Mr. President, Fire Robert Mueller And His Squaddies, Please, Today!

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In disagreement with his fellow blogger John Hinderaker, Paul Mirengoff writes today at Power Line:

I’m in favor of investigating the Clinton Foundation and the uranium deal, as well as other matters as to which there is a basis for believing Democrats and/or their allies broke the law.  But I’m not in favor of more special counsels.

I find special counsels problematic.  Their appointment is a recipe for abuse.  Furthermore, the matters in question here are all within the ability of the Justice Department to handle.

“Punching back twice as hard” makes sense in many contexts.  But applied in this context, it will likely beget an endless, growing stream of special counsels in administration after administration, to the detriment of the Republic.

Anyway, appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and/or President Obama isn’t punching back even half as hard.  The Democrats have no use for Hillary at this point and only limited use for Obama.  For them, the whole ballgame is ruining Donald Trump.

Punching back effectively in this environment would mean firing Mueller.  Will that become a realistic option?  I don’t know.  But appointing special counsels to investigate Democrats would probably make firing Mueller a less realistic option than it otherwise is.

I commented:

FWIW, I am with Mirengoff on this one.  I think his logic is impeccable and his strategic thinking sun-bright.  With luck, Mueller is fired upon POTUS’s return from America’s West, the Indo-Pacific, as a trip-enhancer or end-zone dance.

Update 1: We need a new elite.  [And how!]


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