Three Sisters Doctrine: Empirics, Land, Constitution And Families

Chaitanya Jyothi Museum Opening, 2000

In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



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Globalism vice Nationalism.  Thank you Counselor Foley.  Your posts are the most interesting, insightful and, I suspect, anticipated on Instapundit.  They are by me.  Do we keep the nation or dissolve it, be Americans or slaves to oligarchs?  I think that’s under all this.

Parmenides: Where there is Being, there is the Logos of Being.

Logos is Reason and Reason walks.  Reason is the five-dimensional mobile standard of existence.  Reason is the corporeality of Being.  Reason walks, and talks, and thinks, and touches and reproduces itself.  Reason is God in a body.  Reason is the eternal dance (dialectic) of structure and energy, form and function, male and female.  Logos is an independent, self-directed, free and sovereign personality.  Logos is what your favorite teacher taught you that your experience guarantees true.  Logos is you.

Too much certainty regarding future conditions.  Too much focus on entropy.  Too much thought of decline.  Three processes run simultaneously.  Entropy (devolution) is just one of them.  The others are evolution and involution.  There is more gain from involution than loss from devolution.  Proof?  That there is evolution.  Parmenides also said: Where there is Being there also is the Logos of Being.  Cheer up, for Logos’ sake!

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

Being is not just there in the sense of esse ipsum.  Being throws itself into existence, through Logos and as Logos.  Reason’s en-flesh-ment as existence is a consequence of a sempiternal disturbance within Being Itself.  Flesh (life) is Logos voluntarily conditioned by space, time, substance and causality.  The concept and word God is an anthropomorphism of Being.

This interests me.  A self-conscious globalist battle commander shouts his order of battle to the world, generally the most closely held secret of war.  He does not know that he does, or, he does know that he does and is insouciant about doing it because he expects no capable opposition, or, he is trash-talking in hopes of frightening away opposition before it reaches the field of battle.  Or he mixes all three motivations in some uneven and no doubt dynamic thought process, heuristic.

I am not a litigator, much less an attorney, but I do know something of military affairs — which law sublimates under suits and ties, golden or platinum jewelry, burnished leather and hard-wood walls and furnishings, never to crawl through mud under live fire, nor climb a rope 20 feet, nor fast-rope out a chopper — and shouting one’s order of battle for any reason, other than diversion, just isn’t done.

So, I’d say the cat is scared of the pigeons.

Mary McHugh At The Grave Of Her Finance, James John Regan, On Memorial Day, Arlington National Cemetery
Mary McHugh At The Grave Of Her Finance, James John Regan, On Memorial Day, Arlington National Cemetery

As done in the Three Brothers Doctrine for USA national strategic goal, strategy and tactics, I want to discuss USA domestic policy from a good distance above assumed fixities, from an architectonic at some remove from bureaucratic, economic or political obsessions.  I want to look not at delectation of the average American nor yet the needs of business but at geo-spiritual demands of empirics, land, constitution and families.  Over-view, long-view, deep-view with regard to USA domestic affairs are my interest here.  An example of the kind, from 1904, and with salient contemporary relevance, is here, by H. J. Mackinder, The Geographical Pivot Of History, copyrighted by The Geographical Journal, April 1904.

This article and most comments on it illustrate the reason for USA national, intellectual and cultural diminishment: psychobabble has overwhelmed learned piety.

Tina Louise
Tina Louise

The duty of a medical doctor is to retard the deterioration, the decline, of their patient, not to heal them, make them well, restore them or bring them to wellness.  Similarly, the duty of a theologian is to speed a believer’s emergence in God, in a Real-ization of Freedom, not to make them religious, moral, learned, civilized, submissive, docile or attractive.

Good grief, Mark Antony!  I could take that unctuous Alice-In-Wonderland bedtime reading of Antony’s speech at The Forum for about 10 seconds.  Give me Brando and a proscenium featuring Movement!

Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida

Volition – Compulsion

So Deputy SecDef says he’s got bupkis of a third offset strategy, brags about seeding for one, and discusses means of execution without knowing what he’s to execute or execute about.  Or a grand national strategic goal and strategy for achieving it.  Cute.  Gilded hollow eggs.

China is a nation of slavers.  China cannot be stood down without being triangulated.  That is by USA, India and Russia.  Reference the geography.  Only way to do it.  There is the third offset strategy.  It’s spiritual first, then diplomatic, military and financial, with technological later.  Technology is merely means.  Various kinds of pencils.  That is all.  There is no technological solution to any problem.  Technology simply embodies a problem’s solution into a reproducible form.  Problems are solved in will, ratiocination and mathematics.  Technology is a result of those.

When that alliance is certain, let it quiet the Middle East then stand down China.  Attack the bastards.  That’s something they don’t expect after 24 years of American confusion, indecision and vacillation.

In this time of fanaticism, faction, of partisan aggression, what starts out as a legitimate impulse — for example: compassion for the suffering of animals — becomes an illegitimate institution — for example: PETA.  Again, what starts out as desire to guarantee equal treatment of human beings, becomes a conspiracy to commit extortion — for example: The Rainbow Coalition — and a conspiracy to infringe civil rights — for example: the ideologies of Political Correctness, Affirmative Action, Equal Outcomes, etc.  And again, a Parable by Jesus the Christ answering a question of private volition — Who is my neighbor? — becomes a monster of public compulsion — for example: theft through taxes of the nations personal and national wealth by sanctimonious logrolling legislators and bumptious bureaucrats plotting to buy votes and enrich cronies.

Solution for fanaticism, partisan agitation, direct action, troublemaking, active measures, subversion?  Punch it sober.  They don’t expect that, so it has the element of surprise.  They’ll listen.

Americans are unique in their systemic devotion to volition in place of compulsion.  Unless someone attempts to compel them.  If that happens, of course, Americans strike back to compel restoration of the operational ground for their divine gift of volition.  And they do not rest until they get it.

Now, everyone is compelled in many ways, some fundamental.  For example, Elon Musk and other neural lace enthusiasts notwithstanding, each one must undergo the experience of death of the body.  Again, each one is compelled by the family and condition in which they take birth.  Money compels each one, whether by its plentitude, sufficiency or dearth.  So too diet, education and availability of a worthy spouse press each one this way and that without their say so.

So, by favoring volition over compulsion Americans do not assert freedom from compulsion per se.  They assert freedom from religious, social and political compulsion and freedom for such opportunities as their personal circumstances permit them.  A paralyzed man cannot assert freedom to walk.  But a reasonable man can assert freedom to evaluate persons and circumstances he encounters in life and to make his life in answer to evaluations he makes.

Learned piety, we need, ladies and gentlemen, countrymen.  Learned piety.  Give the evil doers at least this much credit: that they make their evil evident.  Beyond that, is our responsibility, in learned piety.

Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida

Freedom By Fighting

I think it’s a good thing.  Make parents home-school and shared-school, defund public school districts, become self-reliant, demand an end to compulsory K-12, standardized testing, drugging children.  Make kids aware of danger, insufferable nastiness of federal bureaucrats, think about trades, which are the fertile ground for invention.

Great waves of Turanian horsemen hammered Russia and Europe for over a thousand years, forging those peoples into strong, viable languages and religions, cultures and civilizations.

Nothing in modern America more needs unrelenting hammer blows than academia.  To fine dust for fertilizing crops.  Churches, synagogues, temples and mosques to follow immediately.  During which and after, independent peoples will figure out what is educative and Godly.

Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida


Because the picture is humanizing and showing protection by a President the memory of whom is hardly negative to the general electorate.  I suspect women, generally, would find that photo attractive, heart-warming.  After all, a woman’s first and final thought is of being protected by a man who is reliable in that role.  Idiot women think a man’s money can protect them.  Intelligent women know it is physical and social protection they need, and their children need.  IMO, Bernie’s comms guy or gal would be foolish to use this picture.  It also reminds that Bill, beyond all else, has successfully protected his wife and daughter for decades.

Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida

Epistemic Chaos

The blue states can’t leave us.  That question was settled in 1865.  They have to be ridden down and tamed.  Massacred if need be, but they aren’t leaving.  One nation under God or none.  I’m sure you’re right though, they want to bolt … again.  Also, I’m glad you are discussing domestic policy post-insanity, post-kiddie korral.

Gina Lollobrigida And Son Milko
Gina Lollobrigida And Son Milko

Moral Standards

One lie requires succeeding ones to cover it, etc., and if someone doesn’t jerk the reins, and very hard, the cascade effect kicks in and off the horsey goes, bit in mouth.  Tell a lie and you’ve just stuck your hand in a Tar-Baby, so to speak.  You’re trapped now in a brig of your own creation.  And the tar doesn’t come off except under very strong detergent and scrubbing.  Don’t lie, cheat or steal is really just very practical guidance for a happy, safe and admired life.  So are all moral standards, just very practical guidance, guaranteed by the long experience of the race.  They aren’t laws, they aren’t diktats, they aren’t commandments or even regulations.  Moral standards are guidance guaranteed by experience, doctrines distilled from deep learning.

Israel is not only America’s key ally in a dodgy part of the world, but the cornerstone on which the edifice of the American republic was founded in the first place.”

Now, that’s too mystical for me.  🙂  Referencing Salomon’s help to pay the Continental Army?  Even if that or something else, the logical and causality leaps in the assertion are enormous.  America is a Talmudic disputation?  America is a Talmudic foundation?  An influential element of US society would have Americans believe that.  Yet, it remains and always will be a stochastic structure too far, David, too far.  Something seminal happened in about 30-35 AD and then in 72 AD, at Zion.  Accept it or not, it’s done.

Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida

Christianity Accepts Reality As Is

There is a theme here that has been touched upon a bit around the web.  I don’t know a pithy term for it, quite, but it’s something like this: the setting of legislative power and the rising of executive power; meaning, loss of voice by citizens (through their legislative reps) and gain of voice, overwhelming voice, by the executive (through *his* bureaucrats).  John Robson on Trudeau makes the point.

This imperious behavior, striking the property fundamental of human nature and English Common Law, and made more galling by being wrapped in the pretense of moral and religious sanctimony, makes one feel desperate.  It’s not good for one to feel desperate.

I think there is more disgust with Republicans, for betrayal of their constituents and their word, than there is for Democrats, whose consistent anti-polis sanctimony is never sequestered.  Makes one consider being a Democrat in order to avoid being disappointed, and desperate.

Really, it makes one pray God for the creation of a second party, so we can get back to dancing instead of, as now, smoking dope in the bathrooms.  A Christian party would meet the need.  Classical Christian.

Gina Lollobrigida
Gina Lollobrigida

What You See, Not What You Know

Well, my bad, again.  Too cryptic, again.  Permit me to try for clarity.

It seemed to me Wretchard’s post distilled to something like freedom and happiness hinge on untrammeled property, by which I’m sure he meant private property (a ground of both English and Scottish Enlightenments, the which with the German and French Enlightenments strongly ground USA Americans), which includes a person belonging to themselves, in contrast to everything, including persons, belonging to a state, as state property, either directly (Communism/Tzarist Russia) or indirectly (Fascism/Crony Capitalism).

I attempted to point out, I admit cryptically, that in parallel to that truism is another: that the phrase free enterprise (AKA free markets, open markets, open society, open borders, etc.) is a verbal blind that can veil some effusion of Fascism/Crony Capitalism, whereas, in contrast, the phrase private enterprise cannot, best I know, be so engaged.

Every enterprise is mewed about somehow and other.  The human condition, itself, is conditioned.  But where that enterprise is private, rather than merely free (which none at all absolutely is), and that privacy is enforced, there abide conditions for existential freedom and palpable happiness.  And that’s what we want.

I was trying to deepen and broaden the applicability of Wretchard’s point, which just as it is I think is vitally important.

I am content that questions of modern national sovereignty and strategic goal are settled in principle (my take).  I think Wretchard’s post here indicates, rightly, that the focus now is on grasping the lineaments of domestic tranquility.

The Divine Proportion
Elvis And Ann-Margret

Person, Property, Movement <–> Land, Constitution, Families

One figure comprising two pulsing, rotating, revolving, inter-changing, inter-communicating cones joined at their apexes of Movement and Land and moving teleologically and non-linearly through time, space, causality and substance.

Consider, also, the Platonic Solids in constant motion teleologically, non-linearly and through each other without deforming.

Neither conception articulates the true (whole) truth of Logos, but if kept in mind either or both acts to check really stupid babbling such as “God is ….”, “God does [or, does not] ….”, “The God I know ….” “We are all …. ” and “We now know that ….”

Kurt Schlichter: The GOP Establishment Has Learned Nothing From Its Failure

Kurt Schlichter: 11 Principles For A Free America After The Liberals Secede

Some think this is gutter.  I think it is lyrical.  Bel canto to rival Puccini himself:

Thanks to commenters for providing back-story on this.  I figured there was one but did not know it.  One of my relatives, an NM native, lately left the state for being an hostile environment generally.

Northern NM as best I know is rich, drug-and-sex-laced Globalist territory: Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Taos, Albuquerque.  When I saw Trump rallied there I thought: “Good, running to the sound of the guns, making camp inside the enemy’s defensive perimeter, jeering at him from inside his mother’s bedroom.”

If you don’t move to contact, you don’t fight the enemy and you can’t defeat him.  Martinez is proved a RINO, not unexpectedly.  And I suspect far, far more voters with Spanish surnames are in support of Trump than voting bloc calculators suspect.  Ditto blacks.

I wonder whether Trump will call out churches for pocketing vast heaps of federal borrowed money to settle invaders to unemploy their parishioners or pimp them slave labor.  I suspect he does not call out The Fraud because that horse is already whipped silly.

Not pacifist, fascist.  Epistemic chaos.  And the impulse always is to restrict movement, which is the palpable measure of freedom.  A whole lot of drugs go down inside this White House and its cabinet departments.  Have to.  The internal thoughts and impulses otherwise would be terrifyingly intolerable to them.  They’ve driven themselves mad.  Let ’em go.  Abandon them to their own self-destruction.  Laugh at ’em.

The historical World War 2 generation did not fight for more government but on the contrary to end a fanaticism which had run amuck.  They realized more acutely than we moderns that ideology meant the death of the body because it involved the death of the mind, a concept that would be alien to many today.  Thus in the end the Axis powers were perceived as doomed by their own madness.  Japan was defeated long before the A-bomb was dropped and Germany many months before the final Götterdämmerung in Berlin against all reason.  They were finished yet none admit to the handwriting on the wall because of fanaticism.

Long ago, Sathya Sai Baba mentioned in a Discourse that fanaticism is the bane of moderns.

Women are more prone to fear and anger than are men.  PC is a female obsession, driven by women’s fear, but only in the absence of men taking care of them.  Women naturally want protection, they are physically weaker than men and have close responsibility for rearing the race.  Women depend on men to protect them and the children they suckle.

Now, who cuts across that time-tested, experience-guaranteed paradigm?  Who drives women from the men they look to for protection?  Who wants the men — and especially the boys — for themselves?  Queers.

Want to restore skill and daring?  Drive queers back in the closet.

Update 1: Salon Editors: We Should Have Let The Axis Win

Update 2: From Jolie-Pitt To The Jolly Pit Of Globaloney

Update 3: The Historic Jewish Enmity Towards Christianity

Update 4: Angelo M. Codevilla: Replacing The Republican Party

Update 5: Affirmative Action is a declension of the Soviet espionage term of art Active Measures. It means getting inside, subverting an adversary’s OODA Loop.

Affirmative Action/Active Measures is the battle plan of choice for the weaker side in asymmetrical warfare.

Anybody who wants special treatment because of some quality they possess is asking to be enslaved. We do not have titles of nobility in the USA.


Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

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