Al Saud’s Salafi Jihad: The Major Islamic Menace

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As destructive and evil as Iran’s clerics are, directly and through proxies, in quantity and quality it’s al Saud’s decades-long support for Pan-Arab Hegemony, through Salafist Jihad, that most afflicts the world.  Arab money and Saudi motivation to buy global jihad so far exceed Iran’s supply of either as to make a treacherous canard the common assertion that Iran is the world’s largest supporter of terrorism.

Thousands of schools and mosques, spread through almost every country, produce Salafist warrior clerics and students (taliban) in the millions.  Iran has no such ability.  AQ, Daish, Moslem Brotherhood (in USA CAIR+) and a host of lesser organizations are branches of al Saud’s Salafist root and trunk.  Al Saud and other Arab Salafists generally have bought all of that, and all the slavery, ugliness, death and violence it wreaks, with untold billions over long decades.

With connivance, through stupidity or cravenness, of every POTUS since 1918.  Every one bent, more or less, consciously or unconsciously, by Arabs, al Saud in the lead.  So yeah, let’s wag our finger at Iran’s clerics and their American and European cronies, but let’s keep the eye mainly on — and deal realistically with — the Islamic menace orders of magnitude larger and more embedded globally: al Saud and Pan-Arab Hegemons through their Salafist Jihad.

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Update 4: Some say the West must fight the ideology of violent Islamic extremism with a more humane ideology.  Which they do not provide, although The Fraud knows who does — The Moslem Brotherhood — and is providing a US Federal slush fund for that mob of degenerates.  Actually, of course, the West is really The Latin Church, violent Islamic extremism is really the usurper al Saud’s Salafist Jihad — a perverse theology, not an ideology — and a more humane ideology is, in these speakers’ minds, Collectivism aka Oligarchy, Fascist and/or Communist,

The direct path to lifting the bane of the usurper al Saud’s Salafist Jihad from the back of the world and casting it back into its desert abode is wide and obvious: destroy the madrassas and hang their faculties, wherever they are, and that is after deposing the usurper al Saud to restore the Hashemite Dynasty to Mecca and Medina.

Update 5: There’s also turning al Saud out of house and home and restoring the Hashemites to Mecca and Medina.  Not so hard to do.  Then, make the Ayatollahs an offer they can’t refuse.  That would settle things down.  And not even difficult.

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Jacqueline Bisset
Jacqueline Bisset

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