Camille Paglia, High Energy

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



This interview is long, emotional, witty, erudite and grounded.  It is extraordinarily anchored in history, art history, Logos Theology, psychology, logic, philosophy and the warmish, sublime effulgence of interaction between Sages.

A serious, intent auditor will hear many things in this interview, those sounding particularly important tumbling over one another like waves over a cataract, moving swiftly beyond audition.

I deplore psychiatrists and psychologists on principle.  But this one is not like any others I have known or read.  This one is a theologian.  And he emits data points of a decisive power on several prime topics.

Here are some things I heard in this Olympian interchange:

1- Universities for life.  Once admitted to a post-secondary school, one may return to it throughout one’s life to sit courses.

2- Core curriculum, must reinstate, especially historical courses.  If you do not know your past, you cannot know your present, much less make your future.

3- Fire 50-75% of post-secondary administrators … implied: primary and secondary admins also.

4- One’s identity derives from one’s consciousness, which is Logos.

5- The best predictor of genocide is the sense of victimization of the group who does it.

6- Suffering is part of the tragedy of being, of existence.  The world rests on suffering.  This is not to be taken personally — I am a victim! — but one should take responsibility for it — How can I help to prevent and relieve others’ suffering?.

7- The canon of learning has been abandoned, so students’ intellects now are shallow, weak, their minds angry, they feel cheated [they have been] but do not know how to say it or why.  They do not know their malefactors: usually their own parents, peers and teachers.

8- Human Sensibility = Cosmic Consciousness.  [A grand statement of human grandeur!]

9- Marxism is blind, narrow, does not see nature.  [Lama Anagarika Govinda’s comment on my levels of consciousness work in 1970: I miss the clouds, the trees, the rivers., from which I took the name White Cloud, after the book of that name — The Way Of The White Clouds — by Lama Govinda.]  Neo-Marxism is lazy, narrow, has nothing to offer beyond society.  Boring, stupid, grim, defeated by history and its own vacuity.

10- All teaching should be of the core curriculum, Western Civilization, back three or more millennia.  Teach the great simplicities.

11- The true radicals — means rooted, in reality! — of the 1960s did NOT get PhDs and teach in universities.  Mario Savio, for example.  They were too creative to do any such thing.  They found their way by other means, keeping their true radicalism through their lives, which tend to be the ones one does not see in public view.  Paglia’s public presence is an exception in this regard.  Universities try to stop life from turning to one (uni-verse).

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