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Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast

On 04 October 2016, GEN Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, delivered the following address to the Association of the United States Army.  It treats of U.S. Army futures:


General Milley’s address itemizes potential threats and threat environments in which the U.S. Army may be called to engage.  Missing, through no fault of General Milley’s, is a national strategic goal to guide Army futures thinking.  Declaration of that goal is the responsibility of civilian management briefed by military, diplomatic and financial SitReps.  Of course, current civilian management has no intention of even considering much less declaring a national strategic goal.  Reason: said management deplores the concept of a nation state and therefore of the reality of national sovereignty, which would impel production and declaration of a national strategic goal.  Significantly, General Milley affirms, in his address, the continuing centrality of the sovereign nation state as the key generator of history.  He is at odds with his current civilian managers on this fundamental.  I suspect most of his military colleagues are as well.  They should be.

There are signs even civilian managers are coming at odds with current civilian managers on this fundamental of national sovereignty.  Such have caught a whiff of the sulfurous glance and violent slavery Globalists plan for Americans, including them.

My own thoughts on Army futures, and some related matters, are summarized in this essay:


My observations on USA national sovereignty, statecraftalliances and strategic goal comprise numerous essays.  They publish the majority of my efforts at recording theologically geographic observations during the last now many years.

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At A Tea Party Movement Rally In 2009
At A Tea Party Movement Rally In 2009

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