To Queer The World: Pop Culture Against Real Culture

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



The 18th and 19th Chapters of Genesis teach a lesson regarding the nature of unnatural acts, especially unnatural sex, and the nature of personalities devoted to their practice.  In Hebrew and KJV English, these Chapters are here, and in Latin and  Douay-Rheims English, they are here.

Queers get everybody shouting and shooting at each other.
The love it.
The State of Chaos.
They are right at home in it.
And there is nothing gay about it.

The cause of every last ounce of upset and disquiet on the planet — and even in it — and in particular, every twitch of discontent running through sovereign nations breathing thereon, traces back to queers, sodomists, promoting their favorite activity with the end in view of terrorizing for corruption and to feed their own appetites every man and boy walking the planet.  And they go about achieving deconstruction of manhood with volunteer labor from lesbians and silly females.

Andrew Breitbart famously observed that politics is downstream from culture.  By culture Breitbart meant pop culture.  However, it also is true that politics is downstream from real culture.  So, if politics is gone south, the cause is a rampancy of pop culture over real culture.  And pop culture, as seen of late in its head-long self-exposure, is queer, aggressive and ruthlessly hegemonic.  It could not be otherwise because queering is unnatural and, in consequence, has only itself for support.

Breitbart argued for improving the pop culture to improve the politics.  He was short on specifics.  Reason: little or nothing inside pop culture is real culture.  One does not customarily draw orange juice from a toilet.  Tell the truth, always, and fight deconstruction, always, were useful medicaments Breitbart preached and practiced, dying doing so.  However, those actions are elements of real culture, not improvements on pop culture, which would never think of them because it thinks only of their opposites.

Real culture is the antidote to pop culture and the only cure for politics gone south.  Real culture sends politics north.

What is real culture?  Well, here are some vignettes:

I refuse to be put in a box.  Because history has shown us that the next thing that happens when you allow yourself to be put in a box is that some tyrant nails down the lid.

Whatever happens now the progressives have lost decades of ‘gains’ not to the alt-right, which is nothing special, but to the realization of their own human frailty.  They will find equality intolerable.

I think all the moralizing from our celebutainment class is displacement, based on their knowledge that they’re immersed in a deeply evil system.

This movement against Roy Moore (USMA ’69) is part of a general effort to queer the world, make it uninhabitable for men.  The great personal beauty of POTUS and FLOTUS Trump as life-long embodiments of distinctly successful manhood and womanhood drives to insane rage those making that general effort.  The same rage recently struck Senator Rand Paul.  And it is striking those making the effort, making a show-in-a-show of queer mayhem.

I have noticed that a kind of sickly grey hope hangs around most people’s hottest anti-Trump vitriol, lingering like stale morning breath: a hope that once everything is sorted—all the disinformation exposed, all the dossiers verified, all the tax returns audited, and all the President’s men jailed—the “adults” will wrest back control of politics, and things can get back more or less to the way they were before.

This is what real culture is NOT.

Real culture is such faith and trust in The Almighty God as to realize that Duty is God and Work is Worship.  Put another way, real culture arises from within the confluence of power and meaning.

Morality in politics is every man’s and woman’s wish.  Immorality in politics is every queer’s, lesbian’s and, by default, silly female’s wish.  What is this quality, morality, and how does it differ from ethics?  This is really a question about the intercourse of ethics and war.  So, a few words on the subject follow.

Morality is a very simple thing.  Morality is having the thought, the word and the deed inline on the same line going the same direction.  Morality is the unity of thought, word and deed, or, power and meaning.  It has nothing to do with estimates or measurements or opinions of goodness or badness.

Man has no capacity to know what is good or what is not.  Moreover and more importantly, man cannot separate good from not-good in his experience.  In matters of valuation, man can know only what is moral and what is not.  That is moral which has thought, word and deed united to one direction, one purpose, one telos or goal.  That is immoral which has thought, word and deed proceeding separately in different directions.

Ethics is the analysis and evaluation of a situation with regard to its unity or disunity of thought, word and deed.  That is ethical which embodies complete and accurate analysis and evaluation.  That is unethical which embodies incomplete and inaccurate analysis and evaluation.

Breitbart fantasized — and many of his acolytes continue on doing so — that they can get along with queers for the purpose of improving politics by improving pop culture.  They were and are wrong on both points, getting along and improving pop culture.  Queers are pop culture.  And they are ruthless hegemons for queering, specifically.  Recall Genesis 18-19.  In fact, one may give them credit for single-mindedness.  There is, however, no improving them except by their own self-removal from queering altogether, and that means from pop culture, which is, a fortiori, unnatural.

Ultimately, real culture proceeds from the monastery, the place alone yet hard at work.  There the realizations occur, the concepts are born — and the children — the trials are made of solutions to life’s plethora of problems, wisdom of all kinds, distilled into doctrine guaranteed by experience, is preserved and promulgated, the observations are made — and the measurements — the auspicious introductions happen and the prayers drill deep into the hard crust of fallen man’s defenses against the habit of penitence.

The monastery is wherever a man or a woman finds themself alone with God.  There is the cause of real culture.  There, also, is the sole source of authority.


A Column Of Stryker Combat Vehicles
A Column Of Stryker Combat Vehicles

Update 1: George H. W. Bush is getting a reckoning, but not a splashy one.  I recall when he was said to be involved with … a State Department personnel, was it?  There was a time, a long time, when men with power, and some without it, were expected to and tolerated for doing such things.  Power is an aphrodisiac.

Once a husband told me his wife told him he would be sharing her with me.  And I was dirt poor and out of prospects at the time and he and she not far from it.  All of us had academic pedigrees, good ones.  I left their company.  I could not imagine such a thing, but that was a wake-up call for me that such things were underway.  Early 1970s.

For public consumption it was tolerated and expected to be, I discovered.  Some guys and gals had more appetite than others, as today.  Public figures seemed then and now to have the most appetite, at least it is known the most.

The irony is hearing sluts and satyrs calling out sluts and satyrs for slutting and satyring. My sympathies are with Harvey Weinstein, not for satyring, but for the tooth-grinding hypocrisy he must swallow. Disgrace is indeed a death, but not the one to be feared.


Ethiopian Angel
Ethiopian Angel
William Wallace
William Wallace

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