USA Strategic SitRep, MENA: A Fresh Look

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In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



For sixteen years, senior USA leader cadre, civilian and military, Democrat and Republican, has been sending the electorate to fight an enemy they refuse to name for a strategic objective they refuse to make.

Said leader cadre — the ruling class — think the electorate too frivolous to care and too stupid to understand.  In fact, the ruling class are too frivolous to understand and too stupid to care.

The ruling class throw tactical assets at strategic problems, theatre and national.  Hugely expensive weapons are thrown at enemy squad-strength, or less, formations.  War economics not rational, not sustainable.  Ground kinetic assets (SOF Teams up to BCTs) are thrown into an enemy’s strategic middle (Afghanistan) to attrit enemy small-unit formations … but not too much lest that enemy’s friends get angry.  A theatre strategic reason for tactical asset deployment, a reason inside and congruent with a USA grand national strategic objective, is never announced because neither dimension of strategic thinking and decision even exists inside the ruling class.

The ruling class never mention USA grand national strategic objective because they do not have one.  They do not bother even to try to think of one.  Theatre strategic reasons for deploying USA assets of statecraft (diplomacy, finance, war-fighting) — reasons congruent with USA grand national strategic objective — therefore are absent.  They exist not.

You cannot fry a fish absent a frying pan.  The ruling class throw the electorate into conflicts or pull them out of conflicts for which there is no theatre or national strategic reason and no tactical end.  Strategy — theatre and national dimensions — is the frying pan.  Tactics is the butter in the pan.  The fish is the enemy frying in the butter.  Without the pan you are without a meal yet hoping to fry that fish to quell your hunger.

What you should do is find or make a frying pan.  In this case, that means: create and announce national and theatre strategies that are integrated and propound USA national interest in the sense given by von Clausewitz in his Trinity Doctrine.  And not national security.  National interest!  The one is ephemeral (security).  The other is vital (interest).  GOA MacArthur: In this world there is no security, only opportunity.  The ruling class believe in national security — believing in fact that they are it — and disparage national interest.  The electorate believe in both.

Then there is the matter of naming the enemy of sixteen years’ duration and actually much longer than that.  The ruling class cannot and will not bring themselves to name the enemy because that would force them to consider USA national interest, and that consideration would subvert their globalist ambition to stand in the stead of national sovereignties altogether.

Well, as many are aware, the enemy is an hydra-type demonic phenomenon bearing the names Jihad, Salafi or Shi’a, and Socialism.  One is a recent arrival from overseas.  The other has been here since before the USA founding.

For sixteen years, USA leader cadre — the ruling class — is throwing assets of USA statecraft — primarily military — piecemeal against elements of Salafi Jihad and less so elements of Shi’a Jihad … without a national strategic reason for throwing at all and without theatre strategic reasons for where thrown.  The focus has been on attritting bad guys.  No mention is made of (1) why they should be regarded as bad guys or (2) why USA should throw assets, much less piecemeal, against them at all.  In other words, the bad guys have strategic advantage as well as, often enough, tactical advantage contra assets of USA statecraft under stewardship of the ruling class.

Basically, USA has been using Salafi Jihadis, their sympathetic supporters and Arab civilians — and to a lesser extent Shi’a Jihadis — for live-fire training exercises at a distance from the USA homeland.  Not our finest hour.  Our Soldiers have fought in good faith.  Our leader cadre — the ruling class — has directed them in bad faith.

For example, the ruling class inserted first SOF and then up to division strength USA assets into Afghanistan to push elements of a local tribe (Pashtuns/Taliban) from control of that non-nation state.  This was a frontal assault against an enemy element’s front line.  It was also, however, a frontal assault not on and against but deep inside — and piecemeal — the geographic rear area of that enemy element’s supporting matrix: Salafi Jihad generally and to some extent Shi’a Jihad.  Taliban are a local element but Salafi Jihad’s kinetic support matrix runs from Western China and Southeast Asia to San Francisco … and that by crossing the Atlantic, not the Pacific!

No geography more central to the success of Salafi Jihad, none more a strategic repository of its power, could be named than Afghanistan.  Which is why UBL settled there.  And against that enemy rear area, their naturally and humanly guarded warehouses of massed treasure, USA leader cadre — our frivolous and stupid ruling class — throw the USA electorate — piecemeal! — with no strategic objective, only a tactical one: attritting some bad guys and driving others across a so-called border.

They went after a group of actors (Taliban/AQ) on a stage when they should have burned down the stage (Salafi Jihad) with the actors on it.  Their frivolous and stupid globalist ambitions compelled USA leader cadre — the ruling class — to eschew national and theatre strategic objectives with regard to what they should have and could have known was the enemy elements’ nutrient matrix: Jihad, Salafi and Shi’a, and Socialism.

And that meant they sent the eagle to catch flies.  Well, the flies flitted around the eagle and flew straight to his nest, his rear area, with its eggs and other nutrients fit for fly felicity.

Now, instead of taking USA activity in MENA as CENTCOM moving eastward to assault, piecemeal, front lines of elements of Salafi Jihad inside their nutrient base geography: Salafi Jihad …

… what if we took said USA activity in MENA as PACOM moving westward to effect a double envelopment, through Central Asia/Russia and the Indian Ocean, of China just outside — so far — her western front, namely, MENA?

This perspective, though unintended by and having not occurred to the ruling class, potentially puts sixteen years of USA activity in MENA in a flattering light, by irony thick as steel.

CENTCOM moving eastward on MENA is frontal assault on enemy main positions.  In Afghanistan it is frontal assault on enemy main positions deep inside enemy areas of reserve strength.  The frontal assaults have been tactical and piecemeal against enemy elements, never strategic and full-spectrum against the enemy’s being itself.  Classical doctrine demanding primary attacks against enemy communications — of all kinds, to include financial and diplomatic — the ruling class rejected.  Parallel statements could apply to USA activities in Viet Nam and Korea.  This self-disgrace by USA leader cadre — the ruling class, civilian and military, Democrat and Republican — is not new.

PACOM moving westward on MENA, from southeast and northeast — were recent activities conceived in that manner — is double envelopment of a truly major enemy’s current western front and westward direction of advance.  China is building over-land commerce for herself to London.  The truly capable and aggressive nation state enemy of USA — China — has been more or less checked — unintentionally and unknowingly — by USA activity intentionally conducted against far lesser enemies: Saddam Hussein, AQ/ISIL and Salafi Jihad generally.  Irony thick as steel.

For the record, USA’s nature and preferred direction of expansion is westward.  We are a Pacific Ocean nation.  Geography is everything.  Who owns the surface owns passage over, under, on and through it.  Whatever else they have accomplished, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve have placed a roadblock or at least a flanking threat on China’s westward sweep towards London.

MENA and the Mediterranean Sea are the Poland of the Northern Hemisphere.  Halford John Mackinder says the Central Asian steppe is the geographical pivot (Heartland) of history, effectively humanity’s Poland.  I think Mackinder in this particular is not wrong but not fully right.  I think the geographical pivot of human history overall is India, and I think the geographical pivot of Northern Hemisphere history is MENA and the Mediterranean Sea, and I think the geographical pivot of European and Asian history is the Central Asian steppe, Mackinder’s Heartland.

POTUS Trump has announced a USA grand national strategic objective: Make America Great Again.  This is not specific regarding geopolitics.  It could be made so.  It is specific regarding tone and apperception, which is another way of saying prestige.  One trusts the fundamentals of leaders one has and says so, trusting in the definite partiality of Almighty God, or, one condemns them and labors to prefigure structures of civilization to succeed them.  I trust the fundamentals of POTUS Trump and those he trusts.  I understand that the legacy leader cadre, the so-called Deep State — the ruling class — far from trusting POTUS Trump and those he trusts would like to terminate him and them, with prejudice.

Update 1: China is moving westward with a double envelopment of MENA, called her Belt and Road PlanChina May Soon Establish Naval Base in U.S. Ally Pakistan

China's Belt And Road Plan
China’s Belt And Road Plan

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Update 3: POTUS’ Warsaw speech really threw the commies/muslims back on their supports.  Exhibit A, from the Southern Poverty Communist Law Center: Donald Trump’s Visit to Poland Further Emboldens Far-Right Elements.  I commented there:

Oh wow, SPLC.  You know how to think and write like a Communist.  Well, I am a far right fascist (and all the rest) in your accounting, and a Christian Theologian (UCC and ECUSA) into the bargain, a Graduate of The Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York — accounted by you one of your friends in the cause, no doubt (but really not so) — so come after me.

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