposition won’t get that they’re being set up and that, say, not a few blacks will?

M2: Probably true.

HB: I know it’s true.

AS: Yeah! Poor dumb devils.

NS: OK, so we agree on that. Now, with whites in the open, exposed after being provoked, can we overwhelm them, either eliminate or incarcerate them? Who’s going to actually do it?

FBI: Well, there are a number of questions. For example, how good is their marksmanship? How capable are they in small unit tactics or even medium unit tactics? How strong are their logistics? How strong are their bodies? Do they have unified command? Are they expecting to get anywhere as mere bushwhackers or do they understand and execute that they need to be regimented fighting units? Are they willing to become regimented fighting units? Can they sustain themselves in such formations? What do we have to oppose them as bushwhackers or regular fighting units? How good are our logistics? And how loyal are our troops?

HB: Shit, you’re depressing me. Can’t we just get this thing done? I’m pissed at having an opposition. Can’t you just eliminate it? I don’t want to see or hear from opponents again. I’m fed up with their bullshit! Is that understood?!?!

CIA: I think we can handle them.

NS: How?

M1: We need a plan and a forecast.

DA: We need a will and a way.

DP: We need a miracle.

HB: O shut up!

AS: Yeah!

DA: I have an idea.

NS: Shoot.

DA: We create a media carrying wave to the effect that unless we have a unified country, united behind HB here, the country will cease to exist on account of bombs and riots associated with right wing terrorists. We stage the same to prove the point. NYT, WaPo and LAT will eat it up.

NS: That might work.

FBI: It would work. False flag operations almost always work.

NS: Practically everybody wants to be patriotic. Patriotism is unqualified support of me and HB!

All: Hear, hear!

M2: So, we rally the population under the flag of national unity?

DA: No, not national unity, personal unity. I thought you want a unified world-wide financial system. That eliminates nations and national unity. Let’s be consistent here. We’re moving away from the concept of a nation, we don’t want that anymore. We want the concept of a personal loyalty to a leader, this leader here. Built politically on regional systems loyal to the leader. That’s what most people want, someone they know looks after them and takes care of their every need. Someone, a specific person in the flesh, they can rely on. The nation state is obsolete as a political phenomenon, personal loyalty to the reliable leader is our future. Authority runs from the top down, and we give as much of whatever – food, money, power, offspring – as suits us. To make a better world.

M1: We all agree on that.

AS: What about ending racism?

HB: OK so that’s settled.  Ayers, eat your heart out!  So now let’s make it happen!

CIA: We’re working on that.

DP: First we rally the media under the banner of patriotism, which they define for us as personal loyalty.

CAIR: Sounds good.

NS: Then?

AS: What about ending poverty?

DP: We have our people stage riots and bomb blasts along clearly racial lines. Blow up a few black churches in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Bust out windows and burn cars, homes and children in Harlem, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Kansas City, Watts, Austin, etc. Leave markers implicating rural right wing organizations. Continue the knockout program we instituted and increase immunity from prosecution.

FBI: That might work.

HB: Damn right it would. Go on.

NS: OK, then?

M1: What about blowing up mosques and smashing and burning in Muslim neighborhoods?

CAIR: Done.

M1: And all of this gets us … where?

FBI: Justification for coming down hard on opposition of any kind any where.

M1: But aren’t people going to see through this?

NS: We already discussed and settled that question. The people who matter to us will not.

CIA: And our power to make things look one way when they are another is very great. We have a lot of experience in that regard. People’s propensity for delusion is easy to play on.

M2: OK, so what next?

HB: Whack ‘em.

AS: Yeah!

M2: Whack whom?

HB: Watch it … ! Don’t work against me.

CIA: We induce blacks and Moslems to strike whites in both urban and rural areas. Knock ‘em out. They’ll love it, get behind it in a big way.

HB: Why urban areas, they’re our voters?

AS: Because then we can demand money to rebuild … get rich. Heh!

CIA: So we present the appearance of even-handedness, of fairness and equality. We are seen to punish unpatriotic people wherever they are, urban or rural. Believe me, a few less urban voters will be more than made up for by the number of rural residents who will never vote again.

HB: OK, proceed. But keep my airports available so I can strong-arm the money.  Let’s hear it for the quote unquote donors! YEAH!

FBI: No problem, always top priority. Besides, in a couple of years there won’t be voters. Isn’t that correct?

NS: Yes, that is the plan.

M1: I’m still not sure they will go along with that. What if they don’t?

NS: Don’t lose faith. Just believe. We can do what we want. I can do what I want, is more to the point! Today’s voters who do not go along will be tomorrow’s worm food or white toys in prisons.

M1: OK, it’s just, as a financier I have to ask questions.

NS: Understood, but don’t lose your nerve.

M2: We never do, ultimately.

FBI: OK, so where are we?

AS: What about social justice? I have mouths to feed, guys. And a lot of hands are out.

DP: We were asking who is going to do the elimination and incarceration of opposition once we have provoked them into the open with their weapons. Who are the executors, the boots on the ground? Who’s going to make this happen?

FBI: Well, we all have our formations more or less intact and deployable. And almost every civilian executive department has its own military and para-military force now. FEMA has collection camps around the country for concentrating detainees. The Fusion Centers are an intel backbone. We have drones, which are terrific intimidators as well as killers. We have the street gangs and the traditional organized crime, so called, also known as unions. And at least some of the regular military formations can be counted on. In other words, just counting assets, I’d say we control any potential battlespace in the Lower 48 as well as Hawaii, which is unlikely as a battle space.

CIA: In any case, it doesn’t take much to bring a section of the country to its knees. By itself one Stryker battalion could shut down most of the central Mid-West – several states’ worth – and a Stryker brigade just with its own drones could close most of the Eastern Seaboard from Boston to Charleston. And assuming some are loyal, I mean patriotic, how many carrier task forces do we control?

… disturbance …

HB: Hi sweetie, daddy’s in an important meeting. What? … No, honey, I don’t want you going out with Cleavon. … No, but you’re old enough to make your own decisions. Have your you-know-whats? Enough of them? … OK then. And no mistakes! … Sorry, keep going.

NS: To answer your question, CIA, probably enough.

AS: As long as we get fair, equal treatment. Justice for the poor. Don’t go messing up our neighborhoods more than necessary. Enough to get rebuilding funds but not so much as to cause actual hunger or stop the drug trade. We all, including here, depend on that.

HB: OK, then when do I give the order? I don’t want to wait much longer.

M2: We need more time to plan. And we don’t want the financial system to go down with the opposition. That’s important.

FBI: Roger that.

CIA: Well, if it is hurt, we can bring it back without too much sweat. It’s electronic, not specie, so we can play with the internals and help ourselves in the meantime to amounts held by opposition individuals and groups.

M1: What about other world leaders and their banking systems? Might they not approve of these moves and could they make trouble?

DA: Yes on both counts. But we can still make more trouble for them. Although that might not last much longer, I don’t know.

M1: That’s what I’m talking about. There are weighty imponderables out there still.

HB: Look guys, I just want the opposition to end … permanently!

M2: So do we, but we want a reasonable certainty that our efforts to make that happen don’t blow up in our face and do actually make it happen. This is bigger than the ACA, what we’re now contemplating.

M1: What can the opposition field? What powers do they have? Who are they, in detail? What might be their “order of battle,” to use a military term.

NS: We’re not so concerned with that. Our focus is what we can do to stop opposition. We’re sick and tired of it and it has to stop. We’re here to make that happen.

CIA: Square one.

M1: Square one.

AS: I don’t care how we do it, just so I get money and sit at this table.

FBI: Square one.

NS: No, it only looks that way.

DP: We have a vision of what this country should look like.

HB: No opposition!

DA: I have an idea.

HB: Go!

AS: Yeah!

DA: We do it through the county Voter Registrars and the state Secretaries of State.

NS: Proceed.

DP: We ramp up our vote control and make sure it is foolproof and delivers exactly what we want.

NS: You mean, push OFA into their computer systems, take them over?

DA: Yes.

M1: Dear god, how are we going to do that?

DP: Same way we took the last two national elections, except more so.

HB: You mean hack into their systems and load our data?

DA: No, much more than that. Instead of just loading data into their systems, we take them over so that every precinct in the country votes as we want.

FBI: People will notice.

CIA: So? What are they going to do? We own DHS, DOJ and most of the federal courts. We have superior physical and prosecutorial assets. And by the way, where is Extra Heavy?

HB: Boys’ night out. Give us a break, will ya?

FBI: It’s unseemly.

NS: Says who? Look, you liberals have scruples because you don’t quite agree that we are at war against the system.

M2: We are the system.

NS: That’s beside the point! Look, are you guys with us on this or no? If no, you better step out.

… M1, M2 and FBI leave the room and are arrested just outside the door for threatening NS and HB …

HB: OK, can we continue? How are we going to eliminate opposition?

DP: That may have been ill-advised.

NS: I never trusted their loyalty.

CIA: Shall we continue?

HB: Go ahead.

AS: What about the poor? We need social justice!

DA: Nobody is equal.

AS: And you’re a racist.

NS: AS, enough.

AS: No, I’ve had enough. I’ve sat here through all this high-faluttin’ mumbo jumbo and what do I get? No one even responds to my questions and remarks. It’s like I’m not here. I’m not your house nigger.

NS: AS, you have a valuable and honored place at the table.

AS: Doing what, goddam it?

… HB motions to minders, who remove AS from the room, arrest him for threatening NS …

HB: Get Samantha Power in here.

DP: She’s in New York.

HB: Then Titcombe. No wait, he’s already coming. Rice. Get Rice.

DA: On a talk shows promoting your image.

NS: Can we get back to the question?

CAIR: How about your photographer?

HB: What?

CAIR: He may be able to help here. In place of Power, Rice or Titcombe … ?

NS: Yeah, we need image control.

DA: I’ll get him.

… pause …

DA: Here’s PS.

PS: Hi, what’s up?

NS: We’re brainstorming ways to eliminate opposition. We’ve tried several methods and haven’t been able to agree on one though all are promising in some ways.

PS: Well, there are photographic methods. Two of the best are tight shots and long shots, both with adoring, tightly-packed masses, the latter from an elevation on the masses. Terrifies and paralyses opposition while thrilling supporters and also warning them against posture change.

CIA: OK, got it. Now how about we task our wet boys to visit opposition leaders?

DP: Direct and probably very effective, including as intimidation against further opposition, but can we get away with that?

CAIR/CIA: Oh sure. What could stop us?

DP: OK, say we can, even say we do. Do we know the critical mass of opposition leaders we have to bloody to get opposition permanently stood down? Do we have an estimate on that?

DA: It’s sort of like the old, “How fast do you have to be to outrun a bear?” Bloody just enough front leadership to convince rear leadership to cease work and stop opposition.

DP: Do we have a metric for that?

DA: No.

HB: OK, but I still like the idea.

NS: So do I.

HB/CAIR: Let’s use drones in the method mix.

PS: Roger that, they make cool pictures and pump fear into opposition as well as supporters.

CIA: Fear is good. OK, I’ll have my ops draw up target lists of front and rear leadership.

HB/NS: Eric Cantor top of the front list.

CIA: Roger.

CAIR: Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger and Schori.

DA: But they’re all your supporters … ?

HB: Mine, too, what gives?

CAIR: Exactly, and they’re making names for themselves being supporters. They’re in it for themselves and therefore not true supporters. They’re dangerous, can turn on a dime. Look at Farrakhan’s record. And Schori is hemmed in by a million a priori and scruples. Egoists are as reliable as a frozen lake in April is for skating.

NS: Point taken. CIA, see to it.

CAIR: We’ll help.

CIA: Have your ops shop talk to mine.

CAIR: Already have.

CIA/NS: You what … ?

NS: Oh, never mind.

CIA: Well, well, well.

HB: Look, CIA, these people are my friends and I trust them. So work with them. I’ve known them for a very long time.

CIA: Rah … g e r ….

NS: My friends too.

CIA: O … k a y …

HB: Look, I just want to be seen as a tough son-of-a-bitch you don’t want to mess with. I don’t care how it is done, but the more pain that can be caused, and especially the more fear and confusion instilled into everyone, friends and enemies, the better. I like killing people with drones. I like picking targets from target lists and giving orders to kill the devils. I like knowing people are afraid of me. I like to look in their faces and see the adulation with fear behind it. That’s REALLY fun to watch.

PS: OK, can I do a photo story on how we are making the country peaceful by creating a united, one-party government?

DA: Not yet, but soon.

CAIR: I’d like regional controls put in place for us. Say the I-95 corridor from Florida to Portland, Maine and the Midwest inside the area defined by lines connecting Minneapolis, MN, Green Bay, WI, Lexington, KY and Kansas City, KS.

DP: You want the brains and brawn of the country.

CAIR: Pretty much.

DA: And the rest of us have Omaha westward?

CAIR: Something like that.

CIA: Get that man another crack pipe and give him a slot on SNL.

NS: No, seriously, I think we can do this. Moslems are great contributors to our area of the globe and we owe them reparations for past oppressions. We would not have numbers without them. Or orange trees. Or the knowledge of irrigation and Arabic.  Or know how to find a spouse and have a fine, happy marriage.

PS: Or have camel shit.

HB: Funny man. No, really, NS is right. I think we can get behind this. And watch it, PS. It’s not like CAIR wants to absolutely control those areas, just be the main influence inside them. Others can be there too, including us. What could possibly be wrong with that? They’ve earned it. And besides, they are far more reliable and resourceful combatants than street gangs and the military. I think they can be a real help in making this thing happen, making opposition a thing of the past. They’ll work with our now-huge civilian executive department military and para-military assets.

NS: CIA, can you get TS clearances for CAIR’s operators so they can work alongside your wet boys? Shouldn’t take too long, too deep a look, should it?

CIA: Hell, piles of them already have it. They’re embedded in every department of the executive as minders and moles for foreign governments as well as ourselves.

NS: So it should be easy for you to work wet with them.

CIA: At least on paper.

CAIR: Was that a racist comment?

CIA: Hell yes, who in hell do you think you are, God?

CAIR: No, His representative and you are blaspheming.

… NS motions to minders, who remove CIA from the room and arrest him for threatening NS and HB …

PS: This is cool, can I get a shot of you five looking triumphant after finally settling on a strategy for eliminating opposition?

DA: No picture, not yet.

DP: So who’s going to help us now?

NS: Call Khamenei and Nasrallah.

CAIR: And Mashal and Erdoğan.

NS/HB: Roger.

NS: OK, let’s get rolling. Our mission is to eliminate opposition by the Vernal Equinox so important to our new Religion of Unity, 20 March 2014.

CAIR: Religion of Unity, I like that, the Oneness of God,Tawhid.

NS: Well, the unity of us with nature through science, but we can work that out later.

DP: Good luck.

HB: Watch it … !

NS: Meeting adjourned. Let’s roll.

PS: Pictures, anyone?

DA: Not yet, wait for the christmas tree with hanging republicans and independents as ornaments and street gangs dancing around the base holding pictures of the christ child and mother they spit on and stab. Probably ought to get queers to piss, poop and masturbate on the pictures as well.  That will get us some good reaction and the press will focus on outraged citizens while we identify and list them for elimination after the front and rear leaders are gone or paralyzed. Piece ‘o cake.

PS: Roger.

… Exeunt, except NS and HB …

NS: Well, HB, one person world rule and universal taxation gets nearer by the day!

HB: Shit yeah, gonna be fun for us, huh?!

NS: Oh Yeah!  Damn we’re going to cause pain!

Update 1: Global Divestment Day

Update 2: Paul A. Rahe: Political theater and coordinated disinformation are the order of the day.

Update 3 The Jihadis’ Master Plan To Break Us

Update 4: Until the churches reform the universities, Power types will churn out in their millions yearly and demand their 20-something hands control immediately every last twitch on the planet.  No rest for anyone or anything, just constant elimination of what is by what wants to be.  Samantha and her boss represent a class of operators.



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