Something Dreadful Is Afoot

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Well, I should expect now demands to replace the electorate or discontinue elections.  Apparently election fraud is insufficiently robust to guarantee the required outcome: Unalloyed Leftist Hegemony.  That leaves only electorate or election elimination — or both — as means sufficient to guarantee successful Revolution.

Interestingly, and perhaps portending-ly, Reynolds twice last year used the formula “Oh, F— Off” — with the middle word spelled out — in the lower case portion of a post and twice this year in the upper case portion of a post.  One occurs yesterday.  A search of InstaPundit reveals only those four posts with that particular formula, each by Reynolds.

With Mr. Levelhead himself using that formula, I would say something dreadful is afoot.  And finding myself in agreement with his use of it, I would say that is about the only reasonable reply to the demonic insanity which has engulfed the UniParty and its academic growth media.  Even cheerful academic Hayward himself (also here) feels the rumbling sensation of abandoning academe to self-destruction (posted on 19SEP17).  Something dreadful is afoot.  Intelligent people blessed with subtle sensitometers, so to speak, are feeling that it is.

Tillich, BTW, maintains that the conundrum of theodicy is solved by the Doctrine of Love, to include abandonment of the intractable — the truly deplorable — to their own self-destruction.

It occurs to me that the dread is not ours, not citizens’, not the nation’s, but the UniParty’s and the colleges’ and universities’ who populate the UniParty.  They are trying to make us feel about them the dread they feel about themselves, for being derelict in their duty, for having destroyed their raison d’être.  Let us make its sources own the dread they feel and want to off-load onto us but cannot.

Update 1: The Party’s Over: Republicans and Democrats Are Both Finished


Eva Lynd 1958
Eva Lynd 1958

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