To Dislike The Mother Country

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



It is incomprehensible that one should dislike one’s mother country for the same reason it is incomprehensible that one should dislike one’s natural mother.  Or one’s mother religion.  Or one’s mother language.  Or one’s mother scripture, mother the earth or mother the cow.

We each have those seven mothers.  Most we share.  To most we are siblings.  Most love us unselfishly and without surcease.  Most can be dangerous.  Some take our welfare with personal seriousness and dedication and some do not.  Yet each and all are one’s mother – all of us ones – on whom we depend absolutely for life and welfare.  On some we depend more early in our careers and on some more later.  But no matter whether earlier or later, our dependence on all seven of our mothers is absolute, unchanging, immutable.  We cannot live outside their care.

Mother Feeds Her Children
Mother Feeds Her Children

And that means we owe these mothers of ours unfailing faithfulness, selfless love and indefatigable succor.

Yet not a few among us dislike one or more of our mothers.  And, these days, especially our mother country.  Why is this?  How could such a thing happen?  What does it portend?  Can it be remedied?

It has been noted that collectivism – the socialist, criminal, “progressive” posture of the so-called “ruling class” (rent-seeking power junkies) – is a criminal enterprise.  Specific criminal activities are observed of the ruling class.  This is to propose that one in particular roots the rest: dislike of the mother country.  And not superficial, non-existential, passing dislike, either, but fundamental dislike of the kind called hatred with intent to harm.  The crime of treason.

Kim Philby, Son Of Another Traitor, St. John Philby
Kim Philby, Son Of Another Traitor, St. John Philby

Treason, as is known, is a serious matter, customarily and rightly addressed with execution.  Treason is diabolical, meaning there is no known remedy for it, no known path of contrition and restoration, and every reason to expect it’s unremitting obduracy in will to harm the mother country.  Treason demands extermination and deserves it.

Criminals throw up FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).  To cover their treason, this ruling class throws up “issues.”  One after another in an endless stream of nonsense.  All are diversions.  All conceal treasonous hatred of the mother country.  All “issues” are efforts to do the mother country harm, to do her in, to get rid of her.  Principally by fomenting divisions, dividing to rule, separating to dominate.  Piecing apart (“deconstructing”) to grab and hold power.  Doling extravagances to engineer subjects, clients.

Name any “issue” – any headline! – today and recognize it as FUD thrown up by the ruling class to divert attention from harm they are causing the mother country.  Diverting attention, itself, is part of that harm.

Codevilla observes that Republicans and Democrats are in it together on this dirty business.  Democrats for their obvious hatred of country by undoing her happiness and serenity.  Republicans for refusing to defend her, as when, for example, President Bush refused to prove that Iraq was chock-a-block with WMDs and had been even more jammed with the stuff until fall, winter and spring of 2002-0303, when Saddam moved tons of it to his Baathist ally ruling Syria … and for not detailing equally valid reasons for eliminating Saddam, including the principal one, his contracting with KSM, then also working for AQ, the aerial attacks of 11 September 2001 and subsequent anthrax attacks (specific operators still not identified!) … a textbook one-two punch, state-sponsored military assault.

Fascists, German and Moslem Brother
Fascists: Nazi, Moslem Brother, Kenyan And Saudi

Why would one want to harm one’s mother country?  It is an unnatural act.  Why do it?  Why want to do it?

Herewith proposed an answer: most Americans have never known a mother’s love.  They know by their unmistakably felt inalienable rights and laws of nature they should have a mother’s love.  But they know they have not had that love.  Most Americans have never been protected and cherished by their natural mother, who is the mother closest to them immediately and in the early years.  Their natural mother was off doing something not for them or for their father but for themselves, or their mother, or for their “girl friends.”

Most Americans have not experienced the uninterrupted focus of their natural mother’s care and attention.  They have been cheated of their life’s treasure.  They have zero inheritance, like the treasonous liar occupying the White House.  They live in poverty.  Loveless.  Their youth stolen by their mother’s selfishness.

Women of Iran, June 2009
Women of Iran, June 2009

Note how many obese “mothers” – and often “fathers” – you see with skinny children.

And their fathers, most of them, sat by helplessly, hopelessly, what could they do?  Many did not care.  Laws disfavored them.  Some tried to make up the deficit, thanks be to them, but it is not the same.  There is no substitute for the mother’s touch.

Many Americans, especially those who sat through the indoctrination of what passes, since the 1960s, for education, are closed, shriveled, little tarts bouncing from stimulation to stimulation, hating mothers generally and, since she is a big one easy to acquire, their mother country really hard.

Do not look at Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, look at their mothers.  Do not look at their friend the treasonous liar, look at his mother.  Do not look at the professors and the thieves of Wall Street, look at their mothers.

Of such is our “ruling class,” the most benighted, hateful criminals in the nation’s history, or at least so in recent memory.  Definitely the most destructive.  Which of course is their aim, to harm the mother country’s sons and daughters … other than themselves, whom they harm anyway as well.

Since hatred of a mother is diabolical, hope that collectivists, Republican and Democrat, will learn and accept the truth of their condition, and grow up, turning from hatred to love of their mothers, or at least to honoring them, is forlorn.

Instead, let us each in our way and as occasion is found or made, help to raise two or three generations, at least, of mothers who love their children.  That will turn around this deplorable situation and restore our mother country to her rightful place of honor and protection by her sons and daughters.

And while we are at it, give the mother-haters the truth.  Tell them they hate their mother country and need professional help at least.  Then, pivot, because a fist is coming.  Laugh and tell them to try again, and tell them they are hypocrites and misogynists.  Then pivot again because it’s coming again.  Roll with the punch, which they will put “into the blue.”  The truth about themselves is anathema to mother-haters.  And well it should be.

And do not expect to get off without injury, to include terminal injury, topped with torture.  Mother-haters are serious about ramming through their hatred on deniers of their mother-hating superiority.


Update 1: Today I field-tested the line, “I do not hate my mother.” as I passed the mother-hater hawking Real Change News at the entrance to our organic grocer.   My usual line as I pass by is, “I am not a communist.”  He knows me by that line.  His response today: “Have a nice day.”  Smarmy son-of-a-bitch.  🙂

Update 2: Socialists’ attraction to anti-American strongmen.

Update 3: And Al Saud intends to keep it up.  See also here.

Update 4: Kim Philby talks in discovered video.


Washington Statue Before Washington Hall, The Plain at West Point
Washington Statue Before Washington Hall, The Plain At West Point

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