The New World Disorder – Good Job, Girls

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



This is to state the obvious.  And the well-known.

This, however, is not obvious and far from well-known:  The New World Disorder follows on the perversion of Christian Morality from the power of freedom to the laws of a jurisdiction.

Not only can morality not be legislated, legislation cannot be moral.  Morality is freedom whereas legislation is restriction.

Furthermore, freedom is self-powered, being power itself, whereas legislation must be enforced.

So when a jurisdiction proposes and postures to make morality, as with laws and regulations, to do some good … when government of any size goes positive, to create and enforce a vision, no matter what kind of vision it is … when that happens … expect hammer blows left, right and center as disorder displaces nature, law licks civility, suspicion suspends kindness and regulation replaces common sense … the new world disorder driven in by visionaries.

Someone’s vision for something is their prelude to bashing it to pieces.  Something already is present.  It does not need a vision.  It needs protection and would not mind expansion that is from within its own nature.  Like a tree.

Life is a tree.  It does not need change.  It is good as is.  It is its own vision … of loveliness.

Get a vision for how you think life should be and force that on life, for whatever reason, and you kill life unless life kills you first.

I want to change this means I want to destroy it.  We need change means I want to mess you up.

If you want something different, if your morbid itch for novelty is driving you mad, enflaming your mind with visions and dreams, then plant yourself and see if you grow.

I have a dream means I hate myself.

The idiot dreamers and visionaries have brought to the world a new disorder.

They convinced themselves and fellow idiots they were doing good, making morality.  Unsurprisingly, they make chaos.  It is a poor trade for freedom and, what is one and the same, moral power.


Visions and dreams are weapons of mass destruction.

Perversions of power and morality generated by perverts.

Update 1: My friend Bob Belvedere gives voice to the emotions, the spirit and the intellects of very many men and women of faith and good will.  A call to God it is, Whose Power alone is sufficient unto the day.  A life or death crossroads.  Very serious indeed, nothing more so.  All our champions are dead or put out of action.  The battlefield is pitch dark.  No one can see to effect.  The just despair, the honorable shrink, backbones wither and melt.  All await doom.  Bob’s call to God is correct.  May he be heard!  Illumine, O God, this battlefield on which we want and try to fight for You!  For Righteousness’ sake.

Update 2: Perhaps?

Update 3: Caliphists, one is sure, look forward to duking it out with females for world domination.

Update 4: Ignore The Dire Warnings About Our Lives Because It’s Just Hysteria

Update 5: The Jihadis’ Master Plan To Break Us

Update 6: Peggy Noonan: Mr. Trump goes to Washington: No one at this point needs your snotty potshots and your supposedly withering one-liners.


The North Rose, Notre Dame de Paris
The North Rose, Notre Dame de Paris

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