Discriminating Between Genuine And Demonic Clergy And Scholars

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



[This SmartCard was created on 13 October 2006 to support The Surge in Iraq.]

Genuine Clergy And Scholars Demonic Clergy And Scholars
Earning a Living:  On their own, at ordinary employment:  as “blue collar” (Sts. Paul, Benedict, Gandhi);  as Military Chaplains or helpful academicians or researchers (Tillich, Pasteur);  from family inheritance (Sts. Jerome and Paula);  from begging, building and inspiring (Sts. Francis and Clare, who sewed and knit ecclesial garments). Earning a Living:  Do not earn a living:  live off “religious” or “charitable” donations of time, money and energy from followers, parishioners, pilgrims, foundations, political action committees, corporations, appearances, endorsements, etc.
Core Interest:  That which is truly ultimate and that which helps persons aspire to, focus on and experience that which is truly ultimate. Core Interest:  Demanding, achieving, maintaining and expanding financial, social and/or political “position in the community.”  Silencing those who do or could threaten that “position.”  Mockery, hooliganism.
Core Activities:  Study, reflection, public expression of learning (promulgation). Core Activities:  Self-promotion, calculation, disruption of public.  Demonic clergy and scholars act as hooligans and foster hooliganism.
Presence in Community:  Unobtrusive, encouraging, monitory, graceful, self-effacing, of good character, hard-minded and soft-hearted;  expansive, encompassing. Presence in Community Armed with armed bodyguards, either actually or as an aura of threat or menace;  paranoid, gathering fearful, poor, uneducated, dependent followers;  contractive, puritanical.
Effects in Community:  Stabilizing but also awakening, prophetic, creative (including revolutionary) but also educative. Effects in Community:  Inciting displays of disquiet, dissatisfaction and destruction.
Scripture Reading and Teaching Method:  Correlation, taking the language of scripture symbolically and showing how those realities to which the symbols point, and in which they participate, answer questions arising from the human condition and an individual life.  Basic attitude and activity:  dialectical (conversational) and participatory. Scripture Reading And Teaching Method:  Literalism, taking the language of scripture literally, extracting phrases out of context and compelling literalistic obedience to those phrases by groups and individuals.  No interest in that which concerns man ultimately.  Basic attitude and activity:  confrontational and hegemonistic.
Deservedness:  Respect, attention and rumination on the meaning of their words and actions. Deservedness:  Investigation for fraud, rape, theft, murder, extortion, etc.;  if having armed bodyguards or commanding combat forces, treatment as combatants.

That is genuine which insists upon nothing.
That is demonic which insists upon ultimacy.

Update 1: The field-use version of this SmartCard is here.

Update 2:  The field-use version companion SmartCard, on genuine and demonic religions, is here.  The web-version is here.

Update 3: A field-use version companion Concept Utility Matrix is here.

Update 4: Further discussion of the phenomenon of genuine and demonic clergy and scholars is here and here.

Update 5: Plodding and pedestrian on account of its sloth-filled methodology, but if one has patience to plow on, this effort to quantify evidence of Caliphist lunacy may be worth the time, money and energy requisite to the reading of it.

Update 6: Richard Grenier: The Gandhi Nobody Knows.



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