Deep State And Mother Russia

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Fundamentally, two questions are at trial today in the USA, one on process and one on policy.

1- Are unelected oligarchs and their federal and/or foreign executives — bureaucrats — the ultimate authority-power for the USA?

2- Is Mother Russia to be an enemy or an ally of the USA?

Leftists the world over answer the first question in the affirmative and the second question with, “Enemy.”  The correct answers, of course, are the reverse of those in the same way that the truth of any situation opposes what a Leftist might say about it.

Leftism is the spiritual disease of hatred for the mother and for motherhood.  The notion of a mother country Leftists find repulsive.  A teratological epistemology extrudes from that unnatural disease.  Of necessity, it goes to violence and lies.  To hate the mother country and to love the tyrannical statist — or what is the same thing: to love the democratic indoctrinated and manipulated mob — is the creed of Leftism.

Leftists — who are materialists — loved Mother Russia when she was in the grip of tyrannical statists.  They hate Mother Russia now that she is Christian again, restored to her original nature and working out her own affairs.  Christianity affirms mothers and motherhood, and that is why Leftists hate it.

Leftist braying about Mother Russia as a menacing enemy is ignorable.  Mother Russia is no more an angelic presence than any nation state is.  Yet, as Christian she is rational — as is the USA not in the grip of Leftists — and her interests coincide with USA interests in some grand strategic, strategic and tactical particulars.

Mother Russia is to be a strong ally of the USA into new decades.  The enemy menacing the USA and Russia jointly is Europe west of Poland.  Europe west of Poland hates the USA and Russia because they are Christian supports for mothers and motherhood.

(China is a menace but something altogether different.)

That is the policy question at trial.

The process question at trial is more fundamental.  In fact it is the absolute fundament.  Where does authority reside, or, what is the same question, where does power reside?

Among animals, authority-power resides with the big and the strong.  Animal environments are about predation and evolution.  Among humans, authority-power resides with the wise and the humble.  Human environments are about religion and liberation.

Political philosophies which take man as essentially an animal stress methods of inducing groups of humans to accept unitary or oligarchic political authority-power over them — and executed through a bureaucracy — as absolute, inevitable and immutable.  Political philosophies which take man as essentially a human stress (1) qualities of human nature which give rise to political authority-power and (2) responsibilities of political authority-power to protect human nature.

Adam Smith was a Professor of Moral Philosophy, not Economics.  Economics is downstream from morality just as politics is downstream from culture, culture is downstream from religion, religion is downstream from freedom and freedom is downstream from Almighty God.

Ultimately, political philosophy that views man as animal aims to delude and trick men and women into accepting tyranny.  The one and done vote.  The servant claims to be the master.  It is not a new story.

Ultimately, political philosophy that views man as human aims to protect man’s freedom of religion and freedom per se.  Political structures — such as constitutions, statutes, judicial decisions, etc. — properly meant, protect human nature in order to remove obstacles to its efflorescence.  Government, properly executed, does just that.  It makes straight in the desert a highway for citizens to move about on and fulfill their several missions.

Authority-power resides in God, Who issues it person-by-person for their edification and enjoyment.  Politics, properly, removes mundane obstacles to that economy, that up-building, that divine dispensation.  Far from accumulating authority-power, politics protects the already and permanently distributed phenomenology of authority-power — or one could say, its taxonomy — in persons, as persons.  A myriad of persons.

That is the process question at trial.

USA and foreign Leftism and the USA Deep Throat State are one and the same.  Their taking of man as animal is erroneous.  Their implied assertion of original and independent authority — e.g., over presidential and congressional prerogative and performance as well as judicial precedent and process — is demonic.  They essay to oppose, usurp and privatize authority-power coursing person-by-person into the body politic and from there into structures generated by that body for self-governance.  The servant claims to be the master.  It is not a new story.  It is an un-wise and un-humble one.

Omnia autem probate quod bonum est tenete.
Moreover, assay all things and hold close to you that which is good.

Update 1: Camille Paglia: In summary: to have any hope of retaking the White House, Democrats must get off their high horse, lose the rabid rhetoric, and reorient themselves toward practical reality and the free country they are damned lucky to live in.

Update 2: Meanwhile, the country’s business … what? … languishes?, falters?, creeps along?, frets? Such a distraction! For what? For a cadre of self-appointed, self-generating grandees heedless of the country’s freedom, needs and welfare. There’s the crime and for that will come the punishment, one way and another. POTUS Trump, as oft said, is just the messenger, not the movement.

Update 3: Richard Fernandez: Our modern institutions will never self-disband; that’s the problem.  They have become historical projects, ends in themselves, destined to fulfill some idealized future that was new in 1917.  They are condemned, like Sisyphus to roll the same old rock up the same old Hill with the same old result.  Of the two roads along the razor’s edge our world finds itself choosing, the institutions in crisis can’t pick the path to prosperity and potential.  That’s not in their repertoire.

Update 4: Patrick Buchanan: The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy

Update 5: Dershowitz: Comey confirms that I’m right – and all the Democratic commentators are wrong

Update 6: Roberto de Mattei: A History Of Revolutions And Their Consequences For The Family

Update 7: Leading Liberals Develop Blueprint To Expand Deep State

Update 8: Glenn Reynolds: Well, leftism was made in mockery of Christianity, as the orcs were made in mockery of the elves.

Update 9: Janis Berzins: The New [Old] Generation Of Russian Warfare

Update 10: The Rise of Jack D. Ripper, Democrat

Update 11: The Strategic Condition Of Western Europe

Update 12: POTUS’ Warsaw speech really threw the commies/muslims back on their supports.  Exhibit A, from the Southern Poverty Communist Law Center: Donald Trump’s Visit to Poland Further Emboldens Far-Right Elements.  I commented there:

Oh wow, SPLC.  You know how to think and write like a Communist.  Well, I am a far right fascist (and all the rest) in your accounting, and a Christian Theologian (UCC and ECUSA) into the bargain, a Graduate of The Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York — accounted by you one of your friends in the cause, no doubt (but really not so) — so come after me.

Update 13: Spengler: Trump’s ‘America First’ vs. McCain’s ‘America Last’

Update 14: Mueller Raids Manafort’s Home — Because He Has Nothing

Update 15: Mike Whitney: John Brennan’s Police State USA


Cathedral Of Calahorra, Spain
Cathedral Of Calahorra, Spain

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