Lawyers Paralyze Spirit

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In the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit, Amen.



Power Line is a justly esteemed blog operated by lawyers, well, three at least, all Dartmouth men.  John Hinderaker today addressed the matter of Mr. William Bradford, professor, of late, at West Point.  His impressions of the writing which occasioned Mr. Bradford’s becoming late of West Point were generally positive, at least with regards to Mr. Bradford’s diagnosis of law professors and treason against the United States.  Then he heard from lawyers of note regarding Mr. Bradford’s diagnosis, prognosis and personal failings.  With edits here, I commented:

Even before 20JAN09 lawyers had debilitating control of US military operations. Since that date, well, you know the situation. Lawyers have subordinated US national sovereignty to any number of made-up (by themselves) superseding so-called legal frameworks. All that makes work for lawyers, lo and behold. And it all sounds reasonable, erudite, polished and ineluctable, like a fine bespoke frock, like posh lawyers quoted near post’s end.

The effect, down-stream, is paralysis in ordinary religious, cultural and moral functions. A paralysis of spirit. By lawyerly deliberation. That is the unimpeachable burden of Mr. Bradford’s message.

Basically, the gunslingers run the town for their own benefit. There is never any peace because there is never any freedom. The gunslingers make money off that situation — by promising peace by restricting freedom. One day a warrior rides into town to restore the people’s freedom — which IS their peace — so they can conduct ordinary human functionality, such as protecting their inalienable, sovereign freedom.

The Salafists of al Saud, ISIS and AQ and the pederasts of Qom and Najaf are all lawyers, by the way. They and their counterparts from Europe, China and the USA are ramming through a whole new set of lovely laws to restrict freedom of the generality in order to achieve peace, they say. Same old game the gunslingers play in any town they over-run. Despite his personal failings, Mr. Bradford has a point. A spiritual, existential point of the first order, which I am sure is making itself felt with indefatigable force.

Lawyers paralyze spirit in the same way puritanical clergy do: by laying on burdens of rules-based order, aka made-up shit.  For example, see this discussion and a famous essay it references.

Update 1: Scott Johnson at Power Line quotes and comments thereon a law-learned correspondent in re incalculable damage done by Hillary Clinton to US national security.  All of which is true, of course, but I saw another facet in the subject and commented as follows:

Scott, your correspondent assumes Hillary recognizes a country to secure. She does not. That’s the point of the entire world governance/globalist elite, isn’t it?: there is no national sovereignty, only personal viability in a global communityGet yours, they say to themselves.

Your correspondent’s point works in a law-based system of national sovereignty. But this now is a rules-based system of global governance by hyper-privileged elites — they attend the same cocktail parties everywhere on the globe — in their private global community. So they think. They can do as they wish because there is no authority superior to themselves, no nation deserving much less demanding security.

Their thinking — global governance (by themselves alone, because they mean so well), no national sovereignty — drives the Arab/Pan-African invasion of Europe, the Indo-Chinese/Pan-South American invasion of North America and such as the : decision. We make the rules, you obey them, and we don’t want or have national sovereignties obstructing our wishes for having lots of fun for ourselves while we talk about doing lots of good for you others.

If your correspondent wants to help, ask him or her to preach the reality of USA national sovereignty and all it implies in whatever is their orbit. These elegant globalists wield great power, as is known, but their foundation remains a cloud, a dream. Their power derives from their generation of deluding fictions. Ask your correspondent to make that point in his or her circle of contacts, to say again and again what is true, that national sovereignty is here to stay and will not be swept away.

Related: Glenn Reynolds quotes, approvingly, a jerk at Walter Russell Mead’s American Interest moaning that Hungary’s new emergency laws, to address invasion of that country by the Middle Eastern horde, trample on several basic liberal values.  Reynolds concurred in this language: I’m afraid so.  Against which I commented, Tut.  To the jerk at American Interest I commented:

… laws that trample on several basic liberal values ….

No, you smug, fat, safely-padded, hand-wringing jackwagon, it’s not about liberal values, it’s about national and cultural sovereignty. Trying to make a sovereignty issue a values issue is classic fasco-commie subversion by misdirection. I knew American-Interest is sanctimonious fasco-commie, but this really self-exposes these muckers of weaponized empathy.

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Spengler takes him down.

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Update 10: The conceptual and documentary products of this regime are wishes caveated to paralysis. The work of this regime is heaping caveats on concepts and documents already numbed by caveats. This they call smart, forward-looking and others call lacking strategy. I get the image of smarmily-dressed nitpickers sitting and walking about ostentatiously while their minds and hearts curl in corners sucking nerve ends to stifle the dread of consequences banging on their desks and monitors.

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Update 13: The law is an ass.  It’s like a traffic signal.  Its red stops nothing, its yellow slows nothing and its green starts nothing.  Its most common use is as a cudgel against someone one hates or has failed to avoid the hate of.

Good character and good breeding — a loving mother and an upright father — are the movers and shakers of a successful family, society or nation.  Law is a tool for helping or harming that.

James Risen and his coterie live above the facts.  That’s what matters.  Always, the facts stretch up and swallow them.

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