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American Quarter Horse
American Quarter Horse

Three times I have posted on the subject of USA political parties, each time looking towards a creation or reformation of the same.  Those publications are, in order of appearance:

The Republican Party, 21 September 2009

A USA Second Political Party, 13 October 2015

The D-R UniParty, 04 May 2017

That sequence of dates and contents is telling.  It is a straight line navigation to the bottom of Red Route One, so to speak.  And now we are at it.

I feel time has arrived to get serious about this.  A kairotic moment is upon us.  We must seize the opportunity proffered.

Please join the effort, however you feel moved to do that.  Here I am settling on insight that the USA needs a second political party and the name The American Party for it.  Following are constituting statements — a work in progress, a draft announcement — of The American Party’s identity.

Lava Tube Water Exit
Lava Tube Water Exit

1- We are The Declaration Of Independence, The Revolutionary War For Independence and The Constitution Of The United States Of America.

2- We are freedom from religion, freedom for religion and freedom of religion, in that priority order.

3- We are freedom from speech, freedom for speech and freedom of speech, in that priority order.

4- We are the grand national strategic objective of sovereignty, solvency and supremacy, in that priority order.

5- We came westward to here, we look westward from here and westward move and arrive the majority of our creative energies.  We feel expansive changing in the westward direction and contractive changing in the eastward direction.  Our life is our message and expansion is our life.

6- We root in Christian Civilization developed by Greco-Roman military, literary, intellectual, monetary and legal antecedents; Latin, Greek and Hebrew linguistic usages; refinements of character embedded in Latin and Greek ecclesial liturgies; political philosophies of the Scottish, English, German and French Enlightenments; and sensibilities of Anglo-American legal culture.

7- We seek alliance with Russia and India along the three assets of statecraft — diplomacy, finance and war-fighting — with the objective of maintaining easy quiet and fair commerce globe-over.

8- We are sons and daughters of the United States of America and we fight to protect our mother country.  We are Americans and we fight to defend our nature.  We govern ourselves and we fight to preserve that privilege.

9- We are Americans by force of arms and we maintain our prestige and honor by force of arms.

Update 1: VDH: The Trump Message And Messenger

Update 2: Randy Barnett: What The Declaration of Independence Really Claimed

Update 3: Walt Whitman: Reflecting on the Civil War Between the States

Update 4: Randy Barnett: Happy 4th of July! The Drafting of the Declaration of Independence

Update 5: Angelo M. Codevilla: Replacing The Republican Party

Update 6: Globalists from patriotic states are going to be thrown out of office.  If that admits a globalist from another party to office, fine.  Price of war.  The electorate in all states is patriotic and therefore anti-globalist and will find a way to make their patriotic wishes effective in D.C.

GOP candidates should hike up their skirts, burn their worry beads, pull shoulders back and heads up and preach what POTUS Trump did on the stump.  Courage, not fretting, is indicated.  And perseverance.

Do what is needful and proper and the money will be there.  Dharma protects those who protect Dharma.


Eagle Landing
Eagle Landing
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger
The Bear
The Bear
Elements Of USS Carl Vinson Strike Group, 12 June 2017
Elements Of USS Carl Vinson Strike Group, 12 June 2017

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