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Paul Mirengoff at Power Line writes under the topic, Why Does [The Fraud] Crave A Grand Bargain With Iran.  I commented, including edits here:

Psychiatric analyses, IMO, are bootless in this context because they deflect attention from what the subject actually wants. Clare Gerber and others below have essayed on that matter.

Here is another aspect to it, IMO the fundamental one: the subject and his/her supports, like just about everyone in official D.C., the Ivies and their media/think-tank/propaganda arms, want a hegemonic global financial, political, legal and ideological structure of authority that obsoletes nation states and non-agreeing individuals and groups and places ownership and management of that superseding structure of authority in their personal hands.

This goal is so zealously, widely, dearly, constantly and almost unanimously enthused over in D.C. etc. that one wonders why it is not referenced on this blog. Republicans and Democrats share it.

Psych analysis goes nowhere. Analysis of someone’s strategic goal goes everywhere needful. Those anti-nationalist, pro-globalist hordes are not reticent about their wishes. Why is Power Line?

Update 1: VDH yesterday does keep up, almost.  I commented, including edits here:

All correct and very close but no cigar because the governing wish is not to diminish but to eliminate USA as a sovereign nation state and create a new, hegemonic global financial, political, legal and ideological structure of authority that obsoletes all nation states and non-agreeing individuals and groups and places ownership and management of that superseding structure of authority in the personal hands of Jarrett/[The Fraud] and his/her supports as well as just about everyone in official D.C., the Ivies and their media/think-tank/propaganda arms.

Thus open borders, indifference to US Constitution, dismissal of US laws, subversion of national sovereignty/security and activity of that nature. USA is merely a region of a global authority owned and managed by monied families through foundations, professors and politicians they raise up and throw down as they deem needful.

Socialism on a grander, even more intensely hegemonic scale than heretofore imagined. Liberal progressivism jacked up at least one order of magnitude. Certifiable, surely, but not renounced on that account and certainly pursued against any evidence that it will not and cannot succeed.

Others of the actual intellectual leadership cadre are thinking along parallel lines at this moment and all of that is to the good. It seems to me that the activities vis-a-vis Iran, if only because they are shrouded by palpable deceit, are rousing this salutary confluence of scrutiny by genuine intellectuals.  For example: here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

Yes, once the strategic goal of Jarrett/[The Fraud] and her supports are seen, their enterprise is clear and logical — even breath-taking for its effrontery — even though insane.

Update 2: Mirengoff again on this topic: giving away the neighborhood, not only the store.

Update 3: Wags report that in response to The Fraud’s complaint that FOX News does not show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced that they will now air America’s Most Wanted TWICE a week, starting with Executive Branch and Congressional Black and Congressional Hispanic Cauci personnel.

Update 4: On 27 January 2015, Marine GEN (Ret.) James N. Mattis addressed the United States Senate Armed Services Committee on the subject A New American Grand Strategy.  At Hoover Institution, who published an adapted version of General Mattis’ address, I commented — with edits here — as follows:

Not that it matters, but, I both appreciate and despond over General Mattis’ address here. Appreciate because (1) as a genuine warrior he says what he sees and eloquently and (2) his heart is unalloyed courage and compassion. Despond because (1) his address reflects lack of situational awareness — half his auditors at least regard the nation state, including USA, as obsolete and perishing — and (2) his address, although latterly specifying or implying serious tactical weaknesses of current operations, transits the periphery of his title: grand national strategy.

It is rare for a military leader to grasp and execute the several strands — principally diplomatic, economic and military, but others as well — of grand national strategy sufficiently to create a rational grand national strategic *goal* that is also inspirational. It is rare for anyone to be able to do that. General David Petraeus has that ability, which is why the Anti-American, Globalist-partisan US Justice [so-called] Department is persecuting/prosecuting him. Asking Congress or a bureaucracy to develop that ability and execute with it compares with asking a herd of cats to organize an expedition to summit Annapurna. Distilling and serving a happy grand national strategic *goal* is a personal, leadership thing few can do, but some definitely can and do accomplish. Their thoughts merit discovery and attendance.

The cynosure of a nation is not her grand national strategy. It is her grand national strategic *goal.* Given what we see now, project and anticipate — always expecting the unexpected, as General Mattis mentions, thankfully, in his address — where and what do we want to be as a nation three, five, ten, etc. years hence? What is our goal? What do we really, truly — as a nation — want for and of ourself to be, to do, to think? What is our inner necessity as a nation? What are we on this earth to accomplish as a national presence? And why do members of Congress not live in the states from which they were selected for office?

Related: On 04 March 2015  Marine GEN (Ret.) James N. Mattis wrote for Hoover Institution under title Using Military Force Against ISIS.  I commented:

I am content that GEN (Ret.) Mattis’ thinking, clear and compelling, be expressed in public.  Thank you, General!  Our countrymen are working their way towards how they will think and what they will do when they are quit of the hag riding their back.  And they will be that.  This exercise in preparation for the restoration of national sovereignty and wealth flowing from national moral and intellectual strength is what should be happening and what is happening.  I am content.

Update 5: Ed Driscoll on Americans who are not anti-war, just on the other side, the Communist side, anti-America.

Update 6: Students at Elite Universities Taking Up Arms

Update 7: Onward Christian Soldiers!

Update 8: Former Obama Intel Chief: Administration’s Iran Policy Is Willful Ignorance

Update 9: Shame in Wisconsin.

Update 10: GEN (R) Petraeus: The Islamic State Is Not Our Biggest Problem In Iraq

Update 11: Eric Raymond: Gramscian Damage.

Update 12: Roger Kimball’s thoughts on Michael Walsh’s The Devil’s Pleasure Palace

Update 13: Scott S. Powell: The Quiet Revolution: How The New Left Took Over the Democratic Party

Update 14: A correspondent of Scott Johnson’s at Power Line treats of an unnoticed aspect of the Hillary Clinton private email server affront.  I commented:

Scott, your correspondent assumes Hillary recognizes a country to secure. She does not. That’s the point of the entire world governance/globalist elite, isn’t it?: there is no national sovereignty, only personal viability in a global community.  Get yours, they say to themselves.

Your correspondent’s point works in a law-based system of national sovereignty. But this now is a rules-based system of global governance by hyper-privileged elites — they attend the same cocktail parties everywhere on the globe — in their private global community.  So they think.  They can do as they wish because there is no authority superior to themselves, no nation deserving much less demanding security.

Their thinking — global governance (by themselves alone, because they mean so well), no national sovereignty — drives the Arab/Pan-African invasion of Europe, the Indo-Chinese/Pan-South American invasion of North America and such as the Obergefell-vs-Hodges decision. We make the rules, you obey them, and we don’t want or have national sovereignties obstructing our wishes for having lots of fun for ourselves while we talk about doing lots of good for you others.

If your correspondent wants to help, ask him or her to preach the reality of USA national sovereignty and all it implies in whatever is their orbit. These elegant globalists wield great power, as is known, but their foundation remains a cloud, a dream. Their power derives from their generation of deluding fictions. Ask your correspondent to make that point in his or her circle of contacts, to say again and again what is true, that national sovereignty is here to stay and will not be swept away.

Related: Glenn Reynolds quotes, approvingly, a jerk at Walter Russell Mead’s American Interest moaning that Hungary’s new emergency laws, to address invasion of that country by the Middle Eastern horde, trample on several basic liberal values.  Reynolds concurred in this language: I’m afraid so.  Against which I commented, Tut.  To the jerk at American Interest I commented:

… laws that trample on several basic liberal values ….

No, you smug, fat, safely-padded, hand-wringing jackwagon, it’s not about liberal values, it’s about national and cultural sovereignty. Trying to make a sovereignty issue a values issue is classic fasco-commie subversion by misdirection. I knew American-Interest is sanctimonious fasco-commie, but this really self-exposes these muckers of weaponized empathy.

Update 15: Americans not confident their government will protect them

Update 16: The Surprising Weakness Of Invincible Institutions


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