Who Are These People?

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Who are these people?

Hinderaker yesterday: If the Republicans stop reading the Washington Post and the New York Times and get on with the business of governing, the Democrats have no answers on the level of policy.

Well then … why do PL principles compose posts [mostly] triggered by NYT and WaPo articles and editorials, strike that, IO operations?

But they are Yale alumni, they have been taught to think highly of themselves and the world has not disabused them of their self-estimate.

That locution presents as the eloquence of truth.  Jeremiah-ian, Job-ian, New Testamental, Hieronymian, Augustinian, Franciscan and Lutheran in grandeur.  And how many nouns could substitute for Yale to concentrate the fragrance of that locution’s truth!  To annihilate political subversion, speak the truth strongly, carefully, cheerfully and constantly.

On 10 December 2010, I gave a Bond-ish answer to who they are: CHAOS: Control Headquarters for Anarchy, Oligarchy and Supremacy. Here I want to observe more towards who they are inside those silk and business power suits.

Who are these people?

I do not mean followers, some jagged masses of fearful, scratching humanity.  I mean leaders, at least by the titles on their office doors.  I mean the Clappers, Kerrys, Ryans, Penns, Powers, Brennans, Comeys, McConnells, Harfs, Obamas, Clintons, Harrises, Roves, Donohues, Comos, McAulifffes, McCains, Psakis, Soroses, Rices, Steyers, Grahams, Napolitanos, Muellers, Jarretts, Fondas, Rathers, Brokaws, Tribes, Ehrlichs and their devotees.  The ones who claim to be the legitimate, the only and plenary legitimate possessors and operators of authority on the planet and in the world.

They are the uneducated ones.  Over decades, they have swarmed to Washington D.C. like locust to a grain field.  They are the ones who squandered their youth and pre-adulthood trying to get laid, going to parties, making the right friends to bring them lots of money and a big house and career, marrying the richest climber, and going to the right college or university for the diploma that will put them in the right circles to gratify their desires, which, at root, are two-fold: sex and money.  These are the ones — our managers by right, they say — who passed the age of twenty eight years without acquiring an education.  Credentials?  Plenty of those.  Education?  Minimal.  That is who these people are.  Uneducated, unrefined louts and viragos.  Permanent randy children, or at best teens.

A person’s most precious years are those between the ages of five and twenty nine.  The duty of each person during those years is to acquire an education.  Parents and teachers are there — or should be — to help, but the responsibility for becoming educated belongs with each person.

Uneducated persons do not deserve the honor of stewarding the welfare of men and nations.  Not at all are they justified ruling over men and nations.  No one is.  Stewardship of others’ affairs is the purview of adults only and then only of adults called to it, not those driven to it by ambition — although definitionally adults are not vectors for the disease of ambition.  Anyone passing the age of 28 without having acquired an education is not and never will be, to the end of their days, an adult.

The USA so-called Deep State today is a congeries of children and teens in adult bodies.  Sex and money remain their obsessions.

What is education?  Education is anything that refines the impulses, softens the heart, burnishes the intellect, hardens the mind and trains the hands.  An educated person has a soft, clean heart, a diamond-hard mind and multi-skilled hands.  An educated person is a hard worker.  They have undergone terrific refinement, literally.

Education endows a person with duty to themselves and to others, to expand.  Education draws one God-ward and Love-ward.  An educated person loves God, recognizes His Presence and removes obstacles to the education of other persons.  Such a person deserves the trust of his countrymen, should they ask, to steward their safety and sovereignty.  None others do.

What is education not?  Education is not a diploma.  It is not certificates of qualification.  Nor a circle of friends.  It is not recommendations by mentors.  Certainly not grades.  It is not a career.  Not awards and recognitions.  Not private associations.  Education is not, generally, what is occurring in families or schools nowadays.  A person today is fortunate to have parents and teachers who want to help them become educated and know how to guide a person to that result.

Although true that education is a life-long pursuit, or should be, true also is that education to adulthood will occur before a person’s twenty ninth year or it will not occur at all.  D-R UniParty minions illustrate the second part of that observation.  They will not learn where their nation is because they cannot.  They are frat boys and sorority girls at best, cunning, clever, exhibitionist, not adults, because that is the maturation matrix they reached and, being past twenty eight years of age, they can go no farther.

How does one know whether one is educated or not?  If one is not, the question will not occur to one.  If the question rises within one, one very likely is educated.  The sign of an educated person — often known only to themselves — is that one has emerged as an intact personality — body, mind and spirit — on the far side of an existential crisis of terrifying mien with a peace — internal, the only kind there is — that transcends understanding as well as further crises of the depth just experienced.  Details of the crisis differ from person to person.  A commonality is that, whatever the crisis’ details, it invokes a person’s deepest, most troubled and hidden — in plain view, of course — history.

To others, the sign of an educated person is that everything around them is building up, one way and another, even as their existence ebbs away.  If one senses, usually inchoately, that someone is a fount of non-material blessing — and potentially for one — and one desires to be near that person to receive said blessing, that person likely is educated and one wishes to be.  Blessed are those who, before they pass age twenty eight, experience and wish to be near an educated person.

But at some point, it will be a terrifying run.  One does not cross over into adulthood without successfully undergoing an existential crisis that terrifies one to the core and beyond.  Adulthood is not reached absent one’s success facing the Devil.  This is one of the truths conveyed by the narrative of the temptations of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth and God.

Again, who are these people?  These harpies and satyrs?

In them we see not the onset, nor yet the rampancy, but the senescence of an ideology.  That ideology is Socialism.  It concretizes in three wardrobes: Fascist, Communist, Moslem.  I published that observation here on 09 May 2009.

These people — the Clappers and Brennans, the Powers and Rices, the Ryans and Roves — are the dying embers of wet dreams, the washed-up ambitions of stupid perverts.  That is who they are.  Think nothing higher of them.  They are political subversives scheming and colluding to nullify USA national sovereignty and USA citizens’ personal freedom.  They call that our values.  A cruel hoax.

Here is Burt Bacharach’s song titled Who Are These People?  He wrote it against the Administration of POTUS George W. Bush:

Update 1: True.  A life-long habit makes me drill into scenes and conditions searching for the one — there always is just one! — facet of them through which all other facets are visible.  I was doing that with the AZ rally, during and since. What made me pay most attention as definitely and decisively new and meant as what in the Army is called a “warning order?”  It has kept coming to two possibilities: abandonment of NAFTA and acceptance of USG shutdown.  Of those two, the latter pressed upon me the most. Now I see why.

Abandoning NAFTA would hurt the D-R UniParty economically.  But being seen as resisting the border wall will destroy them politically, which means also economically.  The wall is greater leverage to expose the D-R UniParty to political (and financial) recompense than truck and remittance traffic are.  POTUS Trump has seen and seized the hinge of operations to undo the D-R UniParty.

Update 2: Everything I have heard confirms that analysis and Sundance’s.  To be forced to treat with the USA fairly rather than being allowed to loot her because (1) she has been a bad neighbor and (2) D-R UniParty are playing some long game [they are too stupid to play] seems to be all that it takes.  A twitch on the tiller.  Funny, perhaps flapping butterfly wings can cause typhoons.

And if some passengers fancy themselves the crew and try to burn the ship down, fine, tell everyone the truth, over and over, about everything, in nauseous detail, and let everyone else throw those preening passengers overboard as they come across them.

Update 3:  Eugene Volokh: UC Berkeley chancellor’s message on free speech … considering the context, surprisingly good and true.

Update 4: McConnell is an R face of the D-R UniParty, the Deep State’s TOC. Their weakness is their witting estrangement from America and Americans.

There is a rough parallelism between Trump/Americans at the D-R UniParty/Deep State on the one hand and Savio at Sproul Hall on the other.  The scale now is different but the internals are the same. :-).

Another difference: now the Savios are educated and the Sproul residents are not.  Savio did not reach the White House.

Update 5: Robert Stacy McCain, 01 September 2013: Lubricating the Slippery Slope: The Intellectual Astroglide of the Elite

Whether or not you follow my reading recommendations, the bottom line is this: Good luck with this “secular conservatism” thing.

It ain’t gonna work, and if the history of the past 10 years or so haven’t convinced you that embracing secularism is doom for conservatism — and, ultimately, for the American republic — I’m sure the next 10 years will, but by then there will be nothing left worth conserving. And we’re probably doomed already.

Paul Weyrich — he totally saw it. A nation that would let President Clinton lie his way through the Lewinsky scandal, and accept all those flimsy rationalizations in his defense . . . Doomed.

Update 6: If Millennials ever wake up to how badly they’ve been robbed and by whom, the political reckoning will be earth-shattering.  Stephen Green

Update 7: Richard Fernandez: God killed the Left

Update 8: These people include public school teachers and devotees of Norman Douglas.

Update 9: Sundance: ¹China tells DPRK to do stupid thing.  ²DPRK does stupid thing.  ³Trump hits China with economic punishment for [doing] stupid thing.

AKA: If you have leverage, use it!   Don’t hesitate, deploy your assets.  This is statecraft, not afternoon tea.  Parable of the Ten Talents territory.

Update 10: Over the past two years the increasingly skeptical citizenry of the United States and Europe has been treated to a stream of op-eds and television appearances lamenting the looming collapse of the liberal world order, to be accompanied by a surge of illiberalism, nationalism, and fringe politics. Rarely, however, does such hand-wringing stray beyond shopworn comparisons of the “complex interdependence” of the glorious past and the parochialism and narrow-mindedness of the current era. In truth, we are not witnessing a dramatic systemic change driven by conniving external forces, but a meltdown of political authority in the West caused by the relatively straightforward indolence of its political class. Our troubles are less about liberalism’s decline or the ascendancy of left or right politics. Simply put, the citizenry in the West has been frustrated for decades with its elites’ inability to deliver workable solutions to the problems of slow growth, deindustrialization, immigration, and the overall decline of self-confidence across the West.

The legitimacy, and hence stability, of the international system rests to a degree on the ability of the leading powers to deliver at home—or, simply put, to govern. The increasing volatility of international politics is in part a byproduct of systemic dysfunction across the West at the level of domestic politics. Americans and Europeans alike are running out of patience with the governing class. In Europe, the government’s inability to control mass migration or develop effective solutions to domestic terrorism are two important drivers of the growing public discontent. In the United States the middle and working classes have been frustrated for decades with the government’s inability to remedy de-industrialization, urban decay, and declining economic opportunity.

Glenn Reynolds comments: And in both places, as the “elite” has grown demonstrably less competent and honest, it has also grown visibly more contemptuous of the people it purports to govern. That contempt is, I think, the most poisonous part of the whole equation.

My essays on the question of authority are here.

Update 11: The appalling Sally Yates speaks for the D-R UniParty

Update 12: The Myth of the Peaceful Woman

Update 13: It Was A Brennan Operation

Update 14: Mueller Raids Manafort’s Home — Because He Has Nothing

Update 15: Mike Whitney: John Brennan’s Police State USA

A couple of howlers in the early portion of this article, but the Brennan bit is spot on.  Basically, this Mueller/Rosenstein investigation is noise to cover the traitorous activity of Obama and minions.  Before that, it was Brennan’s IO against Russia for defeating his funding of Salafi Jihad (Nursa/FSA) to hand Syria to Moslem Brotherhood and Turkey.

Update 16: It was [Brennan] all along.


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