USA Grand National Strategic Objective — Take Two

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



For Rumination And Discussion By USA Leader Cadre


Elements of a USA grand national strategic objective:

1- Secure and legalize USA borders and maintain the Anglosphere as universal regulator of global communications.

2- Maintain USA military, diplomatic and financial strength sufficient to occupy and culture-splice two major enemies simultaneously, one across the Atlantic (ME), one across the Pacific (PRC).

3- Unbind and unburden USA individual and group self-guided religious, moral and cultural destiny — true multi-culturalism.

4- Eliminate the trade in psychotropic drugs, to include marijuana, world-wide — true peace, love, groovy.

5- Accept national sovereignties, do not oppose the creation of sovereign nation states — true multi-polarity.

6- Place USA federal military, diplomatic and financial vectors of action on convergent missions to the same objective rather than non-convergent missions to different objectives.

7- Fight any military engagement to unconditional surrender of the opposing force or forces and commemorate victory in war as a military event with military oversight and decision in re timing, location, content and outcome — true humility.

8- Focus the CIA on foreign political intelligence, assessment and reporting and transfer its war-fighting, espionage and counter-espionage assets and activities to USSOCOM — true peace process.

9- De-militarize, de-politicize, de-weaponize and downsize USA federal civilian bureaucracies and encourage states to do likewise — true de-construction.

Note I: Culture-splice means intermarry with the occupied and raise resulting children in the occupied country and also bring spouses from the occupied country to the home country and raise resulting children there.  This is the long-term and only method of eliminating aggressive impulses in an occupied country, which should be occupied for as long as it takes to eliminate those aggressive impulses.  War’s very objective is occupation of and culture-splicing with a militarily, diplomatically and financially surrendered country so that it does not again conjure aggressive impulses towards the country or countries who defeated them.

Note II: This grand national strategic objective, comprising these nine elements, would serve felicitously as the Platform of a serious USA national political party.  See also here.

Note III: The nations comprise not a community but a universe of individual natures and destinies.  Let the nations turn to one not as a nation but as a phylum comprising these many species.  Let the universal metaphor for life and human affairs be botanical: the tree.

Note IV: USA, Russia and India: Three Brothers Doctrine, the strategic alliance of core stewards of the destiny of the universe of sovereign nations.

Update 1: Even Evergreen Ego Henry The K, through his ghosts, wants a comprehensive geopolitical strategy.  No idea what that is, but he sure does want it.

Update 2: Michael Ledeen: there is a strategy, align with Iran.  And Spengler to the same point.  And yours truly.

I commented at Spengler: He has a Caliphist strategy but not an American one. He thinks the chaos caused by the Caliphist strategy can be and is being managed and will stay at a sufficient distance, and he thinks it will not touch America, off which he loves so high to live, BECAUSE America has no strategy and poses, therefore, no threat to Caliphists. This is what customarily is diagnosed as drug-induced schizophrenia.

Update 3: Posts here dealing with the subject of strategy.

Update 4: Angelo Codevilla is heavily on target  here and in PDF here.

Update 5: On 27 January 2015, Marine GEN (Ret.) James N. Mattis addressed the United States Senate Armed Services Committee on the subject A New American Grand Strategy.  At Hoover Institution, who published an adapted version of General Mattis’ address, I commented — with edits here — as follows:

Not that it matters, but, I both appreciate and despond over General Mattis’ address here. Appreciate because (1) as a genuine warrior he says what he sees and eloquently and (2) his heart is unalloyed courage and compassion. Despond because (1) his address reflects lack of situational awareness — half his auditors at least regard the nation state, including USA, as obsolete and perishing — and (2) his address, although latterly specifying or implying serious tactical weaknesses of current operations, transits the periphery of his title: grand national strategy.

It is rare for a military leader to grasp and execute the several strands — principally diplomatic, economic and military, but others as well — of grand national strategy sufficiently to create a rational grand national strategic *objective* that is also inspirational. It is rare for anyone to be able to do that. General David Petraeus has that ability, which is why the Anti-American, Globalist-partisan US Justice [so-called] Department is persecuting/prosecuting him. Asking Congress or a bureaucracy to develop that ability and execute with it compares with asking a herd of cats to organize an expedition to summit Annapurna. Distilling and serving a happy grand national strategic *objective* is a personal, leadership thing few can do, but some definitely can and do accomplish. Their thoughts merit discovery and attendance.

The cynosure of a nation is not her grand national strategy. It is her grand national strategic *objective.* Given what we see now, project and anticipate — always expecting the unexpected, as General Mattis mentions, thankfully, in his address — where and what do we want to be as a nation three, five, ten, etc. years hence? What is our objective? What do we really, truly — as a nation — want for and of ourself to be, to do, to think? What is our inner necessity as a nation? What are we on this earth to accomplish as a national presence? And why do members of Congress not live in the states from which they were selected for office?

Related: On 04 March 2015  Marine GEN (Ret.) James N. Mattis wrote for Hoover Institution under title Using Military Force Against ISIS.  I commented:

I am content that GEN (Ret.) Mattis’ thinking, clear and compelling, be expressed in public.  Thank you, General!  Our countrymen are working their way towards how they will think and what they will do when they are quit of the hag riding their back.  And they will be that.  This exercise in preparation for the restoration of national sovereignty and wealth flowing from national moral and intellectual strength is what should be happening and what is happening.  I am content.

Update 6: Former Obama Intel Chief: Administration’s Iran Policy Is Willful Ignorance

Update 7: Stephen D. Krasner embodies the bathetic stupidity of America’s ruling class.  I commented:

Good enough governance. Sounds micro-managerial, timid, sophistical/Solomonic and Ivory Tower. And a military not tasked with winning a war/conflict? … words fail and casting aspersions is unmanly. I prefer colonization and culture-splicing. Solve the problem, don’t manage it. It is unmanageable. Defeat it or detach from it. Do not manipulate/manage it.

Update 8: Michael J. Totten reviews ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

Update 9: The Kingpin Strategy … it fails!

Actually, the kingpin strategy as this author presents it is a misread of the strategy that eliminated Pablo Escobar and a mis-learning of the lessons thereof.  Escobar was reached — by US military, as I recall, not DEA or CIA — by working inward from his perimeter protections, eliminating those piecemeal, until none was left to protect the boss who had been their center.  That is how Pablo came to be running alone on a roof.  None remained to protect him, all had been neutralized.  Other networks than Pablo’s increased the flow of cocaine into the USA following his death.  Had kingpin strategy been applied to Pablo, his own network would have decentralized and, probably with others, even more ramped up the flow of product to American nostrils.

Conclusion: a network is taken down by movement from its periphery towards its center, not by direct movement at its center.  See also the elimination of Saddam Hussein — in a rat hole without protection.  If other networks move to replace or even restore an eliminated network — a near certainty, at least by effort — then the same strategy is applied to them, one at a time or several simultaneously, as assets permit.

Expose the queen by killing off her guardians.  Then kill the queen.  If the queen only is killed, up front, her guardians will anoint a new queen and proceed merrily onward with conjurings from their fevered minds.

Update 10: Scott Johnson at Power Line links two videos of Senator Tom Cotton discussing USA foreign policy.  These are instructive, depressingly so.  I commented as follows:

I have attended, carefully, both videos mentioned here. Senator Cotton is a good man, a fine man. His intellect, heart and bona fides are unimpeachable. He walks point for the best intentions and thinking our nation’s official leader cadre can produce at this moment in time.

His grasp of American strategic objective, strategy and tactics so lags the need as to arouse disconsolation.

This is not a personal failure of Senator Cotton’s. It is a corporate failure of America’s leader cadre. And behind them it is a failure of America’s parents (in particular, mothers, but also fathers), schools, churches and synagogues to foster spiritual, cultural and moral infrastructure that builds and protects our mother country.

Related: PL has two mentions in Tom’s Wikipedia bio.  And he’s a knuckle-dragger.  The Times letter may have caused his move from line to staff and then out.  Something got him out early after a fast rise in the line, consignment to staff and a short time in reserves.  I’d say the Times letter signaled political aspirations and counter-signaled mil career, another reason for an early out for a rising OBC line officer.

PL featured the Times letter, as I recall.  It would be a rare serving officer, especially a junior, who would address the Times without command prior-approval and expect a mil career afterwards.  Maybe the Harvard Man Syndrome punched through to dominance for that incident.  The military is not a democracy.

Update 11: Regarding developments in North Korea.

Update 12: Ignore The Dire Warnings About Our Lives Because It’s Just Hysteria

Update 13: Daniel Greenfield: Dear Corporate America

Update 14: Multiculturalism: Something Rotten in the States of Europe and America

Update 15: Murphy’s Law: The Realities Of Defense Spending

Update 16: Papa Francis is Exhibit A of someone who has the nub of a good idea and spreads it out into a bad idea.  Out of his depth and, more importantly, his remit, commission.  Pity.

Update 17: Franklin C. Spinney: Introduction To The Strategic Theories Of John Boyd

Update 18: Austin Bay: On the Anniversaries of Benghazi and 9/11/2001

Update 19: [The Fraud’s] New Middle East

Update 20: The NYT sneers hopefully for The End Of The Anglo-American Order [Anglosphere].  They mean they hope for the end of Christianity.

Update 21: 6 Reasons Why Starship Troopers Is The New The Art Of War

Update 22: Deliberate civil-military discussions about that desired end result at the beginning of setting force management levels should then inform the subsequent [force management levels] imposed on our military, not the other way around.

Update 23: Theresa May’s Well-Deserved Defeat, And The UK’s Uncertain Future

Update 24: Why It’s Time for the Carrier Battle Group

Update 25: Dubik’s ‘Just War Reconsidered’ and Schadlow’s ‘War and the Art of Governance’: A double review


Karl Richter
Karl Richter

Karl Richter plays BWV 538 Toccata and Fugue in d minor (Dorian) at the Great Silbermann Organ at Freiburg Cathedral, Germany.  Fugue Produced by Deutsche Grammophon in 1980. All rights by Deutsche Grammophon and Polydor.

IMHO, the Dorian Fugue is the most transparently divine of Bach’s glorious fugues, just as his Passion According To St. Matthew is the most transparently divine of all magnificent music.  And Richter’s presentation of the Dorian Fugue is the trans-gold standard of this sempiternal composition.

Karl Richter was one of five incomparable musicians of the 20th Century.  The others were Glenn Herbert Gould, Herbert Ritter von Karajan, Maria Callas and Sviatoslav Teofilovich Richter.  There is brilliant, there is clever, there is distinguished, there is outstanding, there is superb, there is celebrated and there is great.  There is even genius.  And then, there is divine.  Rarely indeed does divinity show through mere human form.  Yet, and thankfully, it happens now and again.  Richter, Gould, Karajan, Callas and Richter were embodiments of divinity in the exposition of musicianship.  They made the rules.  They were the rules.  As Bach did and was.

Today in my automobile, which has the finest audio system to which I have access, I listened to this recording of Karl Richter playing the Dorian Fugue and, in that glorious elevation to strong, mellifluous diapason at 4:04 into the work, the thought crossed my mind, if this be so glorious, so magnificent, so transporting into the bosom of the Eternal, how much more so will be the heavenly host when they are heard, finally, singing their devotion and awe to the Divine Mystery, Power and Glory!  It must be unimaginably fulfilling, filling the eyes with endless, burning tears of joy.

Bear in mind that while Wikipedia entries are informative, they are in no sense normative.  Few at any moment of history sense the Divine Presence.

GEN James Mattis, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired, Pictured As LTG James Mattis, Embodies The Divine In The Exposition Of Warrior Duty And Ethic.
GEN James Mattis, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired, Pictured As LTG James Mattis, Embodies The Divine In The Exposition Of Warrior Duty And Ethic.
The Last Time US Affairs Were Comme Il Faut: In Tokyo Bay, Victorious Allied Commanders Gather On USA Sovereign Property To Receive The Unconditional Surrender Of The Japanese Government, The Japanese Imperial General Staff And The Japanese Imperial Armed Forces. Comme Il Faut: The War Fighter, The Diplomat And The Financier Embodying And Expositing The Divine Nature Of Their Duties, Led, Appropriately For The Occasion, By The War Fighter.
The Last Time US Affairs Were Comme Il Se Doit: In Tokyo Bay, Victorious Allied Commanders Gather On USA Sovereign Property To Receive The Unconditional Surrender Of The Emperor Of Japan, The Japanese Government, The Japanese Imperial Headquarters And The Japanese Imperial Armed Forces. Comme Il Faut: The War Fighter, The Diplomat And The Financier Embodying And Expositing The Divine Nature Of Their Duties, Led, Appropriately For The Occasion, By The War Fighter.

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