Cry, “Freedom!”

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.


The celebrated but not infallible David Horowitz has produced a remarkable essay on the subject of freedom as the unifying standard of opposition to the tyrannical pretensions of progressives, aka Fascists.  Central observation: equality is of individuals before God and the law, not of groups cut out to divide and conquer.  Sub-central observation: progressives are religious fanatics conducting warfare on behalf of their religion, which Horowitz does not name and which I designate, tentatively, as Privileged Power.  (This makes progressivism a modern iteration of ancient Manichaeism, the assertion of ontological dualism with personal moral evaluation.)  Sub-sub-observation: take progressives’ religious war seriously and fight it with superior force for individual freedom as the root of morality and for individual inalienable rights as the root of legitimate power.  Against the pretense of collectivism compel the truth of individuality.

Update 1: Dr. Ben Carson for protection of religious freedom.

Update 2: Richard Fernandez: The Hoarders


St. Francis And Friends
St. Francis And Friends

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